Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of May 15-21

How are the stars aligning for you this week? You’re about to find out…

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April 20–May 20

You’ll become more talkative after Mercury skips into Taurus this week, and your thoughts will flow more readily as well. You’ve probably been keeping things to yourself but will feel like divulging more in the days to come. When the messenger planet is traveling through your sign, your brain gets an energy boost, and you can express yourself with an extra dose of flair. The sun in Taurus is forming an odd angle with Saturn, so although you have the right to put yourself first during your birthday season, that might cause strain in a relationship. Flexibility is often the antidote. Fortunately, Saturn’s joining forces with Uranus, as he did last December, persuading you to invest in partnership, closeness or psychological growth. If you dive deep into intimacy or introspection, the payoff can be emotional liberation and freeing insights, so share—or work on—yourself. A Venus-Jupiter faceoff will likely take the form of tension between your responsibilities in the outer world and your inclination to retreat and unwind. Compassion and selflessness may lead you to do a big favor or make a generous sacrifice now, and you’ll get a great deal of satisfaction from being helpful. When the sun cruises into your resources house, that’s your cue to start focusing on your values, priorities, finances and possessions. It’s time to shed light on what you truly need and what you have going for you.


May 21–June 20

Your clever ruling planet sneaks into the last house of your chart this week, activating your imagination and intuition. You won’t feel as chatty as usual in the next couple of weeks, but you’ll be able to pick up on nuances. If you need to study or do some serious thinking, this is a great time to go off by yourself and focus. This transit can lead you to keep secrets or fail to say what needs to be said, so speak up when you know you should. With Mars barreling through Gemini, you’re driven to accomplish what you want to, but his scuffle with Pluto hints that coming on too strong could damage a close connection. Avoid power struggles and be amenable to compromise. Saturn and Uranus are holding a conference that should help you find a nice balance between togetherness and independence. You’re encouraged to form partnerships with friends or peers—and you could be coming around to getting serious with one person. A Venus-Jupiter opposition pits personal fulfillment against pleasing a group, but this combo also tempts you to go overboard while socializing so you might want to practice moderation. The sun shows up in your sign on Saturday, bringing a surge of vitality and marking the beginning of your birthday season. A positive self-centeredness is called for, as you assess where you are in your life and decide where you’d like to be a year from now. Happy solar return!


June 21–July 22

The sun is heating up your network zone, so you’re in the mood to get out and see people, but his run-in with Saturn in your efficiency corner this week suggests you’ll need to say no to something in order to take care of business. With Mercury arriving in your network zone as well, you definitely want to be in contact with your friends, so when you can’t hang out in person, reaching out via text, phone or your app of choice will keep you in the loop. There’s also a big part of you that wants to enjoy the comforts of home like a true Crab, thanks to Jupiter’s yearlong tour of your domestic angle. And due to a Jupiter-Neptune argument, you may have trouble deciding between nesting and escaping to parts unknown. A little of both will satisfy your inner homebody and your wanderlust. Jupiter’s faceoff with Venus could make you feel torn between family and career or between staying in and making a good impression in public (or in your profession) and resting on your laurels. The bonus: Your inner confidence can help you to produce creative work and attract positive notice. You’ve been working hard since Saturn has been camped out in your productivity corner, and his meeting with Uranus will hopefully give you a sense that you’re making headway. Think back to last December, and if something work-related was going well back then, aim to replicate that flow. The sun’s arrival in your retreat corner signals your year is winding down. Carve out alone time for reflection and rest.


July 23–August 22

Mercury’s ascent to the peak of your chart this week will get you thinking about your goals. You’ll be able to organize your thoughts and strategize, and the rest of the month lends itself to career planning and communication with superiors. A sun-Saturn disconnect implies that you may not feel completely ready to shine the way you aspire to, and you could be defining yourself too strictly and inhibiting your self-expression. Remember that the sun is your ruling planet and you were meant to share your light. Luckily Saturn is in sync with Uranus in your expansion zone, combining the work you’ve been doing to become more whole and happy with new insights, a fresh outlook and a changing belief system. Feeling more in charge of your personal fulfillment will alter your perspective. These heavyweight planets are enabling you to learn so much about yourself, the world and your place in it. Teamwork could be complicated by a Mars-Pluto disagreement, so try not to get overly attached to one way of doing things. Attempting to control others could get you into hot water. Venus’s faceoff with Jupiter may increase your appetite for adventure, and if you can’t get away now, planning a future trip will provide some satisfaction. After the sun heads into your network house, friendship and socializing become higher priorities, and you’ll derive energy from being around a lot of people, particularly those who share your interests, ideals or goals.


August 23–September 22

With your ruler segueing into your expansion zone this week, you’re eager to stretch your mind and fill it with new ideas, sights and philosophies. Study and travel will provide a fresh perspective, and you should challenge yourself not to merely take in information, but to synthesize meaning. The sun is also in that part of your chart and tussling with Saturn in your foundation angle, and you may experience some tension between domestic or family obligations and your aspiration to get out into the world and explore. This tension could also take the form of a conflict between your past and your future. Saturn is gelling with Uranus, though, encouraging you to resolve things from the past and work on strengthening your emotional wellbeing. Doing so will facilitate sharing, closeness and psychological growth. Due to Jupiter’s skirmish with Neptune, excessive needs or demands can put a strain on a relationship, and you might feel let down or deceived. Be willing to let go of an idealized vision of someone and adjust your expectations, to be fair to both of you. Venus’s faceoff with Jupiter is likely to pit an intense desire for closeness against a need for security, although if you’re unattached, this could translate to a desire for transformation versus a wish for stability. In either case, balance is key. After the sun ascends to the pinnacle of your chart, you may find yourself in the spotlight and called to take on more responsibility. This is a time of year to devote lots of energy to achieving your goals.


September 23–October 22

Jupiter in Libra is out of sync with Neptune in your efficiency corner this week, so the fact that you’ve got a lot going on in your life could make you fuzzier on details or cause you to feel drained, and chances are you’re being unrealistic about how much you can get done. What you hope to do and what you have to do may not be intersecting very much at all. If you’re overwhelmed, your health or work could be suffering as a result. This would be a good time to take something off your plate, even if only temporarily. Venus is opposing Jupiter, calling for you to factor in your relationships and perhaps compromise to keep the peace. An open mind and spirit of acceptance will have a beneficial effect on your one-to-one connections. Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner is vibing with Uranus in your partnership angle, enabling you to learn from your interactions and to be taken seriously when you’re expressing yourself to other individuals. This pairing can also help you to finally understand a change in a relationship. With Mercury moving into your depth sector, you’ll begin to reflect on weightier subject matters and have more profound conversations, and you might also negotiate over money or sharing. As the sun dances into your exploration zone, your interest in taking in more of the world—through study, travel, new experiences and people—heats up. Small departures from your routine will get you off to a good start.


October 23–November 21

Communication gets a nice boost when Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle this week. For the rest of the month, you’re encouraged to engage in dialogue and debate, consult people, solicit feedback, clear the air and seek mental stimulation in your encounters. The sun in that part of your chart is scuffling with Saturn in your worth house, so insecurity might make it harder for you to be yourself with someone, but you can push past your fear. Saturn is getting along beautifully with Uranus in your productivity corner, indicating that meticulous budgeting will make a difference in your daily life, and changing your job situation can help you to gradually become more financially secure. You may be afraid of losing what you have and/or not having what you need, but in your work life, a flexible approach, fresh opportunities, a new attitude and different challenges will help you attain self-sufficiency. Because Venus is also in your productivity corner and facing off with Jupiter in your spirit corner, putting your heart and soul into your work will give you great pleasure, and you’re likely to be generous and helpful with people you care about. Your co-rulers are quibbling with each other, so you may need to adjust your mindset and cede some control to avoid a conflict. After the sun plunges into your depth sector, you’ll feel extra attuned to your psyche and the hidden side of life, like what people aren’t saying. This is the house that Scorpio naturally rules, so the coming month will be a time of transformation.


November 22–December 21

Mercury’s arrival in your efficiency corner this week makes it easier for you to focus on details, make careful plans, do intellectual work and think critically. The sun is also in that house and sparring with Saturn in Sagittarius, so you could get in your own way at some point, possibly by being a bit of a perfectionist or wanting to be in charge. Thankfully, Saturn is gelling with Uranus in your fulfillment zone, helping you to combine planning and spontaneity. Your life has felt more serious since the taskmaster planet showed up in your sign a couple of years ago, but the gravity has frequently been offset by new sources of joy, creative bursts and liberating love. You’re working to define yourself more distinctly and on your own terms, and at the same time, you continue to make discoveries about who you are and what makes you happy. Jupiter in your network house is out of sync with Neptune in your foundation angle, hinting that part of you wants to be social and part of you wants to stay home. Another possibility is that you’re looking to the future and meeting plenty of people, but you also don’t want to lose touch with your roots. Venus’s faceoff with Jupiter lures you to enjoy life to the fullest with your friends, and you’ll probably prefer a large gathering. After the sun crosses your partnership angle, one-on-one time will gain appeal, and you’ll draw energy from your close relationships.


December 22–January 19

You’ll want to amuse yourself after Mercury zips into your joy sector this week, bringing out your sense of humor and playful side. Creative writing, reading for pleasure and fun mental games are all favored. The sun in that sector is out of alignment with your ruling planet, however, so you may have to overcome lingering doubt or guilt in order to enjoy life. Or perhaps you’re finishing something up and feel like you can’t play just yet. Fortunately, Saturn is joining forces with Uranus in your foundation angle, signaling that an ending will be emotionally liberating—so turn the page and move on! This cycle of finishing up one chapter of your life, letting go of the past and freeing yourself of emotional baggage has been going on for awhile now, and hopefully you recognize that holding onto the past and resisting change doesn’t provide stability and security like you’d think it would. A Mars-Pluto disagreement cautions you not to put your foot down when it comes to doing things a particular way. Calling all the shots could get you into trouble, so resist the temptation. Jupiter has somewhat challenging encounters with Neptune and Venus, but you’re capable of dealing with them. Do your best to juggle your desire for comfort and your ambitious aspirations, and try not to let confused thinking or communication cause you to overreach. The sun’s entrance into your productivity corner gives you added fuel to work very hard in the month to come.


January 20–February 18

Now that Mercury is descending to the foundation of your chart, your mind may drift to memories, and you’ll be more in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings. You’ll also be able to express them, so open up to people you trust. You might find talking to family helpful, particularly if you’re trying to understand something from your past. The sun in that house is out of sync with Saturn in your network zone, so obligations to friends or another group may keep you from staying home and relaxing. But Saturn is meshing with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking corner, as he did last December, nudging you to network, engage in teamwork, bounce ideas off people and join together with others who share your interests, objectives or ideals so you can learn from each other. Jupiter in your expansion house isn’t clicking with Neptune in your worth sector, suggesting that dissipating funds or confidence could keep you from escaping, exploring and growing like you hope to, but you should be able to work around this obstacle. Venus is opposing Jupiter, and oppositions often generate tension, but the benefic nature of these two planets will offset that tendency. At worst, you might get carried away with pie-in-the-sky thinking or overstate your feelings. With the sun blazing into your fulfillment house, your interest in getting out and enjoying life will increase. Creativity, romance and play are all favored in the weeks to come.


February 19–March 20

After Mercury darts into your cognition-and-communication house this week, the pace of your thoughts, speech and daily life is likely to pick up. Conversations will be animated, and you could meet new people and travel more—although this transit doesn’t necessarily indicate a long trip to a faraway place. The sun in that house is misaligned with Saturn in your ambition angle, so you might need to adjust your mindset when it comes to goals or career planning. Luckily, Saturn is perfectly in sync with Uranus in your worth sector, indicating that the work you’ve put into achieving your objectives will generate financial progress and shift your self-esteem. Using your resources in a different way or exposing hidden talents will increase your odds of success. Jupiter’s skirmish with Neptune in Pisces could mean you’re disillusioned with a relationship, you’re not making your expectations clear to someone close to you or you’re overidealizing someone. Be real with yourself about the lens through which you’re viewing this person or this bond. Mars and Pluto are having a similar disagreement, calling for you to notice how underlying anger or aggression may impact a friendship or group relations. A Venus-Jupiter faceoff underscores the theme that your hopes of closeness, sharing or generous support are high, and your best strategy would be to express your desires honestly and be open to the response you get. When the sun dips down to the bottom of your chart, the comforts of home and family become extra enticing. You’ll gravitate to familiar surroundings to unwind and contemplate your inner world.


March 21–April 19

You’re getting a lot out of a relationship or from the people close to you and feeling upbeat about your personal connections. But Jupiter’s discord with Neptune this week might mean that melancholy, a spiritual void or a vague sense of alienation could cast a cloud over your relationships, and you might feel a bit lost. But Venus in Aries is more directly engaged with Jupiter, facilitating a pleasant détente. Expressing affection and having a good time with another person will make you feel more connected. Saturn in your expansion zone is collaborating with Uranus in your sign, helping to convince you that you’re learning what you need to, and your hard-earned knowledge is enabling you to redefine yourself and your relationship to the outside world. As you figure out how the world works and how to play the game of life, you can also discover how the newest version of you fits into the scheme of things. Your ruling planet is out of sync with Pluto, so be careful not to assert yourself too strongly with authorities. Think of an action step to further your career or your progress toward a goal. Mercury and the sun are both changing signs, calling for you to shift your focus slightly. While you should think about your finances, resources, possessions, personal values and priorities, turn some of your attention to your immediate surroundings such as your community. Short trips are favored in the coming weeks, and you could also find yourself writing or expressing your ideas and views more.

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Hi :) I’m Aquarius and I love everything about my horoscope this week, it seems like the universe is talking to me at the moment (hahaha). Thank you!

Chloe @

I’m a taurus, sending it to all my taurus friends!

Another Taurus here, too :D

Great! Thanks :)


This is my favorite horoscope to read…I just had my birth chart done and there’s a lot of similar themes in these posts. The consistency is nice! Thank you!