May Catalog: Bali Fitness Guide

Who says vacation can’t be about keeping busy AND having fun? If you find yourself in Bali, check out…

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!


Temple Lodge, Bingin Beach


The View: The stunning Temple Lodge overlooks the ocean from atop Bukit peninsula’s cliffs. You can access the beach from a staircase connected to the lodge (which we HIGHLY recommend). Also, don’t miss the infinity pool — you’ll feel as though you’re swimming right out to the vast ocean.

The Yoga: Offered on the daily, with schedules updated seasonally. Classes vary from Hatha Flow to Vinyasa, Yin Yang Flow and 5 Element Yoga. They welcome all ability levels and the temple is perfect for ultimate meditation.

The Spa: The Temple Lodge provides personalized spa treatments incorporating organic herbs and oils. The spa room is very intimate — and every single person we encountered was beyond welcoming.


Bingin Beach: Bingin Beach is an idyllic spot nestled on the Indian Ocean. Surfers travel from all over the world just to say they were there! We recommend trying out at least one surf lesson (or two). This is definitely the spot to do so.

Morning Run: The village surrounding the Temple Lodge is stunningly colorful and classic Balinese. Take a morning jog and explore your surroundings. And, if you lose your way, there are friendly folks everywhere to sort you right.

Gili Islands: Escape to the Gili Islands and snorkel with the turtles! Hundreds hatch on the Gili Islands annually and the babies are the cutest. Swim in the crystal clear waters alongside these magnificent creatures.

Nusa Dua: If you’re really up for an adventure, we recommend you try a scuba diving class at Nusa Dua Beach! The ocean floor is full of bright coral, submerged statues, and an array of sea life.

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Yoga followed by a spa in Bali sounds perfect. That is also the cutest outfit ever!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I’m more and more falling in love with Bali even though I have never been there! Cant wait to go <3
Anna xx

3 years ago

I am planning a trip to Bali right now, actually I am pretty nervous because I will do it alone, it is some kind of spiritual retirement and I am looking for places with yoga, spa, stuff like that, so thank you for this great post, I will taking in count everything you are talking about here, and who knows? I might take a Hatha Flow class … ;)

3 years ago

Great Post ! Your Bali fitness program sounds amazing. Will keep in mind these ideas. Thanks