Making the Case for Minimalism

Consider taking a few baby steps to living a more minimalist lifestyle…

I’m going to begin this series by openly admitting that I have entirely too much stuff. Stuff meaning: books, towels, emails, clothes, makeup, Facebook friends, 5 different hairbrushes. Not only is my tiny apartment actually overflowing with stuff, but so is my computer, my phone, my brain. I mean, honestly, why do I have an entire drawer full of dried flowers? Who do I think I am, Anne Of Green Gables? (I wish), but no, I’m not. So, because of all of the above, and more, I’m going to try and take baby steps that could lead to a more minimalist lifestyle.

But first things first, let’s clear up what that actually means. Practicing minimalism, or living a minimalist lifestyle, may mean different things to different people. Some may say it means getting rid of your car, your phone, even saying no to those silly-buddy colored mules in your shopping cart. For me, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with material possessions — if those shoes are important to you, then that’s wonderful. With that being said, I also believe that balance is key. Moderation is our friend. A minimalist lifestyle is personal to each and every one of us, and we can all set our own rules on how big or little we would like to practice it.

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment and freedom.” – The Minimalists

Stepping back and looking at where I am in life, and how stuff is creating a few more butterflies in my chest that I’d like, I’m going to be practicing a minimalist act each day of the week, and share them with you. If you are feeling like your life is a bit dizzying, take a look deeper and see how much stuff you are carrying on a day-to-day basis, and join me.

At the beginning of each week, I will be posting 7 days’ worth of minimalist practices with hopes of finding and maintaining some clarity. Let’s begin.

Week One

Monday: Meditate 15 Minutes.

Simplify time and be aware of each minute. This time is only yours. Space out a bit.

Tuesday: Declutter Phone.

Erase your text messages. Go through your email inbox and unsubscribe from any mail that may be overwhelming. Save important photos, and delete the others. Get rid of any unused apps. Change your background image. I promise you will feel a bit better after this one!

Wednesday: Clean Out Purse. 

Self-explanatory. Dump it upside down, and get rid of all of those crumpled up receipts. Collect loose change, etc. Hang on to your essentials: wallet, chapstick, crystal stick for that good ju-ju. This quick and easy task will make the rest of your week a bit more easier and organized.

Thursday: Practice Single Tasking.

Spend the day focusing on one thing at a time. For example, when you are eating breakfast, don’t watch TV. I’m currently writing this post with 13 tabs open, while rubbing my dog’s tummy, and sipping some iced matcha. Overstimulation and overcompensating is exhausting. Put effort into one thing at a time, and try to focus.

Friday: Makeup Purge.

Open up your makeup drawer and get tossing. Get rid of anything old, or filled with yucky chemicals. Think about what basics you use every day, and stick with those. Replace the things you tossed with all-natural, cruelty-free products that make you feel good.

Saturday: Unplug.

It’s the weekend! Stay away from electronics and media for the entire day. No phone, no computer. Get outside and enjoy Mother Earth. For more tips, read this.

Sunday: No Complaints.

Think onward and upward. Consider all of the good, and mute the bad. Erase all of the negative things that are weighing you down, and try focusing on the positive.

+ Good luck this week! If you are joining in on this challenge, let me know in the comments!

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I like the sound of this challenge! I have such an interest in minimalist design – it’d be great to bring the word into the way I live too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I have been trying to be more minimalist for the past couple of months, and I really do feel better! I started decluttering with my closet, kitchen supplies, and extra notebooks/ papers laying around and I feel great! I will be following along with this series of posts. (:


3 years ago

I absolutely love this idea! Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more minimalism in my decor; but think it’s a great for everyday life. Looking forward to this!!

3 years ago

I really love the idea of minimalism & will definitely be trying some of these tips to take baby steps towards achieving it! Thanks for opening my eyes.

Holly x
The Art of Being Holly

3 years ago

I’ve been trying to declutter my life for ages with no success. I’m curious if this idea of yours makes it happen finally:-) Sounds great!

3 years ago

The Anne of Green Gables comment was perfect! <3

Judith Marrinan
3 years ago

Great ideas. Would recommend a book called “stuffocation” to explore this idea I real depth. It’s inspirational!

1 year ago

Thank for sharing this’s very helpful fo us.