Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 19–25

For the week ahead…

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June 21–July 22

You might need to juggle your social life and home life early in the week, but grab onto any chance to enjoy a pleasant escape with friends because Venus’s harmony with Neptune makes it easy to savor the beauty of people and places. Venus is also vibing with Pluto, meaning you could form a strong connection—probably a platonic one rather than a romantic one, although a pal might turn into a significant other. If you meet someone new at this time, it’s likely to be in a group setting. With the sun and Mercury rolling into Cancer, you’re full of energy and eager to express yourself. Although your birthday season gives you permission to be self-centered in a good way, you’re also interested in engaging with other people, thanks to Mercury’s convivial influence. You can convey so much personality in your conversations, so don’t be a hermit crab! This week’s new moon is in your sign, and you should accept its implicit invitation to reinvent yourself. What signals are you sending out? Are you conveying your true intentions? How do you present yourself to others? What’s your communication style? Would you like to play with your appearance and show off a different side of yourself? Now’s the time to change up your image in whatever way you choose. A Mars-Jupiter clash has you riding a wave of confidence and flirting with the temptation to be uncharacteristically reckless, so you may want to apply a bit of Cancerian caution. Happy solar return!


July 23–August 22

This week’s Venus-Neptune fusion highlights the allure of power and may draw you to someone older or more established than you. Venus’s link with Pluto in your productivity corner suggests that all the hard work you’ve been doing will boost your appeal with authority figures such as a boss or mentor. If you’re hoping your creativity will get you noticed, your determined efforts could pay off now. Earning favor with someone in a position to help you get ahead could have a transformative effect on your job situation — so keep a high profile when it matters. However, the sun and Mercury are both sneaking into the last house of your chart, and you’ll probably feel the need for more rest and solitude in the coming month. Your solar year is winding down, making this a time to reflect on what’s transpired before gearing up for what lies ahead. Go off by yourself and get in touch with your subconscious. Your intuition and imagination are strong; give yourself the gift of peace and quiet so you can tune into them. You should be able to gain insight into the past and what makes you tick. The new moon gives you an additional nudge to attend to your inner life, and you might opt to begin a new spiritual practice or release something that’s been weighing on your mind. With Mars and Jupiter at odds, bottled-up aggression or secrets could come bursting out, so be careful what you say.


August 23–September 22

A romantic trip or a bonding experience with someone close to you are possibilities this week, given Venus’s encounter with Neptune. And if you’re looking for love, you might fall for someone who’s not your type, so set aside your preconceptions and view people through a less critical lens. Venus is also making music with intense Pluto in your joy sector—even more incentive for you to get off the beaten path and explore unaccustomed pleasures. The foreign, not the familiar, has the potential to elicit strong feelings. Whether you’re seeking a person, place or thing, venturing beyond habitual boundaries could prove deeply fulfilling. With the sun and your ruling planet, Mercury, segueing into your humanity house and holding a summit there, your attention will continue to turn from current goals to future ones and from ambition to social connection. This is the time of year when friendship, networking, group gatherings and philanthropic concerns take center stage in your life. Being yourself with people and being aware of your role in the lives of others (as well as their roles in your life) will fortify your bonds. The new moon in that house encourages a new collaboration or friendship, and you might choose to join an organization or launch a charitable endeavor. Since Mars is fighting with Jupiter in your worth zone, overconfidence, greed or overestimating your resources could cause problems in a group, so practice moderation.


September 23–October 22

A Venus-Jupiter scuffle may call for you to make a concession in a close relationship to keep the peace this week, but a Venus-Neptune confab hints that sharing and intimacy can have a healing effect on you. Your psychological health may benefit from an alternative modality, and a favor or sacrifice would help a relationship. Venus also happens to be gelling with Pluto, suggesting that deep-seated emotions will intensify a significant bond. Processing private feelings that you find unsettling will empower self-acceptance. Libras often have trouble owning their not-so-pretty emotions such as anger, but in order to love yourself, you must come to terms with the whole truth of what’s inside you. And loving yourself is a prerequisite for healthy relationships! As Mercury and the sun ascend to the peak of your chart, your ambition is heightened and you’ll begin to devote more time and energy to achieving your aims. You can capture the attention of people who are in a position to promote your progress, so express your goals and show what you’re capable of. However, Mars is doing battle with Jupiter, so you run the risk of stepping on toes in your quest to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Your drive is a plus, but try to remain conscious of how your behavior is perceived. The new moon can inspire you to craft a business plan, choose a new objective, start a fresh chapter in your career or set off on a different path in your life.


October 23–November 21

Romance and other shared pleasures are favored this week, thanks to Venus in your one-on-one angle meshing with Neptune in your fulfillment sector. The joys of escapist play and artistic pursuits will be enhanced by companionship — meaning two is more fun than one! If you meet someone new, you may feel spiritually or creatively connected. And since Venus is also syncing with Pluto in your thinking-and-talking corner, a deep mental connection and powerful dialogue are also possible. A difficult conversation can lead to harmony and understanding between you and another person, so be strong and say what you really feel. Make a point of reaching out to people; someone can transform your mindset for the better now. With the sun and Mercury making their way into your exploration zone, your mood should brighten and your wanderlust may kick in. You’ve been super focused on something or someone, and now it’s time to branch out and meet different people, have learning experiences and shake up your world by exposing yourself to new ideas and ways of life. Acquiring knowledge and striving to be more conscious will widen your perspective. The new moon in that part of your chart encourages you to adopt a fresh philosophy, take a trip, begin a course of study or have an adventure. Mars is in a spat with Jupiter, though, so you might go too far when asserting your views or behave a bit recklessly in the name of growth. Try to maintain self-awareness!


November 22–December 21

You might enjoy working from home, working on your home or working out at home when Venus in your job-and-health corner clicks with Neptune in your domestic angle this week. Beautifying your workspace or living space can also bring you pleasure. And since Venus is vibing with transformative Pluto in your resources zone, decluttering your desk might be especially satisfying. That transit also points to the ideal connection between loving what you’re doing and gaining control over your finances; creative work could pay off now. If you need to work on problems in a relationship, you’ll be able to find the tools to do so and will feel better about yourself when you make the effort. With both the sun and Mercury entering your depth sector, your focus will narrow and you’ll devote a lot of attention to a close relationship, passion project, research endeavor or getting to the bottom of an issue in your own psyche. This is an excellent period for digging into complex, challenging and even taboo matters, examining subtle nuances and getting in touch with emotions. The new moon in this part of your chart nudges you to share your life with someone, recover from a crisis or loss, change something within yourself or solve a mystery. Mars is arguing with your ruling planet, implying that sex and friendship would be a risky mix, and you might get involved with someone who clashes with your crew or your ideals, so look before you leap.


December 22–January 19

Look for an opportunity to show your compassion this week, since Venus is gelling with empathic Neptune in your communication house. Conversations are apt to take a heartfelt, romantic, spiritual or artistic turn. Plus Venus is in sync with Pluto, suggesting that pleasure, love, creativity and play can have a profound effect on you. You’ll get a surprising amount of satisfaction out of channeling your passion into simply enjoying life. Open your heart and show your feelings. Let people see the real you, even if it requires giving up the control that you crave. It won’t be as scary as you imagine! The sun and Mercury are crossing your one-on-one angle, and that means it’s time to make companionship a higher priority. Bounce your ideas off someone, solicit feedback, talk through problems in a relationship, learn from other individuals and learn about yourself through your interactions with others. You’re not meant to go it alone during this part of the year; you can feed off other people’s energy now and will get more done with a partner. The new moon hints at a new relationship coming down the pike — or if you already have a significant other, you might progress to a new level of commitment. Or you could redefine an existing connection or become more aware of your need for healthy, supportive relationships. This week’s Mars-Jupiter dustup might disrupt your personal or professional life if you push someone too hard because of your own ambition, so try to be more collaborative.


January 20–February 18

You’ll have a way with words this week when Mercury meshes with your ruling planet in your communication corner, so feel free to express your humor, creativity, original ideas and revelations. A Venus-Neptune confab might make this the right time to purge some possessions and declutter your home. Venus governs aesthetics, while Neptune is about releasing — so think about how you might make your space more beautiful and also get rid of what you don’t need. Venus’s connection with Pluto in the last house of your chart brings up a slightly different theme. This transit has to do with making peace with the past and with your very strongest emotions. Dealing with the deep, dark stuff inside you will allow you to understand and accept yourself. Psychological change is possible now if you drill down into your subconscious and face what you find there. Since the sun and Mercury are moving into your efficiency corner, it’s also time to get to work in the outer world. You’ll have the physical vitality and mental concentration to be highly productive in the coming weeks. The new moon gives you a great excuse to set a new schedule, launch a job search, adopt a new habit, begin a diet or exercise regimen, learn a skill, try a different modus operandi and improve your work ethic. A Mars-Jupiter skirmish could pull you off track if an urge for escape or newness tempts you to rush or gloss over details. Take a break, then refocus.


February 19–March 20

Neptune in Pisces has a happy encounter with Venus this week, which will help you connect with your surroundings and enjoy warm interactions with others. Your ruling planet’s lengthy stay in your sign has been disorienting at times, and when he joins forces with other planets, you’re able to break through the fog and feel truly engaged and understood. You’re totally receptive to the love and beauty around you and open to whomever you encounter. Venus is also vibing with Pluto in your network zone, meaning group relations will get a boost as well. Mingling can yield powerful contacts, while spending time with friends can deepen your bond. Mutual affection and support will strengthen your ties to your squad, and telling a particular person how you feel can transform your friendship. The sun and Mercury are segueing into your fulfillment sector, coaxing you to convey what’s in your heart and let your personality shine through. Creative self-expression and personal pleasure should be priorities in the coming weeks. With the new moon landing in that house, a new hobby, romance or artistic endeavor may be in the works. In any case, get out and enjoy life! A battle between Mars and Jupiter might lead you to overshare or rush into a sexual relationship, and high expectations combined with a lack of restraint will likely cause problems. Try to gauge the risks before diving into deep waters.


March 21–April 19

When Venus and Neptune sync up this week, follow this advice you may have seen on a greeting card or bumper sticker: “Don’t just count your blessings. Share them.” Doing something for others will make you feel better about yourself, and you’ll have even more going for you if you don’t concern yourself with holding onto it and keeping it for yourself. A Venus-Pluto combo links a shift in your professional path or life direction with your ability to attract what you need. Creative talents can help you accomplish a goal or make a name for yourself. This transit can also indicate that you should make some sort of investment in your career, even if that just means putting more passion into your journey toward success. A Mercury-Uranus collaboration will help you think and communicate in a fresh, original way, and you could have an exciting epiphany. With the sun and Mercury descending to the foundation of your chart, a large part of your energy and attention will turn inward, and you’ll probably be more focused on your home, family, past or private feelings. A new moon suggests a possible change in your living situation, and it’s a good time to make a decision or take steps that will increase your comfort level and promote inner peace. A squabble between Mars and Jupiter could trigger irritability and cause you to take out frustrations on another person whom you expect a lot of. Work on tolerating your own feelings and others’ imperfections.


April 20–May 20

Although you have a lot on your plate due to Jupiter’s yearlong tour of your productivity corner, Venus is currently dancing through Taurus, luring you to play social butterfly instead of worker bee. And since Venus is gelling with Neptune in your network zone this week, you really can’t resist the desire to hang with your friends — nor should you! Fitting in with people and finding common interests will come naturally, and you’ll be inclined to help each other. You might bond over a spiritual matter or idealistic cause. Plus, Venus is clicking with Pluto in your expansion sector, inspiring you to enjoy unfamiliar experiences, travel to new places and connect with people who are different from you. Such exploration can arouse strong emotions and change how you see the world. The sun and Mercury are entering your thinking-and-talking corner, livening up your thoughts and speech and increasing the tempo in your everyday life. Look at your immediate surroundings with fresh eyes and consider your habitual trains of thought and modes of communicating. A new moon calls for you to gather info, learn something new, reach out to a sibling, get active in your community and find a different way of expressing yourself. A clash between Mars and Jupiter suggests you might assert yourself with an overly critical or pious tone or skip over details in your plan of action, so take a breath and proceed one step at a time.


May 21–June 20

It’s a good week for meeting new people and having spontaneous experiences with friends, thanks to Mercury in Gemini linking up with Uranus in your network sector, so be your sociable self when the mood strikes you. Since Venus is hiding out at the end of your chart, you’ll probably be inclined to spend some time alone and replenish your spirit. Venus’s convo with Neptune in your ambition angle tells you that doing very creative work behind the scenes can give you a sense of progress, and you may enjoy the process of imagining where you’re headed now. A vision board or guided meditation might be perfect. Plus Venus is harmonizing with Pluto, so private time with someone close to you will probably call up powerful emotions, while peaceful solitude can transform your psychological state. If you start a relationship now, it will likely be rather secret and intense. As the sun and Mercury skip into your worth house, your focus shifts to finances, self-confidence, possessions and values. A new moon there invites you to find a fresh source of income, tap into a hidden talent, consider your material needs and set practical financial goals. This is a time for evaluating your assets and resources and prioritizing what’s most important to you. A Mars-Jupiter disagreement tempts you to splurge because you expect something to make you happy, but what you covet may not satisfy you as much as you hope. Press pause before blowing your budget.

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