Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 26 – July 2

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…

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June 21–July 22

Mars and Mercury are hurtling through Cancer, mobilizing you, revving up your brain and helping you to express yourself. This week, they have favorable and challenging encounters with other planets, which should give you opportunities to take advantage of and obstacles to navigate. Their faceoffs with Pluto can lure you into a power struggle or lead you to experience resistance to your actions or words. Remember this: You can only control yourself! Finding middle ground can bring about positive change, so see if that’s possible. There’s a high-voltage charge in dialogue and partnership now, but that also means both are potentially volatile. Thanks to Merc’s entanglement with Jupiter, you’re optimistic but could become a tad boastful or gloss over details. Think flexibly and plan carefully. The best news: Mars and Mercury are dovetailing with Neptune in your exploration sector, inspiring you to speak up or take action based on your compassion, ideals or spiritual beliefs. Contemplate the world not as it is, but as you think it should be. Then dedicate your drive and brainpower to promoting that vision. Strive to say and do something that has meaning — and perhaps serves others who are less fortunate than you. That’s how you’ll get the most out of this week!


July 23–August 22

With Mars tucked away at the end of your chart, try to stay extra aware of what’s going on in the back of your head and what subconscious motives might be driving your behavior. Mercury is hiding out there too, so although you’re less talkative, your intuition is strong. Both planets oppose Pluto this week, making tension between your inner and outer lives likely. Maybe you’re inclined to retreat from the world but need to poke your head out and tackle a health issue, everyday duties or job responsibilities. Be careful in your dealings with coworkers; they’re the people you’re apt to have trouble communicating with and cooperating with. Listen to your instincts and read between the lines. Avoid destructive conflicts over the perfect way of doing things. Take breaks to be by yourself. Despite the tension, creative work is possible during this transit, especially if you seek practical compromises. A Mercury-Jupiter skirmish may cause you to overstate your case, but it can also open your mind to new views. Since Mars and Merc are vibing with Neptune, alone time and introspection or private time with another person and intimate sharing can result in feeling closer to your true essence or closer to someone you care about. Either way, it can be a mystical, healing experience, so dive in deep.


August 23–September 22

Mars in your humanity house is keeping you busy with teamwork, socializing and perhaps some professional networking, and you’ll be most productive — not to mention motivated — when you’re collaborating with others. Mercury is also in that house, encouraging lots of group interaction. But the messenger planet’s clash with Jupiter this week might cause discord between you and your friends if you’re asking for too much or you become a bit self-righteous over money, possessions, values or priorities. You may not agree, but you can all learn from each other if you practice tolerance. Mars and Mercury are opposing Pluto, and those faceoffs can play out a number of different ways. An intense love affair could pull you away from your crew, causing friction. Or you might be wrapped up in a creative project or another pleasurable pursuit and will need to weigh your personal fulfillment against group interests. Lucky for you, both Mars and Mercury are in sync with Neptune, paving a relatively easy path to moments of organic connection, spiritual simpatico, artistic alliance, romantic vibes and charitable endeavors. It’s not a good idea to put people on a pedestal, but sometimes you need to remind yourself not to notice every little flaw, as discerning Virgos often do. Discern what there is to love about someone!


September 23–October 22

Your ambition is in overdrive while motivated Mars occupies the highest house in your chart, and with mental Mercury also hanging out there, your head is really in the game. This week, both planets have run-ins with Pluto, who’s been lurking at the bottom of your chart, instigating emotional, familial or domestic turbulence and change. Libra wants everything to be pleasant, harmonious and fair, and recognizing that life doesn’t always work that way can make you tense. The rumblings Pluto has provoked within you and in your home can prevent you from maintaining a tranquil foundation, but they also compel you to integrate the dark with the light — bringing more depth and realness to your mood and your personal life. Do your best to balance worldly strivings with private struggles. Acknowledge what’s going on inside you so it doesn’t cause unforeseen problems in a public or professional setting. A Mercury-Jupiter clash underscores the need to keep emotions and confidence in check when speaking to authority figures. Let your enthusiasm fuel career planning, but avoid overreaching when it comes to crafting goals. Mars and Merc are gelling with Neptune, making creative work and useful efforts that help others your most valuable ways of proving what you can do and getting ahead.


October 23–November 21

Thanks to Mars and Mercury trekking through your exploration corner, you’re in the mood for adventure and intent on broadening your horizons. However, both of those planets face off against your ruler this week, which could trigger mental angst or interpersonal friction. Fighting for what you believe in is commendable; just avoid hitting people over the head with your principles. You’ll be at your best when you’re on a quest for the truth, not when you’re convinced that you’ve found it. It won’t be easy to maintain an open mind now, but doing so will make it possible to undergo a very powerful transformation in the way you see the world. So don’t dig in your heels! Two heads are better than one in this case. Mercury’s skirmish with Jupiter could cause you to get ahead of yourself with an optimistic vision of the future, so make a point of examining your subconscious expectations. A plan that’s motivated by your spiritual values and the pursuit of justice can triumph. Merc and Mars are in cahoots with Neptune, favoring a transcendent learning experience. Note that you must take risks for the sake of personal growth. Whether you’re being more daring with your heart or creativity or finding the courage to try something that challenges you, venture into the unknown!


November 22–December 21

Be careful not to break a confidence this week when Mercury in your sharing sector spars with Jupiter in your group zone. This transit can indicate a problem around secrets and gossip, and it might also point to a disagreement over hopes and ideals. Merc and Mars are both at odds with Pluto in your worth house, complicating efforts to share; it’s challenging to find the right balance of give-and-take now. Financial concerns and different values or priorities may lead to strife in a close relationship. A pressing need to maintain control over your resources can make it harder to compromise, but when planets oppose each other, compromise often eases the tension. If you’re more involved with a passion project, investigation or introspection at the moment, your determination and focus will help you get somewhere. Saturn’s uncomfortable encounters with Venus and Mercury might require you to bend a little in order to maintain good relations. Since Mars and Mercury are in sync with Neptune, you could have a lot of success engaging in creative work at home; doing or saying something to help a relative or housemate; trying to heal a personal wound; processing your feelings with someone you trust; and delving into your psyche in search of cathartic understanding.


December 22–January 19

Focus on your relationships with other individuals this week because Mercury and Mars are meeting up in your one-on-one angle and also facing off against Pluto in Capricorn. Keep thinking in terms of dialogue and partnership, even if things get tense. Especially then! It’s virtually impossible not to act like a control freak at times while you have an incredibly commanding planet slooowly making its way through your sign — but attempting to control other people, your environment and circumstances tends to backfire. You’ll experience opposition if you’re too forceful now, so think of compromise as the most winning strategy rather than instinctively trying to get the upper hand. Projection is a danger during this transit, as you might think people are simply being difficult, while their take is that they’re merely reacting to your perceived behavior. Mercury is also tussling with Jupiter in your ambition angle, and big goals may come out of a conversation as a result. Just be sure to break down a game plan for success into practical action steps. Thankfully, both Mars and Merc are harmonizing with Neptune, hinting that the best way for you to get on the same page with people is to think and speak with compassion and empathy. Creative collaboration and spiritual connection are favored under this influence.


January 20–February 18

You have plenty on your plate, thanks to a gathering of planets in your productivity corner, and luckily Mars is giving you the drive to get things done, while Mercury provides the ability to focus on specific tasks. Both planets are in a tug-of-war with Pluto this week, implying that emotional rumblings or difficulties lingering from the past could make you less efficient. You’re likely to sabotage your own efforts if you don’t tune into your subconscious and persuade the part of you that you may think of as your dark side to work in tandem with the rest of you. Your outer life is taking so much of your attention that inner turmoil is apt to get swept under the rug. But suppression is never the answer, especially when the planet in question is as powerful as Pluto! When you attempt to hold a beach ball underwater, it comes flying back up, and the force seems uncontrollable. Don’t submerge it in the first place; let it rest on the surface where you can handle it. A Mercury-Jupiter encounter pits detailed thinking against abstract vision, and a hopeful plan rooted in reality would be the optimum outcome. Mars and Merc are vibing with Neptune, hinting that your hard work can assuage financial fears and perhaps even offset a deficit.


February 19–March 20

A concentration of planetary energy in your joy sector is driving you to prioritize personal pleasure, but as Mercury and Mars move into opposition with Pluto in your network zone this week, those faceoffs can make it seem like pursuing your heart’s desire goes against group interests. Maybe your friends are opposed to a romantic relationship that you’re involved in. Or maybe doing as you please conflicts with your obligations to other people. You could feel torn between standing out and fitting in or between doing your own thing and collaborating. Look for the elusive middle ground between feeling like you’re being too selfish and feeling like you’re being too accommodating. Merc’s clash with Jupiter can trigger oversharing in a close relationship. Pour your heart out if the spirit moves you, but don’t place too much emphasis on the expected response. Say what you’re moved to say for the sake of expressing yourself, not to achieve a desired result. Luckily, both Mercury and Mars are in sync with Neptune in Pisces, and their harmony should help you to convey your creativity, emotions and personality clearly. It’s a gift to feel truly seen and understood, and you need to put yourself out there to make that happen. Come out from behind the smokescreen of Neptune in Pisces, and show people your unique, lovable self.


March 21–April 19

Your ruler is charging across the base of your chart, making your home the area of greatest productivity — but also a potential area of strife. If you feel irritable, Mercury can help you tune into your emotions and understand what’s behind your mood. Both Mars and Merc oppose Pluto this week, which might pit your home life against your ambition, requiring you to juggle as best you can. Regressive behavior or underlying frustration might cause you to damage your standing, so pay close attention to your emotionally-driven words and deeds. You may be able to use strong feelings — and an understanding of what got you to this point in life — to propel a change in your career path or life direction. Mars and Merc are joining forces with Neptune, who has been lingering at the end of your chart for years, producing vague longings and occasional melancholy or awareness of the existential void. You may be able to do highly imaginative work, but there’s also a good chance that unpacking your emotional baggage will have a healing effect. Make a choice to lighten your psychic load and leave something in the past. You can share private feelings with someone close to you, but don’t place high expectations on them to respond the way you want.


April 20–May 20

Venus in Taurus and Mercury in your communication corner have awkward meetings with Saturn this week, so you might need to tweak your mindset and the vibe you’re giving off in order to make a relationship work. You’re ready to assert yourself and take a proactive approach in your everyday life, but with Merc and Mars battling Pluto, you might get into a destructive disagreement. Don’t insist on being right. Search for the truth rather than declaring it. If you put all your energy into maintaining your position, you rob yourself of the chance to acquire knowledge — and knowledge is power! A heated debate might just be the best use of these transits, as long as you’re willing to see both sides. A good first step is to make a point of taking your ego out of your thinking; in other words, don’t overidentify with your ideas and opinions. Mercury’s spat with Jupiter might cause communication problems on the job or lead you to see only the forest and not the trees. Doublecheck your work and fill in the gaps. Since Neptune in your humanity zone is in sync with Mars and Mercury, group communication, philanthropic endeavors, professional networking and socializing with friends will all be big pluses. Unselfish thoughts and actions can help you feel connected to others.


May 21–June 20

Your ruler gets into a scuffle with Jupiter this week, and what that probably means for you is your financial judgment will be impaired by a quest for fun, happiness or pleasure. Under this influence, it’s really difficult to think in practical terms. Another strong possibility: The way you view your own worth will be colored by romantic expectations or by your hopes of future fulfillment. Mercury and Mars are opposing Pluto in your sharing sector, which may generate tension in a close relationship. When asking for what you feel you need — and going after it — you could encounter resistance and get into a struggle involving give-and-take. “Mine” versus “ours” is likely to be the source of friction. Interdependence feels like a weighty matter to you, and self-sufficiency seems so much simpler. Psychological or relationship turmoil is a sign that deep change is happening there, and the process is taking longer than you’d like. This can be a good time to assess where you stand. Since Mars and Merc are meshing with Neptune, your thoughts and actions related to money, priorities, resources and values can best be applied to an ambitious dream. Consider how you might make the most of your talents and other assets to achieve your aims and also provide for yourself. Creative and spiritually-motivated efforts will be fruitful.

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Gemini: “The way you view your own worth will be colored by romantic expectations or by your hopes of future fulfillment.” Intense stuff!!

“You’ll be at your best when you’re on a quest for the truth, not when you’re convinced that you’ve found it.” this is one of the best advice ever! Thank Tracy!!!!!!!