Office Style: Meet Kacie

The one behind #FPWriteThisDown, meet our social media queen, Kacie…

Your position at Free People…

Social Media Assistant

How does your job influence your personal style?

Every day is different — I never know what the day will bring so I like to be prepared for anything! Since I’m always running around I’m usually in something comfy and versatile.

What is your personal style?

Casually random but sometimes over-the-top.

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

Contradiction is key.

Favorite part about your job?

The people! I love how collaborative my job is and the different teams I get to work with. I’ve met so many talented people who inspire me daily.

Most challenging part of your job?

Social Media never sleeps! I have to be aware of what’s going on in the world and be ready to react to it! At first I used to have nightmares about my phone dying and my being unreachable but I learned to value my time spent away from my phone and enjoy every second of it.

What’s in your shopping cart?

United One Piece 

Camp Collection D-Veep Body Suit 

Stay Home Lounge Dress 

Move On Shortie 

Tonik No.2

One thing in your closet that you could not live without?

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers!

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I’m the same with the one item I can’t live without – sneakers are for wearing daily, even to work! So glad it’s still in trend! :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Love Kacie’s attitude and style! Her fashion rule/trick made me smile as it’s so different from all the other rules I heard.

Kayla |

6 years ago

Love her style! ;)

6 years ago

I love her energy and her style. I’m always searching for something different. I am so glad I found this.

6 years ago

I worked with Kacie at Free People in Portland. She’s such a doll!