Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 3–9

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March 21–April 19

Your ruler, Mars, is gelling with Pluto this week; this collaboration should empower you to utilize what you have going for you to make progress in your career or in working toward a personal goal. Mars has a more awkward encounter with Jupiter, hinting that self-sufficiency and relationship growth seem incompatible, or taking action to meet your own needs may upset the balance in a partnership. The sun in Aries is skirmishing with both Jupiter and Pluto now, alluding to clashes with an authority figure, your significant other or someone else close to you if you can’t put your ego aside and compromise. While the sun is transiting your sign, you’re rightfully focused on your own interests, but this luminary’s battles can become your own—causing personal and professional strain. Handle being held accountable as best you can, and decompress at home when necessary. And accept the fact that not all of the changes happening in your life are going to be initiated by you. Venus is still backtracking in the last house of your chart, and her disagreement with Saturn hints that you’re amenable to going with the flow, but a laissez-faire attitude feels out of sync with your determination to work hard building the future you envision. Try to reconcile a desire to just be with a more enterprising outlook.


April 20–May 20

With Mars racing through Taurus, you’re fired up to go after what you want, but a Mars-Jupiter dustup suggests you’ll need to shuffle your priorities at some point, since you already have a lot of responsibilities. Thankfully, Mars is meshing with Pluto in your expansion corner, tipping you off to an area where you can make a big difference: fighting for a righteous cause and striving to bring about positive change in the world. A learning experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone is bound to be powerful and has the ability to shift your perspective. The sun is still tucked away at the end of your chart and fighting with Pluto now, so you’re also reviewing the past and doing some soul-searching; looking back and within may trigger a crisis of faith. Look for the lesson and let go of regrets. The sun’s faceoff with Jupiter in your efficiency corner calls for you to balance this inner focus with a full plate of duties in your daily life. Venus’s placement in your network zone brings out your social side, and yet her quarrel with Saturn in your sharing house can make closeness seem hard. A commitment to a specific individual might interfere with friendships, or maybe you’re feeling dissatisfied with a particular connection. Good relationships are worth the work.


May 21–June 20

This week’s Mars-Pluto confab takes place in your solitude and depth houses, setting up a couple of different scenarios. If you have a partner, behind-closed-doors intimacy could become very intense and may deepen your bond. If you’re alone, proactively facing up to something in your past or in your psyche can generate an emotional shift. It’s also possible that concentrating on a collaborative project will be quite productive, even if it doesn’t bring you accolades right now. The sun in your social sector is moving into an opposition with Jupiter in your joy zone, requiring you to balance your role in a group with your personal aspirations. You might feel like being the center of attention or go overboard enjoying yourself, and moderation might become necessary. The sun’s feud with Pluto hints that closeness may seem a bit oppressive to you, and you might get drawn into a power struggle. This planetary combo can make you feel pressured by people. And with Venus at the top of your chart battling Saturn in your one-on-one angle, you may think someone is preventing you from shining or withholding their approval or cooperation. Or perhaps making a good impression in your career will interfere with a personal obligation. But feedback from others can help you to fine-tune your public or professional appeal, so don’t ignore people’s input.


June 21–July 22

When Mars in your humanity sector joins forces with Pluto in your one-on-one angle this week, you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to collaborate with others, as both teamwork and partnership are apt to be extremely fruitful. And be proactive about networking, as you’re likely to make useful contacts under this influence. A Mars-Jupiter scuffle hints that you might need to push yourself to get out there and mingle or team up, as part of you is inclined to stay home and relax. The sun at the top of your chart is facing off with Jupiter, underscoring the dilemma of going out versus staying in. This could also play out as an inclination to achieve something in the world versus a desire to kick back and rest on your laurels. Tap into your underlying self-confidence if you’re called on to prove yourself in public or in your career. Note that the sun’s feud with Pluto suggests you may be jockeying for position with someone, or your ambition may come into conflict with a relationship. And Venus in your expansion zone is sparring with Saturn in your efficiency corner, possibly delaying the adventures that you have a taste for until you’ve taken care of more pressing business. You may be drawn to different and exciting people, then find your cautious, traditional streak taking over.


July 23–August 22

Working hard to accomplish a goal should pay off when Mars in your ambition angle vibes with Pluto in your productivity corner this week. You’re very driven now and may be given substantial responsibility. You should be able to work well with colleagues and would probably have success pushing for changes that serve others and improve work conditions or wellness. This might also be a good time to pursue a different job, especially if the change has been a long time coming. Since the sun in your exploration corner is in a dispute with Pluto, your upbeat mood and hunger for new experiences could contrast with the need to tackle daily duties. You may also need to tone down your enthusiasm for change, in keeping with slower reforms. And your ruling planet is out of sync with Jupiter as well, hinting that it’s easy to get carried away with your opinions and beliefs and become rather outspoken. Aim for a good balance between curiosity and knowledge, and remain open to a range of ideas. Venus’s squabble with Saturn is likely to affect your relationships, and you may find it difficult to freely share what’s in your heart. You’re craving closeness, but you’re also working on yourself; self-actualization and sharing may seem at odds now, and you might want to be choosier in whom you spend time with.


August 23–September 22

An alliance between Mars in your exploration corner and Pluto in your joy sector this week inspires you to try new things, visit a place you’ve never seen, have an adventure and take more risks. Broadening your horizons and expanding your mind can give you profound pleasure, so push past meaningless limits and learn more about the world; you can make significant discoveries about yourself in the process. Bold new experiences can change you or deepen your bond with someone, so this would be a good time for solo travels or a romantic trip. The sun in your sharing zone is sparring with Pluto, though, implying that the intensity of a love affair and the complexities of real intimacy don’t always dovetail neatly. The sun’s faceoff with Jupiter in your worth house requires you to find a healthy balance between getting your own needs met and merging your interests with those of another person. Give-and-take is apt to seem complicated, as you’ll tend to overdo one end of the axis during this opposition. Meanwhile, a battle between Venus and Saturn can indicate that family or domestic obligations will have an impact on a relationship, or a self-protective, insecure mood might keep you from connecting with others as much as you want to. If you’re not feeling emotionally available, alone time at home may be just what the doctor ordered.


September 23–October 22

A skirmish between Jupiter in Libra and Mars in your depth sector calls for you to adjust your expectations and not push someone too hard this week. Mars is jibing with Pluto in your foundation angle, alluding to a few different positive outcomes. Sex could be a deeply emotional experience, and dealing with a sticky issue in a close relationship could change your home life or settle your mood. Facing a psychological problem, a loss or a crisis head-on can strengthen your inner security and help you put the past behind you. The sun in your one-on-one angle is opposing Jupiter, coaxing you to compromise when necessary, as your personal aspirations may come into conflict with a relationship. You might overwhelm someone with your eagerness or bravado, so be prepared to dial it down. The sun’s fight with Pluto implies that childhood, domestic or family issues—or troubling emotions—could affect a close connection, so try to get a handle on what’s going on inside you or at home. Your ruler, Venus, is going up against Saturn, meaning your health, your relations with colleagues or your enjoyment of your work could suffer if you’re being reticent or pessimistic. Your life may not feel like enough at the moment, and organizing your thoughts and your workspace can give you a sense of order.


October 23–November 21

With your co-ruling planets in cahoots this week, a collaboration or shared activity can have a positive effect on your state of mind, so seek out a partner to do something with. Getting an interpersonal conflict out into the open and talking it through thoroughly would be productive, and asserting your position will feel empowering. Mars is tussling with Jupiter in your subliminal corner, though, meaning you might need to keep an eye on your unconscious expectations when dealing with other individuals. The sun is arguing with both Jupiter and Pluto, which may affect your work or health. You have a lot to do but will get distracted rather easily by daydreams, obsessive thinking, the temptation of downtime or a compulsion to control things. Your strong will could work against you if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to be productive. Venus goes up against Saturn this week as well, suggesting that low funds or confidence could curtail fun and romance. You might feel glum about not having what you want when you want it, but this is a good time to take stock of your resources and figure out how to fulfill your creative potential, find love or be happy—given what you do have going for you. Venus-Saturn can make you acutely aware of what you lack, but it can also motivate you to work with what you’ve got.


November 22–December 21

A Mars-Pluto conference spans your efficiency and value zones this week, inferring that your hard work will have a positive impact on your finances or self-worth. It’s also possible that you’ll devote a great deal of energy to an endeavor that involves your possessions, such as cleaning out your closets and donating or recycling various items. Mars is out of alignment with Jupiter in your group sector, so focusing on what needs to get done may require you to shuffle your social calendar. The sun in your joy house is quibbling with Jupiter and Pluto, also hinting that your playtime may be limited in some way. Monetary challenges could curtail fun, and group interests could compete with personal pleasure. On the other hand, your joie de vivre can be contagious, and you might end up having a great time with friends. Venus is in your domestic angle, so you may feel like entertaining at home. But her fight with Saturn in your sign implies that you might prevent yourself from fully relaxing. Or perhaps you feel like you have too much to do and can’t take a break to unwind. With Saturn turning retrograde in Sagittarius for the next five months, you’ll be slowing down to evaluate your mission of getting your life together. This is a period for recalibrating your goals. You might tie up loose ends before seeing significant progress.


December 22–January 19

Pluto in Capricorn has a very favorable encounter with Mars this week, encouraging you to take a risk and go after what you want. Boldly pursue experiences that fulfill your creative potential, bring more love into your life, make you happy or help you to express who you are and what you feel. Such experiences are likely to be powerful and can activate changes within you. Both Mars and the sun are arguing with Jupiter in your ambition angle, implying that you’re juggling your lofty aspirations and leisurely pursuits and may need to compromise at times. The sun-Jupiter faceoff in particular alludes to possible tension between your domestic life and professional life, or between your inner and outer worlds. If you’ve prioritized achieving your goals over spending time with family, unwinding at home and tuning into your emotional state, you may feel the imbalance more acutely now. And the sun is also in a dispute with Pluto, which could exacerbate friction between you and people you live with or between your compulsion to maintain a firm grip on the world around you and your need to relax into comforting familiarity. A Venus-Saturn battle could cast a dark cloud over your thinking, as doubts and fears creep in. Introversion or unfinished work may keep you from being social; try to notice when you’re holding yourself back.


January 20–February 18

Mars is motivating you to tackle a domestic project, deal with a family issue or confront an old behavior pattern, and his confab with Pluto this week spells success. Because Pluto is hiding out in your subliminal corner, working on your home, facing a conflict with a relative or roomie or dealing with your own compulsions can produce a deep internal shift. Difficult emotions may arise, but it will be worth your while to process them. Mars is at odds with Jupiter in your expansion corner, hinting that you aspire to escape but should make the necessary adjustments to stick with what you’re doing. The sun’s faceoff with Jupiter suggests you may go too far in stating your opinions or beliefs and need to reel it in—but a lively debate will be stimulating, so don’t disengage altogether. A sun-Pluto clash could cause turbulent feelings to bubble up in your conversations, creating an explosive atmosphere if you ignore your feelings instead of dealing with them. And Venus is sparring with Saturn, which can indicate trouble with a group over money, possessions or values. It’s also possible that social morals will keep self-indulgence in check under this influence. You’re probably aware of others having what you want but should resist the temptation to assume the world isn’t providing for you. This can be a good time to reassess your wish list and prioritize.



February 19–March 20

Thanks to Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner vibing with Pluto in your humanity zone this week, you’re able to sell your ideas to a group, collaborate to improve your community or reach out to people and secure powerful contacts. Being proactive and assertive can help you to make headway with a new goal or an effort that benefits others. And you can also change a friendship for the better now if you speak up. However, the sun in your worth house is quarreling with Pluto, so your finances or priorities may conflict with friendship, socializing or your evolving wish list. Identifying strongly with what you have and what you need can exacerbate unrest in your affiliations with other people. The sun’s faceoff with Jupiter suggests that you need to find a happy medium between self-reliance and the expectation of outside support. Give-and-take is a delicate balancing act. With Venus in Pisces going up against Saturn in your achievement angle, it may seem like your appeal is lost on higher-ups and your career or ambition is interfering with your social life. You’re not feeling the love from a boss, parent or other authority figure, but this is an excellent time to appraise how you present yourself personally, professionally and publicly. What message do you want to send in those contexts? Are you getting it across well?

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Great Astrology for all Horoscope, it is a great thinking.

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Sagittarius is difficult, but you know what, I’ll get through :)