Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 24–30

Getting you on the right track for what’s in store… 

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April 20–May 20

This week’s new moon occurs in Taurus, denoting your annual invitation to reinvent yourself. This lunation happens to be gelling with the lunar north node as well as with Neptune, planting clues about how to launch your new year. Consider the image you present to the world and the way you express yourself to others. Showing more of who you are as an individual will foster your growth and make finding your tribe a more organic process. Putting your authentic self out there with confidence will facilitate the connections you yearn for and help you to come into your own. Mercury’s encounters with Saturn and Uranus could spell intuitive insights and might enable you to get to the bottom of an issue in your psyche or in a close relationship. As Venus slips into your solitude corner, you’ll start to feel less sociable, but you may take care of a loved one or become involved in a behind-closed-doors relationship.


May 21–June 20

Although your ruling planet is still retrograde, it’s collaborating with Saturn in your one-on-one angle this week, improving communication. Review your commitments to others, discuss practical matters in a relationship, solicit constructive feedback from someone or get back in touch with a professional contact or mentor. Mercury’s alignment with Uranus has a different flavor, alluding to brainstorming with a group, a surprising reunion with an old friend and lively conversation in a large gathering. This pairing could also spell a sudden misunderstanding among your crew and jumping to conclusions because of gossip, so do your best not to react. Venus’s arrival in your humanity house boosts your desire to be around a lot of people and can inject more warmth into friendships. The new moon in your soul corner coaxes you to begin a new spiritual practice or at least make sure that you’re getting enough quiet downtime to nourish your imagination and foster your emotional health.


June 21–July 22

Your work will speak for itself this week, when Mercury in your ambition angle meshes with Saturn in your productivity corner. Despite the fact that both of these planets are retrograde at the moment, their collaboration can facilitate effective career planning and disciplined, organized thinking, and may even ease your dealings with higher-ups. This would be a good time to tackle a detailed mental project or rewrite something meticulously. Mercury’s rendezvous with Uranus later in the week could tempt you to speak out of turn to an authority figure, but it may also enable you to gain a fresh perspective on your life direction or professional trajectory. With Venus crossing your ambition angle, you’ll become increasingly interested in making a good impression and doing creative work that gets you noticed. A new moon could bring new acquaintances and affiliations, and you’re encouraged to connect with people who share your ideals—perhaps by joining an organization.


July 23–August 22

This week’s Mercury-Saturn confab spans your exploration and fulfillment houses, suggesting that revisiting a place you’ve already been, relearning something, reimagining your future and reexamining your beliefs can help you to see yourself differently or rediscover a source of happiness. This would be an excellent time to revise something that you hope to publish. Mercury’s encounter with Uranus could indicate an unexpected trip or learning opportunity, but delays and detours are possible, as is a quick disagreement. At best, you could experience a sudden awakening and see things in a new light. With Venus changing signs, you’re inspired to seek love and beauty outside your default parameters, possibly by going out with someone who’s not your type or enjoying an eye-opening cultural experience. The new moon calls for you to set a new goal—or craft a business plan—that promotes financial independence, and it could allude to a shift in your career path.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler is still in backspin mode, but its conference with Saturn this week should facilitate better communication in a relationship, deep introspection or reflection on the past. This transit is conducive to making sense of your innermost thoughts, feelings and memories, and given the retrograde motion of both planets involved, you’re most likely to be revisiting ground that you’ve already covered—but potentially with more success this time. Mercury’s meetup with Uranus could represent an uncovered secret, a psychological revelation or a sudden breakthrough in an investigation or research project. Alternatively, you or someone close to you might say something that pushes the other person away. As Venus segues into your sharing sector, you may find yourself craving an intense emotional bond. Meanwhile, the new moon nudges you to expand your world by seeking out a learning experience or adopting an affirmative personal philosophy to live by—either way, the ultimate goal is to grow as an individual.


September 23–October 22

Venus crosses your relationship angle this week, highlighting the Libran art of compromise and warming up your interactions with other individuals. You shouldn’t have much trouble getting along with people in the next few weeks. However, since Mercury is still backpedaling in this part of your chart, you’re generally better off showing your feelings rather than trying to spell everything out. Thankfully, Merc is joining forces with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner now, improving your ability to organize your thoughts and communicate one-on-one. You might have success revisiting a topic of discussion—and prioritizing listening over talking will naturally increase your odds of learning something. Mercury’s encounter with Uranus might signify a surprise meeting with someone from the past or an abrupt conversation in a close relationship. The new moon in your depth-and-sharing sector could mean a new intimate connection or new outside resource is on the horizon, and it may trigger a fresh start in your psyche.


October 23–November 21

When Mercury in your efficiency corner syncs with Saturn in your worth house this week, revising your daily routine, relearning a skill, restructuring your workspace, rethinking your job situation and reevaluating health matters can have a number of positive effects. You may feel better about yourself, your possessions may be more organized and your finances may be in better shape. Mercury’s meeting with Uranus might trigger rebellious words at work or get you to think outside the box when it comes to your job, health or daily duties. Once Venus graces your efficiency corner with her presence, your desire to help out people you care about or work on problems in a relationship will increase, and you’ll also be able to do more creative work. A new moon symbolizes a new connection, and given its links with the north node in your network zone and Neptune in your love sector, that could mean a friend, a professional contact or a romantic partner.


November 22–December 21

Saturn in Sagittarius is playing nice with Mercury in your joy sector this week, so chances are you’ll be able to buckle down and get to work on a creative project; make plans for romance or fun; express what you’re feeling with a good balance of humor and seriousness; or focus on reading or writing that gives you pleasure. Mercury is also meeting up with Uranus, stimulating highly original creative thinking and bringing an extra dose of playfulness to your self-expression. You could become impatient, though, particularly in the context of a romantic relationship. When Venus dances into this part of your chart, your desire to indulge your creative side, experience love and amuse yourself will increase even further. But the new moon in your productivity corner encourages you to start a different diet or fitness regimen, take on a new responsibility, streamline your schedule, adopt a healthy habit, improve your work ethic, launch a job search or tidy your desk.


December 22–January 19

Your ruler is vibing with Mercury in your foundation angle this week, and although both planets happen to be in their retrograde phase right now, their collaboration could enable you to get to the bottom of a family or domestic issue, something from your past or a psychological matter—and get emotional closure on it. You’ll probably require quiet time for reflection, and it might help to consult a family member or therapist if you’re struggling to comprehend feelings and memories. Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus can bring sudden flashes of insight, but it can also spark insubordinance with a parent or sharp words at home, so try to listen to your language and tone. After Venus lands in that area of your chart, the appeal of home and family will increase, and you may feel like nesting or entertaining. The new moon wants you to enjoy life, and new romance, creative expression or pleasurable pursuits could be in the pipeline.


January 20–February 18

This week’s Mercury-Saturn partnership connects your thinking-and-talking corner with your humanity sector, facilitating your communication with friends, peers and groups, even though Merc is still retrograde (and so is Saturn, for that matter). This might be a good time to reorganize a group endeavor, rethink your bucket list or get back in touch with a professional contact. Mercury is also linking up with Uranus, and this combo could cause you to abruptly change your mind, speak hastily or have an a-ha! moment. Information could come out of the blue, or you might need to take a trip you weren’t expecting. As Venus segues into the next sign, you’ll begin to enjoy more pleasant thoughts and interactions and should make a point of noticing the love and beauty in your everyday life. A new moon at the bottom of your chart hints at a change in your family or living situation and encourages you to transform your emotional state and replenish your self-worth.



February 19–March 20

When Mercury clicks with Saturn this week, you may be able to combine thoughts about your finances and career into a practical game plan. Review your resources—such as monetary assets and natural talents—and consider revising your long-term strategy to increase your odds of success. Mercury’s meetup with Uranus puts you in danger of splurging impulsively, so watch your spending. With Venus moving into your worth house as well, your personal desires are highlighted, and your tastes are apt to become more lavish. This week’s new moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner, and it happens to be in sync with Neptune in Pisces, so a fresh mindset or manner of communicating is likely to enhance your creativity and your image. This lunation also nudges you to meet new people and get active in your community, and its ties to the north node in your relationship angle suggest you could connect with someone worthwhile in the process.


March 21–April 19

Mercury is still backing through your sign, but its summit with Saturn should help you to pull your thoughts together, process what you’re learning and come to grips with where you are in your journey. This would be a good time to relearn something, revise future plans and critique concepts you’ve already come up with and writing you’ve already produced. You might also reassess your beliefs and weed out those that don’t serve your growth. The Mercury-Uranus alignment in Aries is bound to speed up your thinking and speech and could bring personal revelations and inventive ideas. But your brain may leap from one subject to the next, and impatience and anxiety are possible. Venus’s grand entrance will make you feel more social, attractive and amiable, and you shouldn’t have much trouble making a favorable impression. A new moon in your worth house alludes to a new budget or new stream of income and fresh focus on your material needs and possessions.

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