Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 10–16

A little insight into your week ahead…

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June 21–July 22

Pluto has been parked in your one-on-one angle for so many years that you don’t notice its impact on a daily basis. But now that the sun in Cancer is facing off against this intense planet, you’ll almost definitely detect friction. The most important piece of advice for this transit is this: Don’t get sucked into a power struggle! It’s good to get problems out in the open and to stand up for yourself, but wrestling for the upper hand can be exhausting and pointless. With a pretty domineering force opposing your sign now, it’s really easy to go into defensive mode. Crabs are security-oriented to begin with. Try to keep your motives as pure as possible and see if you can harness the taut energy in the air to generate change. For example, a productive argument could help you turn a corner in a relationship, or joining forces with a strong person might make you feel even stronger than before. If you’ve recently thought that “(fill-in-the-blank)” is killing me,” ask yourself what death-and-rebirth process might bring about a positive outcome in the long run. It may seem like someone is calling the shots or something is happening to you, but what if you subtly, unconsciously set this situation in motion because you stand to grow from it? You’ll gain more from this transit if you own it.


July 23–August 22

Even though your ruling planet is hiding out at the end of your chart in preparation for his grand entrance into your sign later this month, Mercury has already arrived in Leo, giving you the gift of gab. You may be a little low-energy, but you still have plenty to say! Merc forms awkward angles with a couple of other planets this week, and that could add a bit of strain to a close relationship or everyday circumstances like health and work. The keyword for resolving the irritation that’s associated with these uncomfortable planetary angles is adjust. And since Mercury rules your thinking and talking, what you may need to tweak is your mindset and your speech. As a fixed sign, it’s not always easy to be flexible, but if you shift your perspective on something or listen more closely to another person, you’ll find yourself less annoyed and hopefully better understood. Plus, since Mercury is vibing with expansive Jupiter, keeping an open mind shouldn’t be too hard. If you want to gather info, learn something new or meet interesting people, this is a great transit for those things, as long as you take the initiative. The sun’s faceoff with Pluto could generate friction between your inner and outer life; one antidote would be to take turns working hard and lying low. If you have problems on the job, take a good look at your subconscious intentions.


August 23–September 22

While the sun lights up your humanity house, you’re meant to focus on your role in others’ lives and theirs in yours. It’s a group-oriented time of year when you have the energy to socialize and the drive to team up and join in. The problem is the sun opposes Pluto in your love-and-happiness zone this week, which could make you feel like you have to choose between going along to get along and pursuing your own pleasures. This tug-of-war might be about friendship versus romance. For instance, maybe your friends don’t like the person you’re attracted to or involved with. Maybe they think he or she is bad for you. Or on another level, the opposition could be highlighting the fact that you’re one person when you’re with your squad, while a whole other side of you comes out when you’re in love or expressing your creativity or having some other powerful personal experience. How can you be totally yourself and also have that ecstatic feeling of belonging? Do you surround yourself with people who inspire you to be authentic and whole? Mercury’s at odds with Neptune and Pluto, so keeping things to yourself may cause problems in a relationship. Say what needs to be said — but gently. A Merc-Jupiter convo prompts you to use your intuition and imagination to understand your resources and how to make the most of them.


September 23–October 22

With the sun hovering at the top of your chart, you’re determined to shine your light and be seen. Whether you want to prove yourself in your profession or polish your public image, keeping a high profile and showing off a little is the way to go. But this week, the sun goes head-to-head with Pluto, who’s been lurking down at the base of your chart for the past several years, causing commotion at home or rumblings from the past and stirring a cauldron of dark emotions within you. As a peace-loving Libra, you’re not a big fan of domestic unrest or unpleasant feelings! And the process that Pluto is demanding isn’t exactly a breezy one — coming to grips with your backstory and moving beyond it can be painful at times. This week’s faceoff might get you to notice how inner turmoil affects outer strivings for success. Dealing with complications in your private life or psyche will make your public life and professional pursuits that much less complicated. A conflict with your parents or boss is another possibility, so connect with your friends if you’re stressed. Chatty Mercury in your group zone is vibing with Jupiter in Libra, paving the way for positive communication. Talking about hopes and goals with your squad will lift your spirits and help you find meaning in whatever you’re going through.


October 23–November 21

Your ruler crosses swords with the sun this week, and the ensuing discord will color your thoughts and conversations. Pluto can be very deep, dark and intense, and Scorpios can be very deep, dark and intense. So you can handle this! Still, Pluto’s lengthy stay in Capricorn has led you to question things you used to take for granted. Your environment, siblings, everyday interactions and habitual way of communicating don’t seem quite the same anymore. You’re examining old assumptions, and the realization that some of them don’t hold water can be disturbing. Your perception is gradually — and sometimes painfully — changing. You might feel like there’s always a crisis brewing in your brain, but what’s really going on is this: You’re trying to understand your world. Rest assured you weren’t wrong about everything before, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. With the sun lighting up your exploration corner, you’re interested in broadening your horizons and expanding your mind through new and unfamiliar people, places, experiences, ways of life and topics of study. You can learn a lot now, even through heated discussions, especially if you embrace the concept of difference and aim to change your mind in the best meaning of those words. And if you’re trying to talk to someone with authority over you or formulate a goal (and maybe a game plan to reach it), tap into your spiritual wisdom and your aspiration to serve a higher purpose.


November 22–December 21

Your mind is wandering into the future or onto new, stimulating subjects, and you might even be exploring the world in a literal sense by traveling — all thanks to curious Mercury skipping through your expansion corner. You’re interested in anything and anyone different now, but since Merc is out of sync with Neptune and Pluto, your home life, mood or finances might keep you stuck on the runway rather than escaping on a mental or physical adventure. Luckily (and Sag is the sign of luck!), Mercury is in perfect agreement with your ruling planet. Because Jupiter is in your network zone, the best way to carpe diem is to team up with your friends or other people who want to learn what you want to learn, go where you want to go or do what you want to do. A group experience might not fall into your lap, so put your famous enthusiasm to good use and rally the troops. The sun’s spats with Pluto and Saturn will push you to zero in on one particular issue or relationship — which you’re already doing to some extent, with the sun passing through your depth sector. You need to work through an issue connected with money, sharing, self-worth, trust, values, self-sufficiency and interdependence. Compromise and change are preferable to digging in your heels and holding onto what you feel is yours.


December 22–January 19

Companionship is your energy source while the sun travels across your one-on-one angle, and your interactions can reveal things about yourself that you wouldn’t discover through introspection. Relationships teach us about ourselves, about people, about life — they provide lessons we can’t get anywhere else. The backdrop of all that for Caps is that Pluto has been rumbling through your sign for what feels like forever (2008–2024 is a long time!), inducing a very personal death-and-rebirth process. So much of what you’re going through is happening beneath the surface, and the tip of the iceberg that others see is probably your compulsion to maintain control. Pluto has such a powerful influence that the ego can mistakenly try to harness that power for its own purposes. But you can be an incredible force for positive change now because of the profound changes taking place within you. This week’s sun-Pluto faceoff is loaded with tension that can impact your relationships. If you make an effort to be the best version of the person you’re becoming while operating on a high spiritual level (aka taking the high road) when you’re with someone else, you can deepen a connection. The easiest thing would be to get into a power struggle, but you can do so much better. Bring all that intensity and passion to the table, and partner with someone to effect meaningful change.


January 20–February 18

You’re all about getting things done these days, thanks to the sun shining its energizing beams into your productivity corner. Your to-do list, your job, your workout regimen, favors for other people — whatever the daily duty is, you’re up to the task. Then Pluto comes along this week and gets in your way…don’t even think about messing with Pluto! Listen to what he has to say. There’s all this stuff churning inside you that can impact your health and your work now if you don’t face it. Parts of yourself and maybe parts of your past are haunting your subconscious, because you’d rather hide them than own them. Dealing with consequences of past actions, confronting aspects of your personality you see as unacceptable, calling yourself on an old behavior pattern that works against you rather than for you—all that requires hard work of a different sort. But why not invite the skeletons in your closet to come out and dance rather than having them show up uninvited and wreak havoc in your outer life? When you bring the hidden side of your nature and the unpleasant memories in your life into the light, they no longer control you. Processing what’s within you and behind you will empower you to attack the challenges in front of you with gusto, so make the connection between inner and outer wellbeing.


February 19–March 20

With the sun in your joy sector, you’re definitely in the mood to be yourself, do as you please and have a good time. Whether you feel like falling in love, diving into a creative project, having fun with your friends, sharing your feelings, taking more risks, living life to the fullest or all of the above, this time of year is about self-expression and personal fulfillment for Fishes. This week, the sun will be directly across from Pluto in your network zone, though, which may throw a wrench in your pursuit of pleasure. As your interests, objectives, wishes and ideals have been slowly changing, there’s been a corresponding, gradual shift in your affiliations and friendships. The circle of people in your life may not look anything like it did eight or nine years ago. And your hopes for the future probably don’t either. You’re looking for something different in people and on the road ahead. This planetary opposition might make you feel like you have to choose between being true to yourself and maintaining a particular connection or surrendering to the power of groupthink. Or maybe you feel torn between your love life and your social life. Think in terms of a seesaw, not a tug-of-war, and aim for balance. Channeling some energy into teamwork that makes a difference in the world would be very worth your while.


March 21–April 19

Although Rams usually prefer being on-the-go, staying in doesn’t sound too boring to you when the sun is hiding out at the bottom of your chart. You want a home base that recharges your battery so you can take on the world when you feel like it. This week, the sun goes toe-to-toe with Pluto in your ambition angle, pitting your drive to succeed against your current low-key energy. There’s a chance that this transit will play out as some kind of dispute with a boss or parent (or between your parents), in which case you’ll probably want to get it over with as quickly as possible. If you have a me-against-the-world feeling, your instinct may be to roll up your sleeves and fight the powers that be. But this could be the perfect time to take stock of where you are in your life, contemplate what got you here and decide to align yourself with the slower pace of evolution in your professional path or life direction. Uranus in Aries makes you extra impatient for change to happen quickly and to make sense right away, while Pluto takes his time killing off what no longer serves you before something new fills that space. Don’t let the fact that you’re not holding all the cards right now affect how you feel about your progress in the world. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.


April 20–May 20

air warning: You might get into a disagreement this week. That’s because the main event among the planets — a squabble between the sun and Pluto — takes place in the houses of your chart that relate to thinking, communicating and learning. A spirited debate could very well be a teaching moment, so ducking for cover isn’t the best strategy. Forget about winning an argument, and instead aim for a dynamic exchange of views. The sun is revving up your brain and making you curious. Pluto is very slowly (and sometimes via a crisis) giving your belief system a makeover and compelling you to dig for deeper meaning and become a more conscious human being. There’s a possibility that the static will be confined to your head and not play out as a difference of opinion. In that case, you should make the most of this personal quest for knowledge. Part of you just wants to meet some new people and learn more about the world, while part of you may be impassioned to embrace a movement, cause, philosophy or religion and see it through to the end. Sometimes it’s good to question what you thought you knew for sure. Bulls aren’t too crazy about change, but change is part of growth. And you’ll inevitably experience some growing pains on the way to wisdom.


May 21–June 20

What’s the ideal career for you? What are you meant to be doing? How long is it going to take to achieve your dream? Will someone be there for you through thick and thin? Does being in a committed relationship mean giving up some control over your life? Is anything really permanent? Questions like that can perplex you this week, since Mercury isn’t getting along well with murky Neptune in your ambition angle or intense Pluto in your intimacy-and-depth house. Thankfully, you’re a super-malleable sign, because shifting your thinking will do you loads of good. Plus Merc is in sync with Jupiter, which means expressing humor, affection, creativity and personality will be an amazing outlet for any mental angst. A sun-Pluto faceoff brings you back to the concept of trust — sharing your life with someone, relying on people close to you to come through for you when you need them and investing in your relationships in ways that feel challenging and uncomfortable. This planetary tug-of-war gets you to look at self-sufficiency versus taking the risk of someone having power over you. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a business partnership or an important friendship, combining your values, needs, money, secrets and stuff is messy and complex — and you Geminis tend to keep things light and fun! Skip the power struggle that often goes along with this transit, and see what you can change about any mine/ours dilemma you’re having.

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Sounds like everything’s going to suck for a while for us Aries!

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