Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 5–11

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…

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May 21–June 20

You’ll undoubtedly feel the urge to splurge while Mars marches through your worth house in the next month and a half. You’ll identify strongly with what you own during this period and might find yourself arguing over money or material goods. But it’s a great time to proactively go after what you need, sort through your belongings and make a point of using what you already have. With Venus slipping into your soul corner this week, you may not be in a super social mood, even though the sun is lighting up your sign. You’ll get a lot of pleasure from taking care of someone you love or enjoying a slice of solitude, so seek privacy and alone time. Venus’s confab with Mars might prompt you to let go of a depleted desire or a possession you don’t want anymore. And this planetary combo happens to hint that immersing yourself in nature will satiate your spirit. After Mercury shows up in Gemini, your mind will be very active and your chatty side is bound to come out. If you get restless, a short getaway should offer the mental stimulation you’re craving. If you need to mull over a personal matter with objectivity, Merc will enable you to do that, so find a quiet place for deliberation in the next few weeks. The full moon’s contact with serious Saturn and mystical Neptune might bring a relationship to a turning point, compelling you to take things to the next level or move on. Your friends will come through for you if you need a sympathetic ear or escapist fun.


June 21–July 22

With Mars ensconced in Cancer, you’ll be charging full steam ahead in the next six weeks and can get a ton accomplished. Try to work on your own stuff if you can, rather than partnering with anyone else, because you’ll probably seem bossy. In addition to working hard, make use of Mars’s assertiveness by standing up for yourself when you need to. If you get agitated, a challenging workout will help you burn off excess energy. Venus is dancing into your network sector this week, so even if you’re better off operating independently for the most part, you’ll still be able to get along well with people and will feel extra sociable. Group gatherings will be your happy place, so say yes to parties, conferences—whatever comes up that will allow you to mix and mingle. Venus and Mars are in sync, helping you to blend agreeability and forcefulness, so if you want help with an endeavor, now’s the time to ask. After this, tackling your own to-do list will give you the most satisfaction. Mercury’s entrance into the last house in your chart arouses your intuition and might also cause you to keep things to yourself. Quiet contemplation is good for the soul, but don’t use it to avoid confrontation if there’s something that needs to be said. A full moon gives you the year’s best excuse to kick a bad habit to the curb! If you’re doing something on a regular basis that’s not enhancing your daily life—especially if it’s connected with a false belief—it’s time to stop. A sense of inner peace will be the most noticeable reward.


July 23–August 22

Now that doer Mars is hiding out at the end of your chart, the best way for you to be productive is to work quietly behind the scenes without expecting a round of applause. Make a point of noticing self-defeating acts, and ask yourself why you might want to undermine your progress. We all have compulsive patterns of behavior that work against us, and this is the perfect time for you to confront those little subconscious actions. Another strategy for accomplishing plenty would be to prioritize projects that benefit others—as your ego is being sublimated during this transit. However, lovely Venus is climbing to the top of your chart, allowing you to get some positive attention and creating favorable circumstances in the professional or public part of your life. With Venus and Mars joining forces, your low-key efforts might earn acclaim after all. Creative work and people in power are extra appealing to you this month. After Mercury segues into your network zone, reaching out to friends and contacts becomes a higher priority, and you might also turn your attention to something new on your list of goals. And if you need perspective on an issue, talking to friends will definitely help you to step back and see it from a different angle. The full moon in your joy sector could bring an artistic effort to fruition or cause you to share your feelings more freely. A romantic relationship may be tested, and confusion over sex might make matters worse. Be completely honest and stay true to yourself!


August 23–September 22

Teamwork is a great option while Mars is blazing through your humanity house over the course of the next six weeks, mobilizing group efforts. Find people with common interests, ideals or objectives with whom you can collaborate naturally. You might opt to pull a group together to get a philanthropic project off the ground; organize a social event with your friends; or be more proactive about making useful professional contacts. Venus’s arrival in your expansion corner inspires you to seek love and beauty beyond your default boundaries. Spend time with people who are different from you, enjoy cultural experiences that challenge your preconceived notions, take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been and welcome any opportunities to learn from your relationships. Since Venus and Mars are forming a coalition, this would be the perfect time to embark on an exciting adventure with your squad or launch a group endeavor that will offer a pleasurable learning experience. With Mercury ascending to the peak of your chart, career planning, communication with authority figures, professional studies and public speaking are all favored in the next few weeks. A full moon at the bottom of your chart pulls your attention to family, domesticity, private emotions and your sense of comfort and security. A development in one of these areas—such as family drama or a change in your living situation—will require you to aim for a better balance between your personal and public lives. To shift your self-worth, you need to understand how you’re wired and leave the past in the past.


September 23–October 22

There’s no stopping you, thanks to Jupiter wrapping up its four-month-long retrograde phase in Libra. You may feel overstimulated at first, but as the planet of expansion gets back up to speed, maintain your focus on self-awareness and personal growth and strive to translate your high hopes into a viable mission. Make the most of Jupiter’s final four months in your sign by learning as much as you can about who you really are and what you can achieve as an individual. Utilize your self-confidence to expand the scope of your identity and your life. With Mars at the pinnacle of your chart, you’re motivated to make headway in your career and tackle some of your most ambitious goals. It’s ideal if you can be your own boss now, since you’re not likely to tolerate someone having power over you during this period. Venus is sashaying into your sharing zone, triggering a craving for closeness and intensifying an intimate relationship if you’re in one. Venus and Mars are in cahoots, so a partnership should be pleasantly productive this week and you’ll feel like you’re headed in the same direction. Mercury’s move into your journeys house invites you to take in the big picture; explore different views; talk to people with the aim of learning about a world outside your own; and think more philosophically. The full moon could rev up your brain or your everyday life and might stress you out. If you feel pulled in many directions, putting your emotions into words will be a relief. This is the perfect time to consider tweaking your habitual thought patterns and modes of self-expression.


October 23–November 21

Mars is marching through your expansion corner, daring you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the unfamiliar. Go out on a limb and fight for what’s right, pursue truth and knowledge and venture off to new places. This is a period for actively broadening your mind and your gamut of experience. Venus is crossing your one-on-one angle this week, making it easy for you to compromise and get along with other individuals. You’ll enjoy companionship and affection, so spend time with your favorite people! You might meet someone new, since Venus and Mars are in sync, giving you a chance to encounter someone you’re interested in while exploring the unknown. You could very well fall for someone while you’re traveling. Combining adventure and togetherness by taking a trip with a partner or good friend would also be a great idea. With Mercury sneaking into your depth sector, confide in someone you trust or have a deep convo with your significant other. It’s also a good time to look within and get in touch with hidden aspects of yourself. You’re likely to have rather heavy thoughts in the next few weeks, but as a deep, dark Scorp, you’re used to that! The full moon makes you acutely aware of your needs, and since emotions are calling the shots, retail therapy and pricey fun are pitfalls. Keep an eye on spending if you’re worried. The good news is you might be able to abolish a bad money habit. Plus your earnings could increase in the months to come as a result of a job change.


November 22–December 21

Mars is heating up your depth sector, emboldening you to assert your sexuality, be proactive about getting what you need from someone (or from outside resources) and take on taboo subjects or sticky psychological issues. Your willingness to get your hands dirty and delve into complex matters can result in worthwhile change in the coming weeks. With Venus moving into your efficiency corner, you’re inclined to help out people you care about and do what’s necessary to benefit a relationship. A positive attitude toward duty can help you enjoy your job, working out and executing everyday tasks. Venus and Mars are clicking, encouraging you to focus intently on a partnership or passion project and take pleasure in what you can accomplish. Mercury is crossing your one-on-one angle, emphasizing the value of communication in relationships. This is an excellent time for clarifying your position with someone, discussing difficulties, negotiating differences, learning from each other and consulting individuals for their feedback. With a full moon lighting up Sagittarius, your emotions could boil over this week, but given this lunation’s conjunction with restrictive Saturn, a total meltdown is unlikely. Plus the moon is vibing with Jupiter in your group zone, reminding you that you can count on your friends to support you. It’s okay to focus on yourself and your own needs for the moment, as long as you respect those of others. Take note of what feels like too much right now because this is a great time to let something—or someone—go if doing so will put you at ease and serve your growth. A full moon is often about healthy endings!


December 22–January 19

With Mars traversing your one-on-one angle, you’re more productive in partnerships than in solo ventures. Recruit other individuals and work in tandem. The next six weeks are also ideal for getting conflicts out in the open and facing relationship problems head-on. You’re not in a compromising mood, and weak relationships could hit a rough patch now, so be willing to deal with what’s really going on between you and others. Venus is dancing into your joy sector, coaxing you to indulge in creativity and romance and enjoy life in general. Express your soft side and bring your inner child out to play. You’ll take pleasure in being yourself, and others will appreciate your realness. A happy meeting between Venus and Mars could spark a creative partnership or a major attraction, so get out and connect! You need to let loose and live a little in order to get something lovely out of this transit. Mercury’s move into your efficiency corner means you’re capable of handling challenging mental work and thinking very logically and critically. Your attention to detail is at a peak, so put it to practical use. Communication on the job should be good, but be careful not to pick people apart. The full moon calls for you to balance work with downtime. Something from your subconscious could come to light, and you’re better off facing it than pushing it back down inside you. You can turn a big emotional corner and gain closure; although doing so will almost definitely require you to let go of an illusion, spiritual enlightenment will increase your odds of success in the world and your belief in yourself.


January 20–February 18

Put your nose to the grindstone and cross a ton off your to-do list in the next six weeks while Mars is camped out in your efficiency corner. Channel your energy into hard work and self-improvement such as an exercise regimen. You’ll need a certain degree of humility on the job in order to get along well with colleagues and answer to superiors. If you’re self-employed or toiling away on your own projects, you can forge ahead without fear. Don’t bottle up anger now, or you’re liable to get sick. A challenging workout will help you blow off steam when you need to. Venus is making the pleasures of home and family more apparent, and you might get in the mood to decorate or entertain. Since Venus and Mars are forming a cooperative angle, you’ll be extra motivated by the prospect of beautifying your space, having people over or spending time with relatives. And for some of these activities, Mars will give you the benefit of a methodical approach. Mercury is moving into your joy sector, bringing out your playfulness and sense of humor. Creative writing, mental games and reading for pleasure are all favored under this transit. And you won’t have much trouble finding the words to express your feelings, so go ahead and speak from the heart. This week’s full moon lands in your network house, which could allude to drama in your squad, a group trip or a memorable, over-the-top night out. You might help a friend in need or sever ties with a pal or a group. Even if something negative transpires, focus on growth and awareness as an outcome.


February 19–March 20

With Mars cruising through your joy sector, you’re fired up to go after what you want in life. In the next six weeks, you’ll have the courage to express your creativity, chase romance, show people who you really are and play to your heart’s content. You’re motivated to fulfill your desires and to take chances in the pursuit of love and happiness. And since Venus is waltzing into your thinking-and-talking corner this week, you won’t have much difficulty articulating your fondness, seeing the best in people and enjoying your interactions. Venus and Mars are forming a coalition, convincing you to share your feelings and live life as it comes. Notice the beauty in your surroundings, and then go one step further by making your environment even more beautiful. You have the power to create more love and beauty in the world right now. After Mercury dips down to the bottom of your chart, you can articulate private emotions with even more ease, and your communication with family or people you live with is also improved. Your thoughts may drift to the past, and you should use this nostalgia to try to understand how your backstory affects the present. The full moon pulls your attention to your outer life and might bring a shift in your career path or life direction—or elicit strong emotions in public or at work. The moon’s clash with Neptune in Pisces could cause you to lose your bearings, but someone will be generous with guidance if you reach out. Releasing an old goal, considering a professional change or rethinking your public image might be your smartest move now.


March 21–April 19

Your ruler is moving across your foundation angle, generating activity in your home and possibly causing arguments where you’re not sure why you’re fighting. Old behavior patterns, unconscious resentments and an irritable mood could cause you to act inappropriately, so try to be aware of your emotions and their effect on a given situation. You’re especially likely to experience conflict with family members or people you live with. The upside is you’ll have plenty of energy to work from home or tackle a domestic project. With Venus entering your worth house, your interest in material possessions increases, and you can use Venus’s connection with Mars to declutter your place, reorganize closets or change your décor. You’ll have an easier time bringing in money this month, but your taste may also become more extravagant, resulting in overspending. Mercury is also on the move, livening up your thoughts and your speech, and there’s bound to be lots of communication in your everyday life in the next few weeks. Restlessness and curiosity could lead to you to meet many new people or take a quick trip. This week’s full moon might bring something related to justice, publishing, education or travel to fruition, or you might enjoy an adventure or trip with a companion. But given this lunation’s links with heavyweight planets, it may test your faith—pitting rational intellect against spiritual yearning or contrasting what you’ve learned about life and what you’re eternally questioning. Contemplate how your personal beliefs shape your identity; then ask yourself if letting go of a particular assumption could liberate you, allowing you to become the person you were meant to be.


April 20–May 20

If you need to conceive a plan of action, sell people on an idea or defend your position, the presence of Mars in your cognition-and-communication house will be a big help. You’ll be inclined to argue your point in conversations but could get into disagreements if your assertiveness veers towards aggressiveness. This is a great month for intellectual tasks since you’ll be relatively tireless where mental work is concerned. With Venus twirling into Taurus this week, you’ll balance out your take-charge attitude with a whopping dose of charm. Even though your birthday season has passed, when your ruling planet visits your sign each year, you ooze warmth and sociability. You’ll feel your most attractive and agreeable, so get out and see people and enjoy life. The yin-yang energy of the Venus-Mars alliance will allow you to draw in what—or whom—you desire and also say what you want to say. Mercury is moving into your worth house, so you should give a bit of thought to your finances, possessions, personal values and resources. You’ll be able to appraise your assets and articulate your needs rather objectively now. However, a full moon in your sharing sector calls for you to honor others’ needs, and someone may solicit your support. This is an excellent lunation for settling a debt, healing a wound, liberating yourself from an emotional rut and letting go of an obsession, grudge, jealousy or the compulsion to control. Intense feelings may arise in a close relationship, and you might take a break—or break up. Whatever happens, know that you can find emotional catharsis and freedom as a result.

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My fave horoscope of all time! I read it every week! Can she write a daily one please?

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