We Heart Earth: Repurpose

Follow the “five R’s” to a better Mother Earth…

In celebration of Earth Day, we will be introducing an “R step” each day this week through Friday… shining light on the ways we impact Earth, and how just a few small steps can minimize these effects and help you take a better stance in protecting her.

Today is all about — Repurpose!

Fact: For every six tons of glass we repurpose, one ton of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.

Tip: Give an old jar new purpose. Turn jars into new planters or use for lunch on go!

I love to repurpose and am always trying to find ways to reuse items instead of tossing them away. One of my favorites is repurposing glass jars of all shapes and sizes! Not only is it great for Mother Earth and cuts down on carbon dioxide, it keeps your kitchen organized. Repurpose to hold your nuts and grains, coins for your next adventure or use as go-to container that is good for the environment! We can repurpose on the daily from turning our paper shopping bags into wrapping paper, paint cans into hanging planters, jars into vases. Truly, the list is endless. Think twice before you throw something away and, instead, ask yourself how to repurpose instead of throwing it in the trash!






+ Check back tomorrow for our tip in the Five R’s series! 

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Photo by Maisy Weiss.

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I love repurposing old jars. They make the cutest home decor and the perfect salad “box” for lunch!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love today’s “R” ! I love re-purposing old jars/ glass not only because it helps the enviornment, but because I have a weird attachment to jars and can never get rid of them!!
Thanks for sharing!