Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 17–23

Read on to see what the stars have in store for you this week…

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June 21–July 22

This week, find a quiet place that gives you peace, and spend time reflecting on your relationships, past and present. Are they based in truth or illusion? Do they inspire you or leave you feeling confused? If you feel disillusioned with a particular bond, ask yourself if you’re playing a victim or martyr role. Has one connection run its course and no longer serves your growth? This is an excellent period for gaining perspective on your personal life and letting go of someone who isn’t good for you. You can gain insight into yourself through journaling, meditation, dreams and introspection. Listen to your intuition, even if (maybe especially if!) it’s not telling you what you want to hear. As naturally cautious as you are, you’ll probably be tempted to rebel when Mars and the sun in Cancer challenge Uranus in your authority angle. Don’t be too blatant about going up against the powers that be. Be very clear on who you are and what you want to achieve, then find an innovative way to pursue your aims. Work independently if at all possible because you might step on toes if you don’t. If something about your career or image is bothering you, figure out how you can change it. You’ve been toiling away for the last few years, and you’ll be able to put your resources to good use now to get what you need. Sound financial judgment, smart prioritizing and a strong work ethic are all adding up, leaving you in a great position to improve your security. The new moon in your worth house invites you to create an action plan for boosting your income and set realistic financial goals. You might be in a spendy mood, so keep those impulses in check if you’re worried about blowing your budget.


July 23–August 22

Make a point of appreciating the friendly quality in your relationships this week, and don’t get too hung up on trying to gauge the depth of a bond. Intimacy and trust can be nebulous while Neptune moves through your sharing sector, so try not to assume you have a soulmate connection with someone because that’s what you’re yearning for. Enjoy meeting and getting to know people, and keep an open mind. Aim for learning and growth, and you won’t be disappointed. Spending time with lots of different people will make you happier than obsessing over one person. A trip, adventure or educational experience with friends or new acquaintances would be super satisfying. Still, the sun and Mars are hiding out in your subconscious corner, so you won’t have the energy for—or interest in—socializing nonstop. You might have a hidden agenda now, so try to be aware of your motives and keep an eye on erratic behavior. Be honest with yourself about what you’re after, and be honest with others in how you go about pursuing it. You can learn something from flying off in an unexpected direction; just try to stay on top of that little voice in the back of your head that might be calling the shots. With Mercury in Leo chatting up Saturn, you’re able to express your personality and contribute what you have to offer. You’re striving to become more and more authentic, and your hard-earned wholeness will come across now. Take yourself (including your creative potential) seriously, and have the maturity to welcome constructive feedback. Mars and the sun arrive in Leo later in the week, marking the beginning of your birthday season and infusing you with drive and vitality. It’s time to go big or go home! The new moon refreshes the page in your life, giving you a personal jumpstart that inspires you to move forward—perhaps with a fresh look or a bolder way of conducting yourself. Step into the spotlight with confidence. Happy solar return!


August 23–September 22

You’re poised to make a good impression, but an individual or the need to take care of someone might be throwing you off your game. Don’t waste time trying to read other people’s minds and interpret ambiguous signals, and don’t allow yourself to harbor illusions about people. Concentrate on how you can help yourself shine! It’s possible to help others through your work, and there’s no need to ditch your own ambition in the process. The quality of your efforts and your appeal with higher-ups may be strong enough to earn you a raise or lead to an additional source of income. Teamwork could veer off-track if there’s a disruption within a group, so be prepared to go with the flow. Take a step back if you need a break. Figuring out something about yourself may be surprisingly invigorating, so don’t hesitate to poke around in your psyche in search of insights. The balance of power and the amount of personal space may need to change in order to collaborate effectively with people. In the month leading up to your birthday season, it’s a good idea to look back over the last year and get closure. You might find it useful to write in a journal or process your memories by sifting through photos and mementos. Talking to a family member can help you make sense of the past. As a sensible sign, finding time for reflection might not seem like a high priority, but you’re cerebral enough to recognize the value of thinking. This isn’t about reminiscing; it’s about taking stock of where you are in your life. A planetary gathering at the end of your chart reinforces this theme and might prompt you to start a new spiritual practice. You’re encouraged to deliberately release whatever is weighing you down and do what you need to in order to recharge your battery—even if that just means getting more sleep!


September 23–October 22

The appeal of difference is very strong, luring you to seek out new people and adventures. You’re attracted to that which is foreign to you in some way, and you’re bound to enjoy a myriad of places and experiences more if you’re in good company while venturing out of your comfort zone. Although you’d welcome a change of routine or change of scene, your energy might be sapped by the need to take care of someone, fulfill your responsibilities or tend to your health. Don’t let everyday obligations, an uncertain schedule or fatigue keep you from the pleasures you’re craving. You may need to compromise, but do try to escape the daily grind. A Venus-Jupiter convo practically guarantees that taking chances will pay off in the form of personal growth. Branching out can teach you, change you and free you, and it may even revitalize relationships. Adapt your actions to accommodate a close connection, though, if your ambition receives an undesired response. It’s totally appropriate to chase after your goals, but remember that not everyone shares your agenda. On the flip side, try not to let an unstable relationship or person detract from your success. Be who you want to be, and give others leeway to follow their own path. If you have a chance to do any professional networking, you could make a great contact now. Group communication is a plus, so you’re encouraged to share your ideas with people and hear what they have to say. Your current interactions can help shape your thinking and way of communicating, so get out and circulate! The planets want you to expand the network of people in your life and explore new hopes and interests. Join an organization, make new friends and connections, launch a philanthropic effort or donate to a cause. Honoring the role you play in others’ lives will make you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.



October 23–November 21

You’re in the mood for a deep connection, but you may be idealizing someone or romanticizing the bond you have with them, which could interfere with an authentic experience of closeness. Don’t hold out for perfect love; even healthy relationships are perfectly imperfect, like humans. Intimacy — whether with a significant other or a good friend — involves sharing yourself with a real person, not a dreamed-of, hoped-for person. It’s not uncommon to long for someone to save us or heal us with their love. Be honest with yourself about your unspoken expectations. Private time by yourself or with a confidant or mate will have a soothing effect on you and may free something inside you. Profound closeness with another person or with your own spirit is within reach. You’re not spending your days the way you used to, and you’ll have an urge this week to push yourself even further out of old ruts. As much as you want to fly off in a new direction, work, health or other circumstances might throw you for a loop. Improvise! Find bold solutions and ingenious workarounds. Doing things differently will stimulate progress. You need a lot of freedom now to blaze your own trail and reinvent your life. It’s also a good week for career planning, talking to your boss and expressing your goals, and you’re able to use your resources well and factor in finances when setting objectives. If you know you deserve a raise, a Mercury-Saturn meeting may help you make your case. Take your talents seriously, and be clear on what’s most important to you. With several planets ascending to your chart’s pinnacle, a surge in ambition pushes you to perform at your best. Start a fresh chapter in your career, do something to boost your public image or set a new goal and craft an action plan to achieve it.


November 22–December 21

Domestic or family issues might need your attention this week and take energy away from your relationships, or underlying discontent, confusion or insecurity could affect a particular bond. A yearning for peace and quiet might put you in the mood for alone time and cause you to bail on plans with someone. If you feel let down by someone, consider the possibility that ideals you’ve held onto for a long time might be preventing you from seeing them clearly. Maybe you’re longing for a feeling of home and comfort with someone, and that’s clouding your perception. Luckily, Venus is gelling with Jupiter, reviving the part of you that wants to see people. You might meet someone who’s good for you, and your best strategy is to cast a wide net. Say yes to big gatherings or dates with people you might normally swipe left on. If you truly want to expand the circle of people in your life, this is a good week to do it! You might rush into an intimate relationship, since impulsive Mars is provoking rebellious Uranus, but you could also simply find creative ways to have a good time. If you’re pursuing someone you’re attracted to, you’re likely to get an unexpected response. One of you may need personal space if things heat up too fast. You’re somewhat conflicted, wanting closeness but needing independence or wanting to focus on one thing but getting distracted by something more fun. You can’t have it both ways at once, but you can find clever solutions. Saturn is seeing eye-to-eye with Mercury now, ensuring that well-calculated risks and experiences that broaden your mind will help you define yourself as an individual. Your courage, enthusiasm, wanderlust, adventurousness and optimism are all working in your favor — plus the new moon gives you full permission to move beyond the status quo and explore uncharted territory. You need a change of scenery, and if you can’t swing a getaway, an unfamiliar experience that transports you would be a perfect substitute.


December 22–January 19

Your relations with coworkers and other people you encounter every day might be affected by your subjective perception this week. Your words might not be as clear as you intend, and your judgment might not be as sharp as you’d like. Confusion over work, health and other practical matters is to be expected when Venus in your efficiency corner squares off with Neptune. Make sure you’re not deceiving yourself by thinking what you want to think. If you’re trying to address problems in a relationship, it could be difficult to view them realistically. Fortunately, Venus is meshing with Jupiter, reminding you that fostering good relationships with colleagues will boost your chances of achieving what you hope to achieve. Be willing to cooperate and play a role that serves a useful purpose. You’ll make more progress when you’re enjoying what you’re doing. Blending humble helpfulness and confident ambition is a recipe for success! Other individuals’ actions might unsettle you when Mars and the sun in your one-on-one angle quarrel with Uranus, but being extra aware of your private emotions can help stave off conflict. That’s because what’s going on inside you is very likely to have an effect on your interactions, and the more insight you have into yourself, the better you’ll be able to work with the feelings that pop up. Your family and home life may also disrupt your rapport with others, and a readiness to improvise will come in handy. You’re trying to cooperate and compromise, but you can’t control everything that comes up now, so roll with it. Spending time by yourself or with someone you trust will replenish your spirit. Both intimate connection and contemplative reflection can help you work through an issue in your psyche. You might conquer your fear and open up to someone or delve into a project and see it through to the end. A new moon in your depth sector coaxes you to courageously delve into a close relationship, a passion project or dark feelings. Powerful change can happen when you take the initiative.


January 20–February 18

You’re in the mood to have fun, but Venus’s tussle with Neptune in your worth zone suggests dwindling confidence or funds could rain on your parade. Are you unsure of what you have going for you? Do you need more clarity on what’s most important to you? Are you basing your self-worth on your spiritual essence or on superficial qualities? Your ability to experience love, enjoy life and express your creativity, feelings and personality might be impaired by fears of lack and loss. Be careful not to indulge in the wrong things or people. You’re liable to give someone a pass because you have feelings for them and aren’t assessing their real value in your life clearly. Your self-worth must come from yourself, not from someone else! The good news is a Venus-Jupiter confab will offer faith in love and the courage to be you. Spontaneous playfulness is bound to feel freeing, and pursuing pleasure will help you release worries. Revel in your individuality. Take a risk for the sake of growth and happiness. A combo of joy, optimism and luck can reinforce your hope that anything is possible. You might get agitated over work and need to take a break; after you catch your breath, tweak your methods and get back at it. Distractions may prevent you from executing your agenda as intended, but innovative thinking can uncover a better way of doing something. Your job performance, daily routine or health could take an unexpected turn and trigger anxiety, but thinking on your feet will be a big plus! You can easily connect with someone who shares your interests or objectives and might meet a potential mentor or professional contact. Reaching out to others can help you firm up new goals, strengthen your resolve and build a team of supporters in your life. A new partnership or new level of commitment in a close relationship may be just around the corner, especially if you’re proactive. Make an effort to forge new bonds and improve existing ones in the coming weeks.


February 19–March 20

Venus is luring you to stay home and nest or spend time with family, but her spat with Neptune might unsettle you. You could feel out of it or unsure of yourself, which may keep you from enjoying your downtime. Maybe you’re unclear on your feelings and putting out vague signals unintentionally. Try to be aware of how you’re coming across. Neptune’s ongoing presence in Pisces has a tendency to blur your identity. If you’re entertaining, decorating or socializing with people you live with, the results may fall short of your ideals, so remind yourself to appreciate imperfect joys. This transit is also associated with overindulgence in food and other comforts. And Venus’s vibe with Jupiter hints that intimate one-on-one time in the privacy of your home will do you good, so invite someone over, even if you’re just in the mood for a night in with a close friend. Part of you wants to go out and have fun too, but when the sun and Mars quibble with Uranus this week, erratic finances might curtail your impulse to let loose. It’s also possible that up-and-down confidence will interfere with dating or expressing your personality. Your resources may be a bit unsteady, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Don’t balk at obstacles; go around them. Some of your attention is also focused on work, and concentrating on what needs to be done is likely to pay off. If you stay on task, you may earn recognition for your efforts. Consider all the little ways you can improve your health and daily life and feel more together. Hopefully you’ll get a sense that you’re making progress and things are falling into place. With a few planets segueing into your productivity corner, the emphasis is shifting toward taking care of business. It’s a great time to launch a job search, adopt a positive habit, start a new diet or exercise regimen, learn a skill, streamline your routine and begin other self-improvement efforts.


March 21–April 19

You’re in a positive frame of mind, enjoying your conversations and surroundings, but a tinge of nostalgia, melancholy, loneliness or doubt might cast a cloud over you temporarily. You may have trouble staying in the moment and appreciating the love, beauty or happiness right in front of you. Rest assured you can take pleasure in day-to-day life and still address whatever is going on inside you. If you feel lost sometimes, it’s important to soothe yourself rather than burying your feelings. You’ll get a lot of inspiration from other individuals now, so make a point of connecting. Faith in humanity and an open mind can work wonders, allowing you to meet new people and gain valuable insights from those you already know. Mars is hassling Uranus this week, instigating an urge to shake things up. Press pause and ask yourself: What needs to change? How can I change it? What are some different ways I could go about making that happen? Is my timetable workable? Don’t get too conventional, though — Uranus is the planet of revolution, after all! When you feel antsy, take a timeout or channel frustration into bold action. And be sure to avoid projecting your feelings onto others. Thanks to a Mercury-Saturn collaboration, you should be able to express yourself and gain life wisdom at the same time. You’re in a phase of formulating your personal philosophy, figuring out how the world works and establishing rules to live by. Through humor, creativity and perhaps writing, you can put your unique stamp on that process now. This would be a great time to learn a fun skill or cultivate a different side of yourself that will help you to experience the world in a new way. A hub of planetary energy in your fulfillment zone gives you a green light to enjoy life to the fullest and pursue your heart’s desire. A new hobby, romantic relationship, artistic endeavor or other source of pleasure could be in the pipeline. Chase after it rather than waiting for it to land in your lap!


April 20–May 20

With Venus dancing through your resources house, your desire to have what you need is strong. Her clash with Neptune in your group zone this week hints that mixing money and possessions with friendship could get confusing and upsetting. Your personal values and priorities may be out of sync with those of others, and people might perplex or disappoint you. Maybe you’re not getting what you want from a particular pal. Avoid comparing yourself to other people or worrying that they’re not coming through for you. This planetary conflict challenges you to reconcile your earthly desires with more selfless, spiritual ideals. Extravagant spending is a danger if your wish list spins out of control. Try to get your priorities in order by asking yourself if you’re holding onto and letting go of the right things. A Venus-Jupiter tête-à-tête reminds you that the best way to improve your finances and become self-sufficient is to embrace responsibility and work with enthusiasm. Being useful and enjoying what you’re doing will make you feel good about yourself. If you’re trying to get your ideas out there, pay attention to a dissenting voice in the back of your head telling you to put a different spin on your pitch. If you ignore that voice, you might be surprised by what comes out of your mouth. Disruptive Uranus is hiding in your subliminal corner, activating your secret urge to upset the apple cart, and that unpredictable energy is likely to impact your thoughts, speech and interactions. Another side of you wants to come out, so let it. If you suppress it, it could make mischief! You might also be contemplating private emotions and memories this week, and talking to a family member or someone who feels like family may help you understand yourself better or come to terms with a loss or hurt. Plus sharing your feelings can solidify a relationship. This is a good time to tune into your inner world and your home life. Do something that increases your comfort or improves your living situation.


May 21–June 20

Measuring your progress is no simple matter while Neptune is fogging up your ambition angle. This week, Venus in Gemini spars with this elusive planet, and their fight is likely to exacerbate your confusion over where you’re headed and how to get there. Don’t get discouraged if a goal eludes you or someone with power over you throws you offtrack. It’s tempting to focus on what you’re not getting. But stop and ask yourself what your exact aspirations are, how committed you are to achieving them and what kind of signals you’re putting out into the world. Not knowing what you’re aiming for could be the core issue. Thankfully, Venus is making music with Jupiter, keeping your spirits high and inspiring you to play. Romance, creativity, time with children and other pleasurable pursuits will bring out the best in you. Be advised that you want what you want very much right now and might overindulge when you’re having fun! Avoid conflicts with friends over what’s yours and what’s theirs when Mars and Uranus go toe-to-toe. Your first instinct may be to defend your interests and fight for what you think you need, but Uranus always calls for flexibility. You can sidestep trouble by letting everyone go their own way rather than rebelling against group pressure. You may find people unreliable lately, but your expectations of others are in flux. You’re not necessarily looking for the same things in a friend as you were several years ago. Honest, mature, respectful communication is often essential to smooth relations, and this week is no exception. One-on-one convos will be productive, and you stand to benefit from another person’s experience — so ask questions that will help you learn. Everyday encounters might take on a serious tone, and this would be a good time to discuss commitment and other relationship issues. The new moon wants you to get out and connect with people, gather info, get active in your community, make a decision about what to do, take a day trip and learn, learn, learn!

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