Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 12–18

Read on to see what the stars are up to this week…

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May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet is at the center of the action this week, and you’re bound to notice the resulting twists and turns in your conversations. Merc’s vibe with Jupiter will bring out your sense of humor and joie de vivre and should give you the courage to express your feelings and individuality wholeheartedly. You’ll enjoy using your brainpower for creative purposes and planning future fun. A Mercury-Neptune spat could make it harder for you to communicate with authority figures, and you might tend to distort reality when you’re speculating about what you can accomplish. Both Mercury and the sun in Gemini are facing off with Saturn in your one-on-one angle, so another individual or your obligations to others may test you and appear to stand in your way. Your trademark flexibility will come in handy, and compromise can salvage a situation. You want to think for yourself and be who you are, but you are also bound to other individuals and need connection. With Saturn in your opposite sign, it often feels like limitations are being imposed on you by others, but the idea is to learn how to fulfill your commitments to people and how to build and maintain mature relationships. Luckily, the sun is in sync with Uranus in your network house, hinting at exhilarating experiences with friends that will remind you that when it comes down to it, you’re a free spirit.


June 21–July 22

So much of this week’s energy will play out inside your head, since the pivotal planets are hiding out in your subliminal corner. It could be difficult for you to stay in the moment, especially with mental Mercury battling Neptune in your outlook zone. That combo can make you feel lost in thoughts of the past and the future, grasping for perspective. Your spiritual mindset is emphasizing how connected you are to all living beings, but it can also blur distinctions, leaving you unsure of yourself and your place in the world. But Merc’s collaboration with Jupiter in your foundation angle practically guarantees that introspection will be worthwhile, improving your mood and helping you to understand yourself better. Confiding in a family member or someone who feels like family can also settle your spirit. Mercury and the sun are both opposing strict Saturn in your productivity house, which probably means all of that focus on your inner life will compete with the necessity of taking care of business in the outer world. Get to work when duty calls, but take a break for rest and relaxation when you can. Imaginative thinking could be met with criticism; assimilate constructive feedback without getting down about it. The sun is in sync with Uranus, offering you a chance to make a difference from behind the scenes. Releasing your ego’s concerns is the first step.


July 23–August 22

Friendship is front and center this week, with the sun and Mercury in your humanity house mixing it up with several other planets. When Merc spars with Neptune in your sharing sector, mistrust, intimacy, jealousy, secrecy or money could pose a problem in a close relationship, and mutual understanding will seem elusive. It’s easy to get confused over matters of give-and-take at times like this. Thankfully, Mercury is forming a cooperative angle with Jupiter in your mindset-and-communication corner, inspiring optimism, an open mind and honesty. Taking a step back from emotions and talking things through—with the intention of learning from one another and accepting differences—would be a productive choice. Conversations, especially with your friends and siblings, are likely to be enriching and can broaden your way of thinking. The sun and Mercury are both opposing Saturn, so you’ll need to balance group interests with your dedication to personal fulfillment. You might find yourself being extra careful with how you express yourself and forgoing your own fun to please others. You’re apt to make responsible decisions in your social life. Even if you feel like a killjoy, be proud of your maturity and discipline. The sun is gelling with Uranus in your exploration corner, so there’s a strong chance that you’ll enjoy a novel experience with friends regardless. You just need to seize the opportunity when it comes.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler is at the peak of your chart and skirmishing with Neptune in your one-on-one angle this week, complicating communication. It might be challenging to articulate your goals to someone close to you, or you might sound imperious without meaning to. If you’re focused on your career or ambitions, relationships may recede into the background. Since Mercury is harmonizing with Jupiter in your worth house, you can make career plans that will boost your finances and channel your confidence when speaking to higher-ups. Tapping into your full range of talents will also help you sound like you know what you’re talking about. If you’re trying to get up the courage to ask for a raise or pitch a promotion that will bring in more money, Tuesday’s the day. Mercury and the sun are at odds with Saturn, who’s been hanging out at the bottom of your chart for the last couple of years. Family or domestic obligations could pull you away from work, or underlying insecurity could hold you back when you really want to shine. Consider how your past might be affecting your current drive to achieve, and deal with any emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. You need to build a strong inner foundation to support outer success. A sun-Uranus alliance hints that partnership, research or psychological insight will help you excel in a public or professional setting.


September 23–October 22

With Mercury in your exploration corner and Jupiter in Libra cheering each other on, it’s all about learning and growing this week. Make a point of seeing the forest, not the trees. Let parts come together to form a meaningful whole rather than deconstructing the big picture. Stretch your mind so it can retain an inclusive vision of your future. Aiming low stunts your growth. Talk to people who are different from you; they’re the ones who can expand your world. Let curiosity lead you to a new place. Transcend prejudice and think outside the box. Whatever knowledge and awareness you acquire now can influence your evolving identity. Merc’s spat with Neptune implies a work or health situation could be draining you and preventing literal or mental escape. The sun and Mercury are both forming oppositions to Saturn, so you’re juggling optimism and pragmatism in your head. The balance of feet on the ground/head in the sky can work out well for you. You’re apt to weigh new ideas and views against what you already consider to be true and real. This debate could play out as a disagreement between you and someone else, or you may talk yourself out of taking a risk. The sun is gelling with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, coaxing you to share an adventure with—or soak up wisdom from—another person. Let people surprise you!


October 23–November 21

Friction between Mercury and Neptune could affect a close relationship this week, particularly if you’re looking at someone through rose-colored glasses. Deep conversation and thought can come up against romantic illusions or ideals of happiness, leaving you bewildered or disappointed. You might have a hard time reconciling dark words and conclusions with your dreamier side. But luckily, Mercury is vibing with Jupiter in your soul corner, persuading you to be brave enough to dig beneath the surface and get at the truth—the truth about who you are inside, the truth about what a certain relationship really adds up to, the truth of how we’re all connected, the true purpose of someone in your life or yours in theirs. The more you face up to it, the more you’ll grow as a spiritual being. Since the sun and Mercury are both pitted against Saturn in your worth house, insecurity and fear of lack or loss may impede intimacy. Don’t worry about how someone else feels about you or what is supposedly wrong with you. Value yourself! You’ll feel more in control when you figure out what you have going for you and what’s most important to you. The sun’s convo with Uranus in your productivity corner hints that your inner strength and/or the strength you derive from a healthy relationship will help you to continue making necessary changes in your daily life.



November 22–December 21

The sun and Mercury in your one-on-one angle are facing off against Saturn in Sagittarius this week, which could make it more challenging for you to connect with other individuals. You’re taking your own agenda seriously, but you also have every intention of getting along with others and maintaining good relationships. It’s possible that you’ll inadvertently shut people out because Saturn is calling for you to invest a lot of energy in yourself and prioritize your own development. Your ties to others are likely to take a backseat as a result, leaving you feeling rather isolated. Mercury is also at odds with Neptune in your foundation zone, so communication with a partner could be complicated by your emotional state, your home life or family issues. Being more aware of what’s going on inside you will help you to clear up confusion in your conversations. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is clicking with Mercury, so you’re bound to have positive exchanges with friends and other groups. Reach out to your squad for support, and open up about your hopes for the future. You could make a new friend who shares an interest, ideal or goal of yours. The sun’s confab with Uranus in your joy sector alludes to impromptu fun, romance or creativity with another person, so grab onto opportunities to enjoy life whenever they arise.


December 22–January 19

This week’s Mercury-Neptune scuffle could impact your ability to think critically or to communicate clearly, especially with coworkers, siblings and neighbors. You might misunderstand people or have trouble making yourself understood, so do your best to slow down and focus. Your mind could drift when you’re trying to zero in on details, or your judgment could be clouded by dubious logic. Fortunately, Mercury is perfectly in sync with Jupiter in your ambition angle, allowing you to express yourself quite well to authority figures such as your boss and to get your message across beautifully in a public setting as well. This is an excellent transit for career planning and formulating self-improvement goals or professional objectives. Learning a skill or doing rigorous mental work could earn you a promotion or praise. Still, the sun and Mercury are opposing your ruler, Saturn, who’s been lodged in your subliminal corner for the last couple of years. These face-offs suggest that lingering doubt, guilt or regret—or the necessity of wrapping up old business—could compete with your determination to work hard and tackle everything that’s on your plate. Taking breaks to rest and recharge your battery can increase your overall productivity. The sun is gelling with Uranus in your foundation angle, so stepping back from your emotions, domestic upsets or family troubles can also allow you to get more done.


January 20–February 18

Your mind wants to play, thanks to Mercury’s transit through your joy sector, but its run-in with Neptune in your worth house this week means depleted funds or confidence may distract you. Insecurity could impair your ability to say what’s in your heart or express your creativity, and you could become overwhelmed with self-doubt. But happily, Merc is in cahoots with Jupiter in your exploration corner, so you should be able to find the courage to take a risk. You can learn what you’re made of by chasing after new experiences. Expose yourself to a broader range of people, ideas, beliefs and places—and not only will your views on life change, but you might see yourself differently as well. Your thinking will be highly creative, as it’s fueled by a hunger for adventure. The sun and Mercury are opposing Saturn in your network zone, making it likely that self-expression will run counter to group interests or expectations at some point—or your pursuit of pleasure will compete with a commitment to people. You can respect the input of friends and peers, but don’t allow others to judge you. What matters is that you know who you are. The sun is making music with your ruling planet, giving your uniqueness a chance to shine through in your interactions with people, your inventive thinking and your unpredictable choice of words.


February 19–March 20

Neptune is going retrograde in Pisces for the next five months, which might stall progress on a dream. This phase is useful for pulling back from a fantasy and getting sufficient distance to gain perspective. If you’re identifying so closely with a dream, it can be very challenging to see it clearly. Try to distinguish between reality and illusion so you can ultimately succeed in manifesting your dream. Mercury is dueling with Neptune this week, and that might make it tricky to communicate clearly with family or people you live with. Plus Merc and the sun are both standing up to Saturn in your ambition angle, which could compel you to make choices between your home life and work obligations. These oppositions may also represent tension between your parents or between your old identity and the person you’re striving to become. Be careful how you talk to higher-ups, as your speech may be more emotionally loaded than you realize. Part of you probably wants to relax and reflect, but you also feel driven to pursue your goals or do what’s expected of you. Mercury’s confab with Jupiter nudges you to confide your private thoughts and feelings to someone close to you or to delve into your own psyche in search of personal truths. Contemplating your past, your emotions or the inner workings of a relationship can teach you a lot.


March 21–April 19

One-on-one communication has the potential to flourish this week, due to Mercury’s coalition with Jupiter in your relationship angle. Make a point of connecting with a wide range of people, and be open to what you can gain from these encounters; you might make a valuable contact or have an enlightening conversation. Other individuals are likely to inspire you, support you and broaden your understanding of the world. This is also a good time to make plans for the future with a good friend or significant other. Merc’s tension with Neptune in your subliminal corner suggests that spiritual questioning and yearning may interfere with more rational thoughts and exchanges, possibly giving you an air of distraction. You might find yourself daydreaming or wandering off on a tangent while talking, and you may not express yourself as clearly as you’d like to. However, intuition and sensitivity can add depth to your speech. Mercury and the sun are positioned opposite Saturn in your outlook sector, which could lead you to dispute conventional wisdom, search for meaning, and wonder about the necessity of playing the game of life by a certain set of rules. Fortunately, the sun is in sync with Uranus in Aries, prompting you to stay actively engaged and curious. That will keep everyday life refreshingly new and help you see that change is possible.


April 20–May 20

Confusion over money, material possessions, values or priorities could affect friendships and group relations this week when Mercury in your worth zone fights with Neptune in your network house. Try not to harbor illusions about what you’ll get from other people, and define your position as clearly as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t seem to square your needs with those of others. Merc is getting along much better with Jupiter in your efficiency corner, and this should help you to combine thoughts about your finances and resources with a positive work ethic. Financial planning based on a clear understanding of job possibilities will be effective, and you’re able to make a savvy assessment of everything you have going for you. It’s a good time to craft a budget and prioritize your needs. Your willingness to learn new skills and assume more responsibility can translate to optimism about taking care of yourself. With the sun and Mercury opposing Saturn, you may have trouble expressing your needs or desires to a person close to you and might feel like someone isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. Sharing takes effort, and you should strive for a good balance of give and take, trying not to focus on lack or loss. A sun-Uranus connection entices you to let go of something you don’t really need; you’ll feel better about yourself once you do.

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“Other individuals are likely to inspire you, support you and broaden your understanding of the world.” This quote rang out to me while reading the Aries section. That’s exactly how I felt while reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – her novels are so beautifully crafted, the words so thoughtfully chosen. In fact, I just tweeted about her inspiring writing one second ago!

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