May Catalog: Bali Relaxation Guide

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our catalog team found down during their latest shoot, in Bali…

This post comes from our Junior Art Director, Stephanie!


Sal Secret Spot, Bukit


Design: This eco-resort boutique resort is beautifully designed with clean white walls, a saltwater swimming pool, private balconies and open-air design. We loved the daily communal breakfasts and immersion in nature. Each room is so uniquely different! It was exciting to visit each one its unique theme!

Size: We loved the intimate nature of this resort… incredibly private and tucked away from the world. Sal Secret Spot affords luxury feels in a magical environment.

Beach: One of Sal’s perks? Its access to some of the most famous surf spots in Bali. The resort recommends visiting between May and September for the best surf experience!


Uluwatu Temple: We highly recommend making the trek up to the Uluwatu Temple. Watching the sorbetcolored sunset over the Indian Ocean from 200+ feet above sea level is truly breathtaking. Monkeys may greet you at the front of the temple and, be warned, they love to steal!

El Kabron: In keeping with the theme of sunsets, consider treating yourself to a dinner at El Kabron outdoor restaurant at dusk. They provide awesome Spanish appetizers, great drinks, and take reservations online!

And, don’t forget to explore a few of our favorite beaches:

Padang Padang: This beach, one of Bali’s biggest surf spots, also serves as the perfect place for laying out and/or swimming in the crystal blue water. The rocks poking out of the Indian Ocean paint a stunning backdrop as surfers dance along the waves.

Uluwatu: Exploring the coastline of Uluwatu Beach made for one of my favorite memories. The water was so clear and warm, the rocks so stunning, it just felt perfect. Words dare not even describe how amazing this place is — just go and see for yourself.

Saba: Though this beach is a bit of a trek, this black sand beach is pretty incredible and worth the drive. We arrived at sunrise, just in time to watch the sun peek above the horizon and the fishermen pulling their colorful fishing boats out to sea…so many bright colors juxtaposed against the black sand. If you’re up for it, horseback riding is a huge activity on this beach. The horses even love to walk into the ocean so make sure you’re wearing a swimsuit!

+ Stay tuned for our last Bali guide — geared around fitness! Coming on 5/5!

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Is the photo of the food from El Kabron? If so, I’d love to go. Bali is a trip that’s in works at the moment with my friends!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Sounds like the best time! It would be so thrilling to horseback ride along the beach.

5 years ago

Great post! Also are the swim suits in the header picture from freepeople? I can’t find them on the site but I love the yellow/orange one so much!