FP Me To You: Introducing Leore

Do yourself a favor — spend a few minutes here and bask in the beautiful glow of this month’s FP Me muse…

What can we say about Leore? She’s of Moroccan, Israeli and Italian descent, but definitely a California girl at heart. Laid back (she’ll say so herself), though actively pursuing acting/modeling in LA (you may recognize her from our 5 Minute FP Me video), and loves making eggs. (She did not tell me this, but I heard she is very proud of this skill, as she should be.)

Without further ado, Leore:

5 words to describe your personality…

Loyal, optimistic, easygoing, diplomatic, adventurous.


Los Angeles.

Spirit animal is…

A ladybug.

What makes you happy?

Anything from getting a new outfit to seeing my family and friends happy.

What makes you sad?


Fave city in the world/why?

Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s a beautiful city that sits right on the Mediterranean. The culture is rich, the people are beautiful, the food is amazing, the night life is insanely fun, and did I mention it’s all next to the water!

Last dream you had…

I’m constantly dreaming… I dreamed of shooting for Free People and here I am!

What does free mean to you?

The minute my mind is free of any negative self-talk.

+ Check back next Thursday to learn more about this FPMe muse…

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Photos by Michael Blank.

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I love her socks and shoes. Such a cute way to match the two items.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Lovely…looks fresh. God Bless!

5 years ago

Love her style!