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Why you might want to add their newest products into your daily repertoire…

When writer Allie White spoke with rms’ founder, Rose-Marie Swift, in July last year, she made mention of something which stayed with me…

“When someone answers a question about ingredient quality with, ‘I’m not married, I have no kids, and I don’t do drugs anymore, so I spend my money on the best ingredients possible,’ she’s worth getting to know.”

That kind of sold me on rms. So how excited were we to learn that Rose-Marie and team were back with a set of products new to FP: a Signature Set – Pop Collection, Signature Set – Mod Collection, Magic Luminizer and Kabuki Polisher Brush.

We reached out to learn a little bit more about their inception and why you might want to add them into your daily repertoire…

What excites you most about this new set of products?

This is a wonderful opportunity for first time users to experience some of the best sellers of the rms beauty range without breaking their pocketbook.

Can anyone use these products?

These colors are extremely universal and they were curated with that in mind.  Is there a particular woman/personality/skin type that’s best suited for each?  There are no rules for rms beauty products.  They are created to work synergistically with all skin types including people with sensitive skin, oily skin or prone to breakouts. Each ingredients works its magic.

From where did you gather your most recent inspiration?

The inspiration came from the words “simplify and healthy.” No need to pack a huge makeup kit or figure out confusing makeup paint-by-number rules. Easy is the word here.

What colors/trends are you excited about for spring?

I don’t follow the trends. They work great on 16-year-old models with the best hair, makeup and photography but that doesn’t always translate into “wearable.”  I prefer beautiful skin-enhancing makeup that beautifies the woman, not advertising the new color trend on her face.

Your 2017 mantra?

“Less is more!”

Top 5 go-to products for an easy daily beauty routine…

Living Luminizer for the ultimate foolproof glow, eye lash curler to captivate those eyes, a pop of gorgeous lip color, and coconut cream makeup remover to take off all of the day’s fun.
+We <3 rms, check out the their full line of beauty products here
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“Less is More” is a good mantra to live by for sure this year. Reminds me of Fancl adverts back in the day, though, haha!

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