Five lucky winners will win the beauty bundle of their summer dreams…

In celebration of our Beauty and Wellness line turning ONE this past Sunday, we’re celebrating with a monthly Beauty GIVEAWAY! Each month five winners, chosen are random, will win a beauty box filled with our favorite beauty essentials and all YOU have to do it enter below! Contest will run now through Tuesday, July 24th. Be sure to tell your friends and don’t miss out on these beauty bundle MUST-HAVES!

This month, winners will receive: 


Bare Republic Sport Sunscreen

HUM Nutrition Here Comes The Sun

Kopari Coconut Body Glow 

Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine 

COOLA Classic Liplux SPF 30 

Skinny & Co. Travel Kit

Daily Wonders: Too Much Fun In The Sun? Mask

Yala Naturals Whitening Mouthwash

Kaia Naturals Travel Detox Deodorant

Ankit Pocket Powerbank Charger

Spectrum Sunnies



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+ Be sure to check back every month for a chance to win! Looking to take home today? Shop all things beauty here

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to residents of the United States. Ends 7/24/17 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 


  1. I love everything about Free People and what you all stand for. :) I’m constantly watching for giveaways, announcements, new products/clothing, and even just the cute little pictures Free People posts on twitter and Instagram. I’ve been obsessed for years and I hope maybe I’ll finally win a give away!! <3

  2. Thanks fp! Always inspiring. Love you for life. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely items :)

  3. I love everything about this posts. I’ve followed you since the beginning. So happy when ever I get a piece from your line.

  4. I’ve been following this blog since the begining, every morning I have a cup of coffee and start my day by reading what’s been posted. Big love to the Free People fam

  5. This is such an awesome giveaway! Thank you for being such an amazing brand Free People! <3

  6. Hello Free People! My first time commenting here after a couple of years following you guys :) Thank you for this opportunity & thank you for the always-worth-to-read contents. These products in thos giveaway are amazing & perfect for anyone’s summer! This August I will resign from my job and go for road trips in Java so perhaps this bundle could accompany me :P anyway, have a wonderful and joyous summer time this year! Love, Lut

  7. Love this! I am slowly switching to natural beauty product as they go out. This would be awesome to win!

  8. How wonderful this would be! Free People, you always have my heart…and heart eye emoji’s :)

  9. Thank you for all the giveaway chances to win amazing products! Free people is the absolute best company and the blog is my favorite daily read!!!

  10. Happy birthday beauty! Such an innovative expansion of the company and LOVE these products – especially since they are not tested on animals/mostly natural.

  11. So exciting ~<:) especially when I just started to explore better options! Thanks for the suggestions and contest!

  12. I love everything about Free People and what you all stand for. :) I’m constantly watching for giveaways, announcements, new products/clothing, and even just the cute little pictures Free People posts on twitter and Instagram. I’ve been obsessed for years and I hope maybe I’ll finally win a give away!!

  13. Really loving that all the products are natural and top quality! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. FP helped inspire me to take a look at the products I was using and ask “whats inside?” I started making the transition with their DYI shampoos, face mask, and the like. Now I have all the responsible, good for me products I need at my finger tips thanks to FP!!! <3

  15. I have been an adoring fan of Free People Blog, and its beauty realm since its inception. I’ve never won anything so keeping my fingers crossed because I am beauty obsessed :) especially when it comes to amazing brands and trying new products!!

  16. I would really love if free people produced more short films again. I have always found them very inspiring and watch them very frequently

  17. This is such a wonderful selection of products – not that I’m surprised, you guys put so much love into everything you do!
    Btw,my mom is also a huge fan of your blog <3 I introduced her to it, and now whenever she sees something beautiful that reminds her of your work, she goes "That is SO Free People"

  18. Love your expansion into natural beauty. I’ve been following this blog for years and it really makes me feel like I can bring a little bit of the free people spirit into my daily life.

  19. In LOVE with this, I adore free people beauty and think it has such a good sentiment for natural beauty thats so real and fresh!<3

  20. Constantly inspiring and the perfect amount of updates! Loving everything you do. xx

  21. i’ve always wanted to try free people beauty! i’d love to try these awesome products!!

  22. In LOVE with the Barre sunscreen! Smells great and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or shiny!

  23. Free people always makes me feel so special and pure with their products. Thank YOU for insipring me

  24. This is AMAZING and would be so exciting to win!! You seriously thought of everything. Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring!

  25. Wow this is amazing !! I’m already happy for whoever it is that wins all these products <3

  26. All these products look super fun & useful for summertime :-) Been wanting to try Kopari for a while!

  27. all of things look wonderful!! i have been in love with those sunglasses for such a long time. they r such a statement piece. all i can say is i’m in love

  28. So into these products! I always love checking up on the beauty sections new arrivals, such a great place to find products that are both natural and effective!

  29. Love all things FP! Been wanted to splurge with some of these brands, Coola specifically Fingers crossed!

  30. Would love to try out these amazing products!! Love HUM nutrition already & use a lot of Free People beauty & wellness products already! :) need those sunnies!!!

  31. Love love love this idea!
    Free people is the best clothing brand ever
    Happy 1 year anniversary to #fpbeautyandwellness

  32. These will definitely help me get through a big change in my life. Soon I’ll be moving from Utah to Hawaii for college.

  33. Amazing products!! Always been such a big fan of free people—good vibes ALL AROUND!! And dang, these sunnies are adorable! Would love to add that to my collection(:

  34. Super excited about all these products! Ready for a little update to my self care routine

  35. Love this giveaway as a Apparel Design major this is my dream company to work for and I would love to win this giveaway ❤️

  36. This would be an amazing summer package to take on my Cali trip this summer!! Love Free People – thanks!

  37. These giveaways seem super fun to try new products out that I’ve never heard of or haven’t gotten to it yet! Oh and I LOVE what Free People has to offer!

  38. Free People B&W – Love the products. So happy to see you have picked up Skinny Coconut products, great product! Check out Honey & Sage Company (@honeyandsageco) apothecary line. They’re skin soother is the literal BEST! ✌

  39. Love love Love! Especially the copari coconut body glow! Had seen many reviews and have yet to try it out!

  40. Sunnies, sunscreen and spf 30 liplux. this would be the best back to school kit for AZ students. Totally need this to combat those sunny rays!

  41. I’ve been living in free people for the past 3 years & I have no regrets !! I love the brand and what it stands for & im super excited for all of these beauty products (especially the kopari)! Xoxoxo

  42. Love that you have taken the beaiy thing to a new leveel. Was in Randolph St locale in Chicago yesterday swooning over it all!

  43. Free people inspires and sparks my creativity every day! Thanks for opportunities like these!

  44. This is such a great giveaway! I’ve used a lot of these products before and they’re all great!

  45. Free People is the best! Your marketing journeys are fantastic! As an email nerd, I sign up for everything you do!

  46. Oh my god this give away is sooooo exciting! Really hope I win so I get the opportunity to use these amazing products! I ❣️ Freepeople

  47. This is an awesome giveaway! Love most of these products and love the way Free People puts everything that embraces their brand together!

  48. What a beautiful, essential and wholesome giveaway beauty box. I’m completely in love with it, love love love how happy the model looks in both the instagram boomerang and the photo on this blog, here’s to many more years! Happy Birthday Beauty and Wellness line!!!!

  49. Love love love everything and anything free people!! I love all the products in the giveaway and I love the way free people makes everyone feel welcome.

  50. Thank you so much FreePeople for giving us this opportunity! Those are amazing products :)

  51. Been a Free People fan since my middle school days and BLDG 25 has shown me some of the BEST music, fashion and beauty suggestions out of the MANY that I’ve digested from other blogs, proving that FP just does it all- you guys truly kill it xoxox

  52. I have been wanting to try a couple of these out, FP is the absolute best. I only shop here! Thank You FP for always dolling me up

  53. Thank you for the good vibes and inspiring people all around the world!
    Cheers from Poland! XXX

  54. I love free people so much. I wish I could work at one. Free people is my brain exploded into a store.

  55. As a designer, I know how much people, myself included, need atmospheres, insights, clothing, material objects, beauty products that resonate with them in order to enjoy wholly their existence. And FP’s products and lifestyle reach me somehow soulfully. So much love! xx

  56. Yes! I love how a lot of the items have spf in them! I struggle with acne and need to use different acne products that don’t mix well with prolonged sun exposure, so I’m super excited about these spf products.

  57. How exciting! I’ve been making a real effort to take better care of my skin & overall health, so what a treat it would be to win :)

  58. What a beautiful gift with a plethora of products! I,just quit drinking and this would be an amazing pampering package.

  59. Fantastic line up of quality products..some I have like coola..some I’ve wanted to try!
    BR sunscreen is nice too.
    Not sure where to leave my email from the first entry

  60. Have been looking to upgrade my skincare collection… so excited! everything is lovely :)

  61. This is like a dream come true type thing! Sooo many awesome skincare products-thank you guys so much for the chance and good luck to everyone!

  62. This is such an amazing opportunity I love Free People not only for the beautiful clothes they sell, but also because they have vegan fashion. Also for all the amazing products they sell that I know are amazing I really hope i win.

  63. Free People is my favorite brand in the world. These products go right along with their style! Would love to win them!

  64. This giveaway is awesome. I am with my fingers crossed wishing to win it.It will be a perfect late birthday gift for myself <3

  65. So happy to see natural brands being advertised by such a big company!!! As a makeup artist it is really refreshing to see all these new brands emerge!!!

  66. Oh this is such a FABULOUS giveaway!
    Thanks ‘Free People’ you’ve made my day.
    When I saw the product list it seemed like a dream,
    Been wanting to try ‘Bare Republic Sport Sunscreen’

  67. I’ve only won one giveaway and it was from and they sent me a training bra. Here’s hoping for something I can actually use and love using!

  68. Ooh this giveaway is right up my alley! I am obsessed with natural beauty and would love love love to be able to try all those products!!

  69. Good luck to everyone, money is tight for me so this giveaway would be such a blessing! I’ve loved this blog for years.

  70. After working at an organic sunscreen company, I truly realized how important natural skin care is! Crossing my fingers to win this give away!! :)

  71. Would love to try HUM and Coola… As a fair skinned fp lover this is the ultimate giveaway!

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