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Aiding in intuition and spiritual connection for those seeking to connect with their deeper selves…

A sun-kissed glow. We all want our skin to luminize from within, to gain that ethereal internal light that radiates natural beauty. But, try as we might to replicate it through makeup, the real thing can, at times, feel far out of reach. We require a lot from our skin  — to protect us, sure, to carry us through life — and what do we give back? Stress, UV rays, pollutants, chemicals, and the occasional (or not-so-occasional) poor diet choice — we come up against these factors every day, and while they may be (mostly) invisible, all affect our skin in some pretty dramatic ways. Dullness, wrinkles, even skin cancer… If we’re not careful, some serious damage can be done while we’re not looking. Besides taking preventative measures and being mindful of our approach from day to day, how do we clear the air around us and get that glow back? Turns out, one of the most effective and beneficial ingredients for gorgeous skin also happens to be one of the oldest: frankincense. Beloved for thousands of years for its ability to promote peace and bring about calm, this “king of oils” also happens to be a pretty powerful rejuvenator when applied to skin. Read on to learn more about frankincense and how it might help you get that perfect summer glow.

What is it? Fragrant and grounding, aromatic, resinous frankincense is sourced from a genus of small shrubby trees native to Asia and Africa. Similar to sap in appearance, a resin is produced when certain woody species of plants experience injury, working as a kind of salve. These beneficial resins, like frankincense, can then be collected and put to use. Used for thousands of years as an incense and essential oil, frankincense has long been revered for its ability to promote peacefulness and calm when used as a fragrance or diffused, helping to earn it the nickname, “king of oils”. A key ingredient in Living Libations Soothsayer Serum, frankincense also boasts healing and anti-inflammatory qualities, making it highly beneficial for the skin.

What are the benefits? As an essential oil, frankincense can help promote feelings of calm, peace, and happiness. For those looking to dip their toes in the world of essential oils but don’t know where to start, this golden oil is the perfect introduction thanks to its mellow scent and universal benefits — it’s also thought to aid in intuition and spiritual connection for those seeking to connect with their deeper selves. When diffused in the air or used in a hot bath, frankincense can ease anxiety and relieve chronic stress by influencing the limbic system, the part of the brain that helps control emotion, which in turn connects to the nervous system, calming the body and even promoting restful sleep. On the skin, frankincense is just as beneficial thanks to astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. It’s been shown to reduce the signs of aging, heal sun-damaged skin, lighten scars and reduce redness and inflammation, possibly even helping to prevent certain forms of cancer.

How do I use it? Reaping the rewards of frankincense for the face and body is as simple as adding a few drops of pure frankincense essential oil to lotion or a carrier oil and smoothing over skin. Be sure to always purchase pure frankincense essential oil, and not frankincense fragrance oil or perfume, as these options are often synthetic and offer zero benefit (other than smelling nice). Living Libations Soothsayer Serum combines the power of frankincense with sandalwood, carrot seed, and seabuckthorn to create a powerful facial serum that can reduce the appearance of scars and promote a fresh glow. Simply press a few drops into freshly cleansed skin and follow up with a favorite moisturizer. Frankincense is also a gorgeous oil to diffuse throughout your home with an essential oil diffuser, or create a soothing before-bed ritual by adding a few drops of frankincense essential oil to hot bathwater and soaking for 20 minutes.

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The name sounds like Frankenstein, haha. Never heard of it before but it sounds like a plethora of goodness.

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