Into the Mystic: Ruby Warrington talks The Numinous

The hostess of our astrology workshops in Soho shares her connection with the human experience…

I find it only befitting to first compliment Ruby Warrington’s parents on naming her so appropriately; namely because Ruby is a true gem, her glistening voice and selfless spirit apparent in the first few moments of our meeting. And, not to mention, her unbridled enthusiasm about her MANY projects. There’s The Numinous — the site she founded to corral her love of “all things astrology and esoteric;” Moon Club, a live life-coaching program run by her and partner Alexandra Roxo; her ongoing residency performing astrology/tarot workshops at our Soho pop-up store; AND, not to be forgotten, the imminent arrival — May 2nd — of her first book, “Material Girl, Mystical World.” Needless to say, FP is grateful that she made time to answer a few questions for us, in hopes that you can all bask in a little of Ruby’s love and vision. If you’re in NY next week, consider coming by to attend her classes…and look for more content from Ruby in the days and weeks to come. <3

The “Numinous.” What does it mean?
The dictionary definition of “numinous” is: “(adj.) describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted—the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.” Which totally gives me chills! I use it to describe anything within the realm of human experience that can’t truly be articulated with words…and which makes us aware of being connected to something bigger and infinitely more powerful than ourselves.

Talk to us about “the shift”… What propelled you to focus on the mystic as a full-time venture?

Five years ago I found myself in my dream job as a magazine editor…and so so unfulfilled. On paper, I had achieved everything thing we’re told will make us happy: great job, tons of glamorous perks, “perfect” relationship, a home of my own. And yet I was suffering from accute anxiety and felt like something MAJOR was missing (which I can see now was that I didn’t feel I was contributing anything of value to society). I decided to study astrology as a side project, as it had always been a passion of mine, which in turn let to me creating The Numinous, and writing Material Girl, Mystical World! The later is the story of the personal transformation that occurred along the way, and how to experience a similar awakening yourself.

Your spirit animal is…
A black stallion, and I met him over Skype in 2014 (when I did a guided spirit animal meditation with a shaman based in London!) The stallion represents a strong desire for freedom and an unshakable inner strength.

Your go-to plan when in need of reconnecting with yourself.
I discovered Transcendental Meditation (TM) last year, and practicing this for 20 minutes every morning has helped facilitate a strong ongoing connection to myself—meaning my soul / inner voice, vs. the voices in my head and in the outside world. I also find saying “no” to things I kind of feel like I should do but which don’t actually feel amazing to be a fast and effective way to reconnect to who I truly am!

Best advice you were ever given.
I recently interviewed Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation (and my TM teacher) for Moon Club, an online mentoring program I run that’s an offshoot of The Numinous. He said that to truly live in alignment with our path we must—a) know ourself (i.e. know what we are here to give and what we need to make it happen); b) have conviction (trust that we are on the right path—that is, the path of our highest good); and c) have persistence (expect to be knocked down time and again and be willing to get back up and keep going!) This last piece in particular resonates with me.

Worst advice you were ever given.
 Make your body look like *this*…or you will never be popular / cool / loved.

5 songs that would make a perfect soundtrack to your life.
“Material Girl” by Madonna, “Go”by Moby, “Jump N Shout” by Basement Jaxx, “If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix, “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence & The Machine.

“What would Oprah do?”

Your wish for women everywhere.
To be free to live and lead as we are born to do.

What does free mean to you?
The freedom to truly know who we are, to seek to have our unique needs met at soul level, and to speak what we know to be true. Astrology is a wonderful tool for this once you begin to understand how to use it more deeply.

+ Be sure to look for Ruby’s Astrology Workshop at our Soho pop-up store on 5/3, from 6-8pm! Look for sign-ups on the blog May 1st!!!

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7 years ago

Nice Read. Very informative. Kept me engrossed while reading.Thanks for sharing.

When I was young I was super into astrology. Reminded me of my childhood days!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

7 years ago

Awesome idea to have in-store appearances – would love it if you had some with the Free People astrologer (especially in NY) maybe with readings!

7 years ago

@Annie Yes! I want to meet Tracy the FP astrologist!! Can we take classes from her in Soho pleeaasse?