Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 24–30

Read on to see what the stars have in store for you this week…

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July 23–August 22

Even confident Lions get self-conscious sometimes, and due to Venus’s faceoff with Saturn in your self-expression sector, you might feel a little inhibited early in the week. Or maybe you need to honor a commitment involving a child, your love life or your creativity — and that’s keeping you from having fun with your friends. It feels like you can’t please others if you do what you think you should do, and you can’t let loose and be yourself if you choose to socialize. But there’s a good chance you’ll learn something about yourself by spending time with people now, so don’t shut down. Venus and Mercury are both in sync with Uranus in your expansion zone, favoring new experiences and insights. The trick? Getting out of your routine! A new place, person or perspective can bring you to life, so open your mind and embrace difference of all kinds. A sun-Mars rendezvous in your sign can give you major momentum, so find a great outlet for that surge of energy. Since you’re able to put a lot of yourself into what you’re doing, make sure it’s something important to you. And if you feel wound up, burn off some steam with a challenging workout.


August 23–September 22

Whether you’re trying to do creative work, win favor with your boss or polish your image — your home life, emotional baggage or family responsibilities might hold you back this week. You want to stand out and look good, but something is weighing you down. Your personal life and mood sometimes have an effect on how you present yourself, and this is one of those times. It’s hard to show the world a happy face when you’re struggling with something inside you or at home. Fortunately, Venus and your ruling planet are forming an alliance with Uranus, dropping hints that it’s worth it to delve into your psyche or take a fresh look at a close relationship and try to figure out your feelings. Insights into your own emotions can liberate you and help you pull it together and make good things happen in your life. After Mercury skips into Virgo, use this brainpower boost to contemplate personal matters with intelligent objectivity and express your thoughts with flair. Try not to sabotage yourself by slipping into an old pattern of behavior. Keep confronting what’s buried inside you and make it work for you, not against you!


September 23–October 22

While Venus is in your exploration corner, the joys of difference are readily apparent. Something as simple as listening to new music or hanging with someone outside your usual circle of acquaintances can inspire you. But this week’s Venus-Saturn opposition suggests you might feel obligated to play it safe. You could talk yourself out of taking a chance, hold back when meeting new people or decide you need to stay close to home. It’s fine to reality-check the risks you’re contemplating, but don’t overthink everything! Venus and Mercury are gelling with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, underscoring the fact that companionship is the key to excitement for Libras this week, so recruit company for a trip or other adventure. Even a shared cultural experience like a museum visit will hit the spot and might refresh a relationship. And with the sun and Mars coming together in your network zone, teamwork is also bound to be supercharged. Keep in mind that the sparks generated by this duo could make it hard for you to blend in and play nice with others, so a group activity involving competition — like sports — might be your best bet.



October 23–November 21

If you want to feel close to someone, the way you see yourself may be the only thing standing in your way this week. That’s because insecurity is liable to inhibit intimacy when Venus in your sharing sector runs into trouble with Saturn in your worth house. Or maybe you’re not as worried about what you think you lack as you are about what you think you could lose if you invest in a relationship. If there’s a power imbalance between you and someone else, you’re likely to feel it acutely now, especially if you’re uncertain of your ability to take care of yourself. But Venus and Mercury are clicking with Uranus in your productivity corner, reminding you that a lot hinges on your willingness to adapt to situations and keep changing your approach to everyday life. This should be a great week to craft a clever plan for success, toot your own horn based on your unique work, learn a new skill or talk to your superiors about taking on new responsibilities. Given your drive to achieve something, you could come on quite strong and might do better working independently. Despite that, your efforts are obvious and likely to attract notice, so give it your all!


November 22–December 21

If you feel a bit removed from people this week, just know that it will pass. Venus in your one-on-one angle is going up against Saturn in your sign, making it harder to relate to others, even though you want companionship. Spirited Sagittarius isn’t used to being a buzzkill, but the taskmaster planet’s presence in Sag has given you a more serious tone. If there seems to be a barrier between you and other people, simply questioning what reasons you might have to put up a wall can give you knowledge about yourself that will be an enormous help. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury are clicking with carefree Uranus in your joy sector, almost guaranteeing moments of impromptu fun this week. An unplanned creative burst, romantic encounter or exciting new experience could be in the cards, especially if you tap into your open-minded, up-for-anything side. With the sun and Mars aligning in your expansion zone, a physically challenging adventure or a big trip is also favored. If you can’t make either of those happen, fighting for a cause would be another excellent use of this energy. Anything but sitting behind a desk! Avoid recklessness, though, as this transit is sometimes associated with accidents.


December 22–January 19

While Venus dances through your routine corner, you’re meant to enjoy seemingly mundane stuff like staying healthy, working with colleagues, helping someone out or dealing with practical matters in a relationship. But her faceoff with Saturn this week could affect your pleasant approach to everyday life. You might feel pressure to wrap up old business instead of staying on top of the current situation and find yourself falling behind. Or you might withdraw into your own head and have trouble being present in the moment. Savor small victories rather than despairing over so-called failures. Cut your losses, and appreciate what’s right in front of you. Even a little thing like placing a vase of flowers on your desk can help. You might also need private space at home to sort through your feelings and shift your mood. You can nudge yourself out of a rut now if you’re stuck in an old emotional cycle. A sun-Mars conjunction is likely to set off sparks in a close relationship or in your psyche, for better or for worse. So it may get sexy or combative, troublesome or transformational. This powerful energy can be channeled, and you need to be highly conscious of it in order to make good use of it. That means resisting the natural temptation to project it or react to it.


January 20–February 18

Venus wants you to enjoy life, but Saturn is pitting obligations to friends or a group against your desire for more personal pleasure. Your love life might compete with your social life, calling for compromise. Or maybe you’re expressing your creativity or emotions and getting a chilly response from others. Thanks to Venus and Mercury gelling with Uranus, clear communication should help resolve differences. Seeing everything with fresh eyes will allow you to connect with interesting people and might even result in a romantic match. Keep busy, listen attentively, be open to changing your mind and relish unexpected moments. Dialogue will be productive, so share your thoughts and ideas and learn from feedback. A sun-Mars coalition pushes you to pour a lot of energy into partnership. Whatever you’re doing, ask another person to join in! And don’t call all the shots; this is your chance to get better at collaborating. If you get into a conflict, it may become quite heated because both of these planets are fiery. It’s tempting to attribute antagonism to the other person instead of owning part of it. But you won’t learn about yourself by focusing on what others are doing. Make a decision to find out something new about how you operate in relationships.


February 19–March 20

You’re enjoying the pleasures of home and family while Venus is tucked away in your comfort angle. But her opposition with Saturn in your ambition angle this week could pull you out into the world and compel you to do what’s expected of you. You might experience tension between your parents or between you and an authority figure during this transit. You’re craving peace and quiet, but you sense there will be consequences if you slack off. Since Venus and Mercury are in sync with Uranus, you should be able to find ways to both work and relax. You just need to apply a lot of imagination in figuring out the best use of your resources. Mercury is helping you to think analytically and methodically, while Uranus is encouraging you to improvise a little when it comes to what you need and what you have going for you. Mental work is definitely favored; however, with the sun and Mars joining forces in your productivity corner, you can also knock out some really labor-intensive tasks. You have loads of momentum for getting stuff done but should probably work alone if possible, since you might dominate without meaning to. Opt for tough workouts to burn off any excess energy.


March 21–April 19

Don’t read too much into things when Venus opposes Saturn in your outlook zone this week; just enjoy the moment! You’re able to take in the beauty in your surroundings and soak up the warmth in your interactions, but the need to piece together meaning could cause you to project into the future. Try to avoid putting up any barriers between you and simple pleasures. Venus and Mercury offer their help by syncing up with Uranus in Aries, encouraging spontaneous self-expression. Being funny, creative, romantic and playful will allow your personality to roam free. As you continue to change, you need to find outlets for expressing the new you. You might even feel moved to tell someone how you feel now, and it will probably feel liberating to say the words. Thanks to the sun’s alignment with your ruling planet, this is a week for pursuing your heart’s desire and doing as you please. If you’re passionate about something, you’re capable of pouring a ton of energy into it or taking a risk to attain it. Creative and sexual drives are especially strong, as sun-Mars is a libidinous pairing. Do what appeals to you rather than stifling this energy.


April 20–May 20

With your ruling planet waltzing through your resources house, you’re intent on having what you want, but her opposition to Saturn early in the week may force you to take no for an answer temporarily. It might feel like someone is cutting you off or withholding what you need, and yet there’s a definite upside: This transit can help you do a better job of balancing give and take. If one door closes, find another way to draw in what you need. Venus’s harmony with Uranus points you in the right direction by nudging you to release something from the past and make space for something that will prove more gratifying. Letting go is sooo hard for you covetous Bulls, but if you follow your higher instincts, you can free yourself from dead weight. The planets are gathering at the bottom of your chart, giving you the perfect excuse to stay in. Reflect on feelings and memories to understand yourself better, or dive into a domestic project to gain a sense of accomplishment. Talking to a family member or someone you live with can give you insight, but you might butt heads if you try to work on something together, so take a step back if you get agitated.


May 21–June 20

Venus is gracing your sign with her presence, upping your charm and sociability, but her tug-of-war with Saturn in your one-on-one angle this week suggests your friendliness may not get the warmest reception. You want to enjoy life, and meanwhile, you’re reminded that relationships take work. A commitment to someone could cut into your fun or curtail your flirting. Thanks to Venus’s vibe with Uranus in your group zone, you’re bound to feel more lighthearted and free with your friends than you will with a significant other. If you’re dating, playing the field will seem so much easier than getting serious with one person. Mercury is also in cahoots with Uranus, helping you connect with your squad and meet new people. If you’re developing new interests or goals, join a group who shares them so you can learn from and support each other. A sun-Mars conjunction will probably cause you to identify strongly with your ideas and views, making this a good time to sell people on them but a not-so-good time to get into a debate. Avoid pointless squabbles, and state your position with passion rather than anger — unless you’re sure it’s righteous anger!


June 21–July 22

You’re in the mood for downtime (and maybe private time with someone special), but you also have a job, to-do list or daily responsibilities that are likely to prevent you from unwinding as much as you want to. Compromise! Take breaks or tackle a task or two really efficiently, then clock out. Or choose the most creative task and work on it somewhere peaceful. You might also want to let your caretaker side inspire a thoughtful gesture; doing something kind for another person will not only make them feel good, but it can also lead you to be seen in a different light. Several planets are hanging out in your worth house now, prodding you to think in terms of what you need and what you have going for you. A Mercury-Uranus meeting makes this a good time to dream up original goals; brainstorm ways to tweak your professional path and improve your finances at the same time; or take inventory of your talents and figure out how you can put them to better use. And a sun-Mars rendezvous alludes to action related to possessions, values, priorities or money. So you might go on a shopping spree, clean out your closets or fight for what’s important to you.

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