FP How We: Skin

A home office journey through the importance of self-care, with the help of the girls at S/F/T…

Last month we introduced you to a new Home Office-based event series, ‘FP How We,” where employees are invited to attend monthly workshops/discussions/workouts in their collective journey through beauty and wellness education. The following post comes to you from this month’s special guest/s, Tara Curran and Hayley Wood, better known together as Skin Food.

Skin Food Talk, or S/F/T as we say, encourages and welcomes individuals looking for wellness support through accessible content, one-on-one consultations and events. S/F/T began as an LA-based partnership, co-founded by Hayley and Tara. What started with one signature workshop — “how to get glowing from the inside out” — has now branched into a respectable educational health platform, honoring and guiding people through customized holistic practices for healthier skin, nutrition and self care. 

Our knowledge of holistic care stems from our respective studies as holistic nutritionist and medically trained esthetician. S/F/T’s goal was, and is, to create space which allows people to tune in and navigate internal imbalances, using tools such as custom face mapping. The signature workshop has evolved and grown a great deal since its 2016 inception — today, we find ourselves collaborating with Free People on several of their large-scale wellness initiatives: as guides on their January ’17  FP Escapes retreat to Todos Santos, and as hosts of a seminar series on Wellness Wednesdays in their Soho pop-up. A recent invitation to teach the Home Office staff was a true honor, especially exciting that the FP family could now join our conversation!

An altar of flowers met us upon our arrival — serving as the backdrop of our workshop — and the frazzled energy that was the morning train from NY to Philly suddenly seemed to melt away. We started the session by serving our guests a signature S/F/T detox tea, made with dandelion root tea, coconut oil and Tocos — a great alternative to morning coffee, with the added benefits of liver and kidney support. We felt compelled to share our gratitude for the platform that Free People has created to introduce wellness and non-toxic products to their consumer. This world can be difficult to navigate, what with so many brands touting their version of the best “green beauty” product, so we wanted to strip away some of the confusion and give an insider’s perspective on how to achieve your best skin health. We administered a quiz we developed based on our consultation intakes to determine the team’s spectrum of health in a shame-free environment. The results place people into 4 different categories of health: environmentally affected, hormonally affected, gut imbalanced and well balanced. Instead of abiding by stereotypical labels of “acne prone” or “aging” skin, we simply connect what is happening on your skin to what is going on internally, and offer suggestions on what ingredients to consider adding to or deleting from your skincare. Then it’s time to dive into nutrition and self care as a main source of healing.

After the workshop was complete, the floor was opened for questions, which included things like “when to drink bone broth, for how long does a skin flare up usually occur after going off birth control, what are some of our favorite product?” in addition to our hosting a very informative Instagram Q&A.

Each S/F/T workshop yields endless — and thoughtful — questions about health and individual care, and we are so grateful for our growing community and space we create together. We can’t wait until the next one!



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The workshop sounds like it was a huge success!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

I feel really happy to have seen these skin details and look forward to so many more entertaining times reading here. Thanks once more for all the details.