We Heart Earth: Recycle

Follow the “five R’s” to a better Mother Earth…

In celebration of Earth Day, we will be introduced an “R step” each day this week… shining light on the ways we impact Earth, and how just a few small steps can minimize these effects and help you take a better stance in protecting her.

Today is all about — Recycle!

Fact: About 75% of what you throw away is actually recyclable.

Tip: Do your research — learn what is recyclable and what is not!

No one really wants to see their waste end up in a landfill. Unfortunately, that’s where the majority of our trash ends up. Even after making big strides in recycling, we’re still left with scraps and items that simply cannot be reused or recycled. This Earth Day offers the perfect opportunity to examine your habits and make some changes. Remember that one small change a day can make an enormous difference!


+ We posted easy, simply ways to impact Mother Earth on the daily. Check out all Five R’s and the benefits of going green!

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Photo by Maisy Weiss.

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I think recycling is a habit that many people have adopted nowadays. I know my family has. I’ll still continue to learn more though – for sure there are more recyclable options than just your usual paper, plastics and glass!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Loved this Earth Day series! Small remainders and tips on how to improve on recycling or reducing everyday waste is so helpful. I need to work on reducing my paper cup use at coffee shops. Some shops will only charge you for a small drink if you bring your own cup but order a medium or large. Woop woop!