Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 29–June 4

It’s here!! Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy…

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May 21–June 20

Do things with a group instead of trying to fly solo this week because Mars in Gemini is vibing with Uranus in your network zone, which could bring about a new collaboration. These are ideal circumstances for making new friends and contacts, having exhilarating experiences with a group and joining forces with others in a humanitarian endeavor. Venus is linked with both Saturn and Uranus, bringing a nice blend of novelty and stability to your friendships and social life. So new connections can have both excitement and staying power. A Mars-Saturn faceoff calls for patience, since you’re apt to feel blocked or tested, and your actions may seem futile or even adversarial if you get frustrated. Don’t knock your head against a wall; focus your efforts and take constructive criticism if it’s offered. Mercury is also fighting with Saturn, but its confab with Pluto coaxes you to dive into a research project or investigation, confide in someone close to you or delve into your own psyche in search of empowering self-knowledge. The sun in your sign is getting along famously with Jupiter, inspiring you to express your personality, feelings and creativity fearlessly and to live life to the fullest. This transit can fill you with happiness and hope. Don’t let the sun’s quarrel with Neptune take the wind out of your sails. Not knowing where you’re headed and what your purpose is can make you uneasy at times. Enjoy the journey; you’ll discover so much about yourself along the way.


June 21–July 22

Be careful not to undermine yourself this week when Mars in your subliminal corner opposes Saturn in your efficiency house. Pay attention to self-sabotaging behavior or pent-up frustration, as either could keep you from achieving what you intend to. Conserve your energy rather than scattering it, and work quietly behind the scenes. Your efforts could pay off in the form of career progress, recognition from higher-ups or the accomplishment of an objective and increased freedom. Venus in your ambition angle is helping you to win favor with people in authority and present a positive image in public. Her rendezvous with Uranus might mean you’ll suddenly meet a potential mentor or fall for someone older, while her vibe with Saturn should enable you to draw positive attention based on your work. Both of these connections bode well for your work relationships and your PR. And thanks to Mercury in your humanity sector gelling with Pluto, professional networking could land you a powerful contact, or a deep conversation with a friend could change your relationship. Communication is likely to have a big impact, so don’t be too quiet. Engage! On the other hand, a sun-Jupiter meeting highlights the rewards of retreat, as relaxation will lift your mood, and private introspection and reflection on the past may bring understanding and inner peace. Home and family will be sources of energy and inspiration. Looking too far down the road might leave you feeling a little lost, so try to center yourself in the present moment.


July 23–August 22

This week’s Mars-Saturn faceoff spans your network and personal-fulfillment houses, which might put teamwork in jeopardy or inhibit your enthusiasm for joining in socially. You could feel cut off somehow, and chances are you’re holding yourself back. If you’ve been working hard on a creative project, this can be a useful transit for collaborating, but you have to be willing to compromise. Mars and Uranus are syncing up, introducing the possibility of impromptu group adventures and exciting shared learning experiences. With Venus in your expansion zone contacting both Uranus and Saturn, your best bet is to keep pushing the boundaries, as love and art can be wildly unconventional and freeing, but they can also ground you and mature you. Not taking any risks would be the biggest risk of all now. The sun is also in your network house and gelling with Jupiter, further encouraging you to meet and mingle with a broad spectrum of humanity who can inspire you, teach you and bring out different sides of you. Friendship and camaraderie will galvanize your spirit. The sun’s skirmish with Neptune is liable to leave you confused about where you stand with a particular individual. If you try not to deceive yourself regarding what someone truly has to offer, there’s less chance you’ll wind up disappointed. Sharing is rather confounding at the moment, making sex and money a bad mix with friendship. The Mercury-Pluto Summit invites you to do career research, talk to your boss about changing your responsibilities, learn an impressive skill or craft a self-improvement plan.


August 23–September 22

Mars is at the top of your chart, and doing battle with Saturn this week, who’s been camped out in your foundation angle for the past couple of years. You’re motivated to achieve something in the world, but domestic or family obligations may be weighing you down. Or perhaps the past or your roots are holding you back in some way so you don’t feel totally emboldened to chase after your goals. A partnership or insights into your own psyche can liberate your drive, thanks to a Mars-Uranus collaboration. Plus the sun is at the top of your chart and vibing with Jupiter in your worth house, telling you that putting your full range of talents to use and feeling confident about what you have going for you will enable you to shine. The sun’s squabble with Neptune hints that someone could rain on your parade, but you needn’t let them. One likely scenario is that an individual or relationship could be a source of bewilderment, disappointment or fatigue and detract from your determination to succeed. Avoid putting anyone on a pedestal or idealizing the response you’ll receive. Mercury is gelling with Pluto now, indicating that learning experiences can be transformative. Exposing yourself to different views, people and ways of life can enhance your understanding of the world and also provide intense pleasure. Venus’s meetings with Saturn and Uranus coax you to get closer to someone, and they may bring sudden intimacy and earnestness. More importantly, they can push you to commit to loving yourself.


September 23–October 22

A faceoff between Mars and Saturn this week suggests you’re motivated to break new ground, but you have reservations. Pessimism, a mature mindset or cognizance of rules may prevent you from taking chances, as your intrepid spirit competes with your knowledge of reality. A debate—internal or interpersonal—will probably feel fruitless. But a Mars-Uranus hookup nudges you to be open to suggestion and relish impromptu adventures with other individuals. Venus is also hooking up with Uranus, alluding to the possibility of meeting someone new or experiencing a change in an existing relationship. If you do form a new connection, it’s likely to be with someone unexpected—maybe someone quite different from your usual type. Since Venus is also clicking with Saturn, you’ll be able to talk about what’s going on, lending greater stability to any quick developments. Relationships aren’t predictable now, but you can wrap your head around changes and come to a mutual understanding. The sun in your expansion zone is making music with Jupiter in Libra, sparking your personal growth and inspiring you to soar to new heights. Luck is on your side now, so don’t play it safe! Get out and go somewhere you’ve never been, try new things, meet different people and learn more about the world and what you’re capable of. Work, everyday responsibilities, poor health or low energy could deter you at some point, and you should pause to take care of business and yourself. When Mercury meshes with Pluto, confiding in someone you trust or looking deeply within yourself will shift your emotions.



October 23–November 21

When Mars opposes Saturn this week, you may push to get what you need from someone and feel stymied by insecurity. A fear of what you lack—or a fear of losing what you already have—can block attempts at sharing or closeness. Or perhaps you’re trying to change something deep within yourself, and clinging to what you think you need is preventing that transformation. Thankfully, Mars is clicking with Uranus in your productivity corner, implying that new work, a flexible approach, unique skills and freeing yourself from old patterns will mobilize you. And FYI, a research project or investigation could have a breakthrough now, so keep digging. Venus is also in your productivity corner and getting along nicely with Saturn, ensuring that enjoying a sense of usefulness and playing nice with coworkers will strengthen your ability to improve your own security. A Venus-Uranus rendezvous might mean that you’ll meet someone new through your job, or creative work will be especially stimulating. This transit could also help you to realize that you need to treat your body with the respect it deserves. Mercury is vibing with your ruler, Pluto, which can facilitate very deep dialogue and encounters that have a powerful effect on your mind. Don’t settle for easy answers now (not that you ever do!) The sun’s tête-à-tête with Jupiter gives you the courage to shine a light into the dark corners of your psyche or bare your soul and experience true intimacy. Be completely honest with yourself, as a sun-Neptune skirmish will tempt you to idealize.


November 22–December 21

Saturn in Sagittarius has a confrontation with Mars in your one-on-one angle this week, suggesting that your focus on your own agenda could make it harder for you to engage in partnership; you might feel too tired to hash things out with someone; or another individual may get frustrated with you if you seem withdrawn or withholding or are stopping them from doing something. But a Mars-Uranus link will give you a chance to lighten the mood with spontaneous fun or romance. Venus in your pleasure sector is vibing with Saturn, helping you to enjoy life even though you’re quite determined to achieve your goals. You should be able to find a great balance between lightheartedness and seriousness and might make a big commitment to someone or something you love. Venus’s rendezvous with Uranus could bring a new source of pleasure or a new romance, and Saturn’s influence can help it last. You might also channel your efforts into a very ambitious creative endeavor. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in sync with the sun, underscoring the importance of your relationships and enabling you to draw a lot of energy and inspiration from being around people. Socializing and professional networking is liable to pay off in the form of a valuable connection. Private uncertainty, a family member in need or the appeal of downtime could pull you away from others at some point. Meanwhile, a Mercury-Pluto convo calls for you to dissect a financial matter until you get to the bottom of it.


December 22–January 19

Thanks to Mercury in your joy sector gelling with Pluto in Capricorn this week, you can express yourself with tremendous power and may have a chance to be a force for positive change in the world. Using your words and your mind in a creative way will make you feel good, and you might read something that has a strong effect on you. Mars in your efficiency corner is facing off with your ruling planet, so you may find it difficult to accomplish as much as you intend to if you still need to wrap up unfinished business. Guilt, self-doubt or an old way of doing things could hamper your productivity, and working in a low-key setting—possibly at home—should help. Fortunately, the sun in your efficiency corner is harmonizing with Jupiter in your ambition angle, and if you find the right blend of humility and confidence, the results can be magical. Strive to mix self-control and service with leadership ability and an optimistic awareness of what you can achieve. The sun is quibbling with Neptune, which could muddle your thoughts about work and health or cloud communication on the job, so be careful not to delude yourself or misconstrue a situation. Venus is nestled at the bottom of your chart, coaxing you to also enjoy the pleasures of home and family, and her get-together with Saturn suggests doing so can solidify a sense of inner peace. Venus is also aligned with Uranus, hinting at some redecorating or impromptu entertaining!


January 20–February 18

With Mars in your fulfillment zone going up against Saturn in your network house this week, chasing after what you want probably won’t line up neatly with group interests. Personal pleasure may not conform to others’ expectations, and you might pursue a romantic relationship that your friends don’t support. It seems difficult to do your own thing and somehow integrate yourself with others as well. Since Mars is vibing with Uranus, you should be able to come up with innovative ways to make it all work. Plus Venus in your cognition-and-communication sector is getting along very well with Saturn, keeping your interactions pleasant and your thoughts upbeat. Make a point of seeing the best in people and savor the warmth in your friendships. Beautiful surroundings promote a positive attitude, and that positivity, in turn, enables you to find common ground and work well with others. Venus’s meet up with Uranus might indicate surprise encounters and spontaneous socializing, and it encourages you to keep an open mind. Your relationship with a sibling or neighbor could change for the better. The sun is in cahoots with Jupiter in your expansion corner, daring you to take a bigger bite out of life and promising a growth opportunity if you do. This is a consciousness-raising transit, so make the most of it by getting out of your routine and broadening your mind. Low funds or confidence could dampen your enthusiasm, but you can overcome what may boil down to fear. A Mercury-Pluto alliance coaxes you to excavate your buried emotions so you can understand yourself better.


February 19–March 20

A regressive behavior pattern, a domestic project or familial strife might compete with ambition or career responsibilities this week, as a Mars-Saturn opposition spans the low and high points of your chart. Your parents might be in a disagreement, or you could feel unable to break away from the past and establish yourself as a success. Since Mars and Uranus are getting along, use your resources in a different way to get something done and try not to let friction affect your self-confidence. A Venus-Saturn conference implies you’ll attract what you need by taking on responsibility and proving what you can achieve. This is a time when you’re likely to receive what you’ve earned, so if you absolutely deserve a raise, you could get one now. Venus’s conjunction with Uranus represents a sudden change in cash flow—either in or out—so hope for a windfall and be conscious of the impulse to splurge. The sun in your foundation angle is forming a harmonious angle with Jupiter, meaning that being at home in your own skin will foster closeness. You need to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with someone else. Even if you’re not in a relationship, introspection is bound to help you understand and accept yourself. Since the sun is at odds with Neptune in Pisces, this is a time for peeling away the layers of your persona and learning who you are deep down in your soul. And no matter how you feel about what you find in there, know that you’re enough.



March 21–April 19

With your ruler battling Saturn this week, you might be trying to get your ideas or opinions across and feel like they’re falling on deaf ears, especially if your audience is more established or more conservative than you. You could be trying to get somewhere—physically or mentally—and become frustrated that your path is somehow blocked or your progress is slow. Writing can feel like an arduous task under this transit. But luckily, Mars is dovetailing with Uranus in Aries, convincing you to try a different route. Be flexible enough to work around roadblocks. Plus Venus in Aries is in perfect sync with Saturn, so that’s another major planetary combo you have going for you. Your natural tendency might be to harness the drive of Mars and push through obstacles, but you’ll catch more flies with honey now. If you’re receptive to other ways and views and willing to play the game, you can easily reach an accord. You don’t have to be phony, though. Venus is also aligned with Uranus, encouraging you to be an individual, welcome change and enjoy the unexpected. The sun is lighting up the thinking-and-talking corner of your chart, infusing your mindset and speech with extra verve. His connection with Jupiter brings lots of positive energy to your one-on-one interactions and may enhance communication in a particular relationship, so open up—and take advantage of any opportunities to learn from people. Feelings of emptiness, regret or melancholy may intrude on your thoughts momentarily; rest and reflection should help.


April 20–May 20

You can make significant strides in your understanding of the world this week, when Mercury in Taurus jibes with Pluto in your expansion zone. Curiosity may lead you to dig deeper into a subject, while restlessness may cause you to embark on a more literal journey. Whether you visit far-off places in your mind or on the earth, exploration is apt to enrich you. If there’s a cause or movement you’re extremely dedicated to, you’ll be able to express that with passion and conviction. Mars is locked in an opposition with Saturn, which could place you in a conflict with another person over money, possessions, values, trust or sharing. You might be fixated on what you have and what you need, and your demands aren’t likely to be met to the extent that you’d like. Mars is clicking with Uranus in your release sector, prompting you to let it go. Venus is also in that part of your chart and harmonizing with Saturn, further emphasizing the benefits of personal sacrifice. Pushing to get what you want won’t feel as good as empathizing with the needs of others and showing you care. Tapping into your compassion will make you feel more connected. A sun-Neptune clash could also put you at odds with friends, especially if there’s some confusion over ownership. Fortunately, the sun is gelling with Jupiter in your productivity corner, hinting that your own efforts and positive work ethic will strengthen your security and help you to provide for your needs.

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Okay, it’s almost scary how dead on this astrologer always is. She’s legit amazing.

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