Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 22–28

What’s in the stars for you this week? Let Tracy Allen point the way…

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May 21–June 20

This week’s new moon in Gemini summons you to reinvent yourself, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of a makeover, this is the perfect chance to switch up your image and show off a different aspect of your personality. Jupiter is giving you the courage to express who you are without apology, and its link with this moon can inspire you to be freer and bolder. Jupiter is all about growth, and you can’t grow without taking risks! You’re feeling gregarious and social, thanks to Venus’s trip through your group zone; however, her showdown with Pluto in your depth sector means trust, power, jealousy, intimacy and sharing could pose problems. You Twins prefer to keep things light, but changes in a relationship might be forcing you to deal with deep stuff—and friendship and sex are likely to be an extra challenging mix now. Maybe you’re torn between playing the field and getting super serious with someone, and having it both ways has become untenable. Listen to your intuition about your purpose and what direction you should be heading in.


June 21–July 22

No one can take your power; you can only give it away. Venus in your ambition angle argues with Pluto this week, and that could cause you to struggle for approval, exacerbating an imbalance of power. You’re concerned with your public or professional image, and although making a good impression is a worthwhile aim, you probably don’t feel like you can control your PR now. Or perhaps your biggest concern is how your relationship looks from the outside, especially if you’re going through a rough patch. The new moon in your soul corner prompts you to transcend the urge to control what you can’t control and spend some time alone replenishing your spirit. This would be a good time to start a regular spiritual practice like meditation or chanting. Since this lunation is in sync with wise Jupiter in your emotions house, retreating from the world and doing inner work will undoubtedly help you to understand yourself better. One other word of advice related to this particular moon: Be generous with your compassion for others and yourself.


July 23–August 22

You’re open to new people at the moment, with Venus sashaying through your expansion zone, but her clash with Pluto this week might make you focus on everything that’s wrong with them—killing the fun of branching out. Another scenario is that a heavy workload or health issue could get in the way of travel or keep you from enjoying new experiences. Or maybe you want to explore a relationship or an unfamiliar pleasure and feel too stressed out to take that leap. Allow yourself the joy of sampling fresh possibilities here and there while taking care of basic business in your daily life to alleviate some pressure. The new moon in your social sector could help a friendship to blossom or nudge you towards a different group. Grow your network of acquaintances and contacts in the months to come or strengthen your ties to an organization. This moon is in cahoots with broad-minded Jupiter, underscoring the theme of embracing a wider range of people. You won’t learn as much if you stick to the tried and true.


August 23–September 22

Discord between Venus and Pluto points to a relationship status of “It’s complicated” this week. You’re craving a strong connection with someone, and Venus’s current position in your chart can definitely generate sexual or soulful bonding, but intense feelings may cause turbulence. Try not to obsess. Sharing your whole self with another person can be scary. Maybe you’re not in a romantic relationship or spending time with a good friend, but rather, you want very much to change on a deep level or to love yourself for who you are. If something in you is pushing to be born, witnessed or understood, trust that process. Either a relationship or your psyche needs to endure some growing pains now. A new moon at the peak of your chart means it’s time to set a new goal, start a fresh chapter in your career or commit to a different path in your life. And because the moon is vibing with Jupiter, the planet of bounty, doing so can boost your financial security or your self-worth—excellent incentive!


September 23–October 22

Your ruler is very much at home in your relationship angle, making it even easier than usual for you to connect with people one-on-one, find common ground and enjoy each other’s company. But her spat with Pluto this week could bring some dark emotions bubbling to the surface, spoiling the pleasant rapport that you’ve got going. Pleasant isn’t everything! Letting your real feelings (the not-so-pretty ones) show might disturb the peace, but it will also keep things real and test the strength of a relationship. Heavy issues from the past, buried anger or changes in your family or at home could impact your closest connections, and getting along with a parent may be particularly challenging. Thankfully, the new moon in your expansion corner is joining forces with Jupiter in Libra, giving you a crystal-clear signal that you need to keep pushing the limits of who you thought you could be. Adopt a positive belief that promotes your growth. You might even find it helpful to write a personal mantra to live by in the coming months.


October 23–November 21

Pluto—your ruling planet—has been parked in your mindset zone for what feels like an eternity, filling your head with heavy thoughts. This week, he’s hassling Venus in your efficiency corner, making it more challenging for you to enjoy your work, work well with others or work on a relationship. It’s hard for you to ease up, take a breezier approach and not force matters. You’re painfully aware of the fact that some of what you used to take for granted as true doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Your sign tends toward obsession, and if you can’t shift your brain into a different groove now, your work, health or everyday life might suffer. Be willing to confront difficulties cooperatively, without manipulating a situation. The new moon in your depth sector highlights how spiritually enriching it can be to share your life with someone or to dig deep and find the strength to change. An intense relationship or intense psychological transformation can free something in your soul and teach you to let go more.


November 22–December 21

A dispute between Venus in your fulfillment zone and Pluto in your worth house could threaten your fun or your love life this week if you let it. If you’re worried about money or feeling unsure of yourself, that can make it harder to be in the moment and enjoy life. Your financial assets or your take on what you have going for you may be in flux, and that’s likely to curtail your pleasure. Try not to fixate on a particular need or desire, as you’re apt to convince yourself that you must have this one thing or person in your life to be happy. The new moon in your partnership angle is forming an alliance with supersized Jupiter in your humanity sector, inspiring you to play the numbers game. The more people you meet, the likelier you are to form a meaningful connection with someone. Already attached? The relationship could get more serious, and you might start socializing together more. Or quite possibly, your partner will introduce you to beneficial contacts in the months ahead.


December 22–January 19

Pluto in Capricorn is at odds with Venus in your foundation angle this week, so chances are your need for power will override your pleasant mood or rock the boat in your family or domestic life. It’s so hard to loosen your grip while the control-freak planet is camped out in your sign, but it’s worth a try if you hope to keep peace within yourself and on the home front. There’s definitely a part of you that wants to relax, but there’s another part of you that feels compelled to call the shots. Your emotions are heating up, and it probably comes down to a question of personal security. Do you only feel comfortable if you have control over your environment? Over your interactions? Over other people? The new moon in your productivity corner offers the perfect excuse to focus on your wellbeing and adopt healthier habits. Since it’s in sync with Jupiter in your ambition angle, though, this lunation also hints at a new job—or new job description—with more potential for growth.


January 20–February 18

When Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner tangles with Pluto in your subliminal sector this week, happy thoughts and pleasant interactions could be disrupted by darker rumblings in your subconscious. Your conscious mindset is positive, but private emotional turmoil can rear its ugly head and force you to face what’s going on inside you. Aquarians usually prefer not to become too embroiled in feelings, opting to view them from a more detached perspective so you can come to grips with them intellectually. Although you’re called Water Bearers, you’re an air sign, so the mental function dominates. In this instance, you’re better off digging into your feelings so they don’t control your life in a subversive way. Confront the aspects of yourself you’d rather sweep under the rug, and work to accept that you’re not all love and light. None of us are! The new moon lands in your fulfillment house, further inspiring you to express the real you. A fresh form of creativity, new love or different source of pleasure is in the pipeline; go out on a limb to grab it.


February 19–March 20

Your personal values and desires could clash with group interests this week, due to a Venus-Pluto battle. Confidence could also be an issue, and it’s important to remember not to let others determine your self-worth. It may seem like other people have the power to give you what you want, but that belief places the locus of control outside yourself. Know what you want and what you’re worth. A friendship may be changing, and a dispute over money or possessions is apt to bring things to a head. Your goals for the future are also in flux, and as you form new interests and objectives, it’s inevitable that the network of people in your life won’t remain exactly the same. A new moon at the base of your chart coaxes you to tune into your innermost feelings in order to understand yourself better, even if the awareness you gain differs from a preferable self-concept—in fact, especially if it does. This lunation is about getting to the root of who you really are and moving forward in a truer light.


March 21–April 19

You may experience this week’s battle between Venus in Aries and Pluto in your ambition angle as friction between your social life and your career or between taking it easy and pushing yourself. Or you could find it hard to click with higher-ups and win favor with them. The attraction of power is strong, and you might be drawn to someone who’s senior to you, or vice versa. Your professional path—or life direction—is gradually evolving, and you probably don’t have as much control as you’d like over the pace of progress. The challenge is to see if you can make peace with that and enjoy life anyway. A new moon encourages you to banish boredom by opening up a new book, exploring your neighborhood, reaching out to people you can learn from, taking a short trip or gathering information. Let your curiosity lead the way. A Mercury-Neptune confab represents an opportunity to review your possessions and decide what to get rid of. If you don’t need it or love it, consider giving it to someone who does.



April 20–May 20

With Venus tucked away in the last house of your chart, you’re in the mood for alone time or private time with someone close to you, but her disagreement with Pluto in your exploration zone this week is likely to complicate your efforts to unwind. A fixed vision of the future could prevail over a desire to go with the flow and enjoy what comes your way. You could have a crisis of faith, especially if you’re clinging to the belief that you can control everything. Maybe it’s time to let go of someone or something you thought would give you pleasure but is really doing more harm that good. The new moon hints at new possessions that you’ve worked hard to earn or a fresh source of income from added responsibilities. Mercury in Taurus is meshing with Neptune now, and that should help you to click with a group, communicate with friends and express your ideals and your empathy. You’re especially sensitive to the suffering of others under this transit; use that to spread goodwill in the world.


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5 years ago

Tracy Allen is always spot on with my Taurus horoscope ! I feel blessed! Thank you