Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 3–9

See what the stars have in store for you this week…

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June 21–July 22

Don’t feel guilty about sneaking off to be by yourself or to enjoy private time with someone you’re close to after social Venus slips into your seclusion corner this week. When Mercury in Cancer goes up against Uranus in your authority angle, you might speak impatiently or defiantly, particularly if you’re frustrated by the idea of someone having power over you. You’ll find it really hard to concentrate on goal-oriented work, so try using this energy for innovative career planning instead. Thinking outside the box can push you in a new direction. After that, Merc moves into your worth zone, persuading you to direct some of your attention to finances, possessions, personal values, self-sufficiency, material needs and self-esteem in the next few weeks. The sun in your sign is getting along great with Neptune, which will keep your spirits high and help you to set your sights on your ideal future. Serving a cause and fulfilling your spiritual purpose will give you immense satisfaction now, and you might have a blissful feeling of being at one with the world. Since Jupiter is out of sync with the sun and Neptune, the allure of home, comfort, the status quo or peace and quiet could compete with your impetus to reach for your dreams and grow. Or maybe family expectations will complicate the act of being yourself. A Mars-Saturn squabble might call for you to adjust your m.o. to accommodate work or health circumstances or everyday reality. Although the full moon in your one-on-one angle nudges you to balance your feelings and needs with those of others, it could also spell a big turning point in a relationship. Taking things to the next level or calling it quits are both possibilities. Keeping things just as they are would be a mistake.


July 23–August 22

Your social life will pick up after Venus dances into your network zone this week. Since you’ll enjoy being around a lot of people, July is a great month for hanging out with friends, doing a bit of networking and saying yes to big gatherings. Part of you still wants to retreat from the world, though, thanks to the sun and Mercury hiding out in your release corner. Merc’s fight with Uranus pits quiet reflection against urges to break out of your everyday routine, meet new people, broaden your mind and hopefully squeeze in some summer travel. You’re likely to change your mind or say something out of left field, but you can put this planetary combo to good use by not limiting your thinking. See where your imagination takes you! Daydreams and reflections on the past can push insightful revelations into your consciousness. When Mercury segues into Leo, your thinking is bound to become more straightforward and lucid, and you’ll be able to express yourself with ease in the next few weeks. Merc’s chemistry with Venus invites you to share your feelings with a friend or simply enjoy a good chat. The sun is harmonizing with Neptune, which is more about replenishing your spirit with quiet solitude or sharing private time with someone close to you. This would be an amazing time to deliberately let go of something in your psyche. Such surrender will heal your soul as you prepare to move into your new year. The sun’s spat with Jupiter can trigger friction between your subconscious and conscious, making you feel like your mind is elsewhere. Staying in the moment will be a challenge, but it won’t be an unpleasant one. A work or health crisis could demand your attention when the full moon lands in your productivity house. This is the best lunation of the year for breaking a bad habit or taking something off your plate that’s wasting precious time.


August 23–September 22

You’ll find it pretty easy to gain favor with authority figures such as a boss or parent this month, thanks to charming Venus’s ascent to the pinnacle of your chart. You may get noticed for your creativity, so show off your inner artiste! This week’s Mercury-Uranus spat might spell friction related to money, trust, jealousy or shared resources. Don’t worry if give-and-take doesn’t come out exactly even, and try not to get impatient with someone if they’re not meeting your expectations. Specific parameters can become problematic in a relationship, so be open to alternative arrangements. Next, your ruler sneaks into your soul corner, enticing you to daydream, indulge your imagination and replenish your spirit, especially if you’ve been extra social lately. Listen to your intuition; it may guide you to attract positive people or circumstances that enhance your career or boost your reputation. This week’s sun-Neptune convo helps you click with people naturally, and a platonic bond might turn romantic. Shared ideals are apt to give you a feeling of spiritual kinship. Since you’re inclined to put the interests of others before your own during this transit, taking care of — or making a sacrifice for — a friend is favored. On the other hand, the sun is sparring with Jupiter in your worth house, which might tempt you to preach about values or focus too much on material needs and possessions. Group relations will be smoother if you put ego gratification aside for the moment. The full moon in your fulfillment zone challenges you to juggle personal pleasure and collaboration, and it might bring a memorably fun night, the culmination of a creative project or the end of a love affair. If you’re in a happy relationship, fresh romantic sparks are likely. This lunation is about passion and play, but your love life and your friendships may seem diametrically opposed. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can only help.


September 23–October 22

After your ruling planet arrives in your expansion corner this week, the appeal of difference is sure to increase. In July, aim to enjoy a wide variety of cultural experiences, engage with people who are different from you and take a trip to someplace you’ve never been before. If you’re single, you might be drawn to someone who’s not your type or who’s somehow foreign to you; if you’re in a relationship, learning and traveling together can bring you closer. A spat between Mercury and Uranus hints that you’re focused on achieving your goals, but unpredictable people or relationship ups-and-downs might be a distraction. Listen to your tone and make sure you don’t sound bossy or snippy if someone tries your patience. Give people some leeway and remind yourself that they may not share your agenda. After Merc moves into your humanity house, part of your attention will turn to group interests, networking, talking to friends, getting in touch with people and setting new goals. With the sun and Neptune joining forces, being useful and helping others will give you a sense of purpose and allow you to shine your light. Wellness and work are especially important to you now. Jupiter in Libra is out of sync with both these planets, and although the inspiration to aim higher can work in your favor, inflated ambition could lead you to step on toes. You’re on a quest for personal growth, but you’re also going through a period where you must put your ego aside and work for the good of others or for a higher cause. These two missions are bound to seem out of alignment at the moment, and a dose of humility is needed, particularly on the job. The full moon could spell drama at home or bring a shift in your family or living situation. Intense emotions are liable to surface, and you need to find a healthy outlet for them so you don’t implode.


October 23–November 21

With Venus slipping into the house in your chart that’s naturally associated with Scorpio, a close relationship may become more intense this month, or you might begin to crave intimacy. Love can transform you on a psychological level, and if you get involved with someone new, your connection is likely to be quite passionate. Mercury and Uranus are arguing this week, suggesting that abstract thinking won’t readily apply to changing circumstances, or an impulse to escape your routine might keep you from making necessary changes that will improve your productivity. Try to cope with limitations. Even if you feel scattered or frustrated, brainstorming could lead to a breakthrough. Merc climbs to the top of your chart after that, shifting some of your attention to your career and goals. In the next few weeks, talking to authority figures, plotting your next professional move and doing work involving communication will all be beneficial. And given Mercury’s link with Venus, you might feel like talking about where a relationship is heading. The sun is harmonizing with Neptune, so you can experience a lovely feeling of flow when you’re broadening your horizons through unfamiliar experiences, travel, learning, meeting new people. Exposing yourself to the widest possible range of what life has to offer can induce a sort of spiritual union with the world. Opening your mind may lead to a pleasant escape from everyday life. A sun-Jupiter skirmish could mean that you’re building something up in your head without fully realizing it, but your subconscious enthusiasm can fuel an exciting experience. This week’s full moon lands in your thinking-and-talking corner, bringing a flood of ideas or info; a development with a sibling or in your neighborhood; or a flurry of interactions and busyness. Your words carry a lot of emotion, but you may not feel understood. Creativity and productivity are potential tension relievers.


November 22–December 21

After Venus crosses your one-on-one angle this week, you’ll feel in tune with other individuals and able to relate to them easily. You can compromise, make peace and express affection with little effort in the coming month. Since you’ll enjoy companionship, you should make a point of connecting with people. However, Mercury’s quarrel with Uranus hints that a thirst for independence may interfere with closeness, or an urge to enjoy life might take you off on a tangent when you were trying to focus on a relationship or an intensive mental pursuit. Deep introspection and dialogue are favored, but a limited attention span may cut those short. Merc segues into your expansion corner next, which will naturally broaden your thinking and increase your taste for knowledge. A positive vibe between the sun and Neptune does encourage you to delve into a close connection or your own psyche, though, as self-awareness and emotional healing are within reach. The very act of accepting your whole self — or being completely yourself with another human being — will soothe your soul. The sun is skirmishing with your ruling planet, implying that new interests and goals, friendship and socializing could conflict with intimacy and partnership. You may be harboring huge expectations of people. Looking too far down the road can keep you from enjoying the moment. Mars in your sharing sector is forming an awkward angle with Saturn in Sagittarius, making collaboration a potential minefield. You could hit a wall if you’re pushing to get what you want from someone or from outside sources. Be willing to bend your own rules. A full moon in your worth zone makes you hyperaware of your needs, and you should try to address them without infringing on those of others. Your bank balance could change (for better or for worse, considering that retail therapy is a hallmark of this lunation!)


December 22–January 19

Now that Venus is entering your efficiency corner, you’ll take even more pleasure in being productive and might get into the mood to beautify your workspace. It’s a good month to work on a relationship problem and to gain satisfaction from taking care of your health or helping out a loved one. With Mercury and Uranus going at it this week, you might experience some interpersonal conflict, as your mood, living situation or family is apt to disrupt your rapport with other individuals. Press pause and deal with what’s going on inside you or in your home. Notice how you sound when you’re talking to people; if you’re on edge, that will probably come across in your tone. Since the sun is gelling with Neptune, a calm mindset and kind, empathic, compassionate words will foster harmony between you and other individuals. Imagination, love, spirituality and idealism will help you see people in a positive light. The sun’s disagreement with Jupiter hints that your ambition, a work trip or a particular goal can get in the way of connecting with people. But it’s also possible that expecting a lot from someone or from a relationship can inspire their growth. With Mercury skipping into your depth zone, the next few weeks are good for confiding in someone close to you, delving into a research project and solving a mystery in your psyche. Intensive mental concentration will help you do creative work, while deep dialogue can improve a relationship. This week’s full moon lights up Capricorn, bringing out all the feels. Because this moon is fending off a few other planets, you might get overwhelmed and worry that you’re going to have a meltdown. Take note of what’s pushing you over the edge; it may be time to drop something — or someone — from your life. It’s okay to focus on yourself now, as long as you don’t trample on other people’s feelings. Alone time may be just what you need.


January 20–February 18

Venus’s arrival in your personal-fulfillment sector this week coaxes you to take time out to enjoy life. Romance, fun, hobbies, humor, games and creativity all get the go-ahead this month. Since Mercury is in your efficiency corner, you’re also focused on getting things done, but Merc’s quibble with Uranus in your mindset zone can make you feel anxious and distracted. There’s a lot going on in your head, and you’re liable to go off on a tangent or change your mind, as much as you’d like to concentrate on work. The sun is also in your efficiency corner and clicking with Neptune at the moment, which should help you to channel energy into taking care of business without putting too much emphasis on personal gain. This would be a great time to tackle a possession purge. Since the sun is squaring off with Jupiter, other factors that can deter you from focusing on what’s in front of you include abstract thinking, your hopes for the future, a need for freedom and assuming you already know enough. However, optimism and broad-mindedness can spur you to accomplish a lot. After Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle, you’ll become more interested in connecting with other individuals, and negotiation and dialogue are favored in the next few weeks. Merc’s link with Venus may prompt you to share your heartfelt feelings or a creative endeavor with someone. With a full moon falling in the last house of your chart, you may feel a need to retreat from the world and tend to your spirit. Something hidden could come to light, and you should do your best to process any emotions that rise to the surface from deep within you. Pay attention to your dreams and imaginings, as your subconscious is a source of wisdom. Balancing your inner and outer lives is essential, and talking or writing about your feelings will help.


February 19–March 20

The appeal of home and family grows after Venus slides down to the foundation of your chart this week, putting you in the mood to decorate, entertain and indulge in simple comforts like food. You’ll be able to get along well with relatives and roommates and may prefer to stay in and relax. Still, the sun is in your personal-fulfillment sector and syncing with Neptune in Pisces now, giving you a green light to enjoy life to the fullest. Play, humor, romance and leisurely pursuits will leave you glowing, and you’re inspired to express your feelings and your creativity. This transit bodes well for your love life, and it’s possible that you’ll have an experience of being understood for who you really are. Your authentic, whole self is shining through the Neptunian fog that has cloaked your identity to some extent lately. But since the sun is quibbling with Jupiter in your depth sector, suggesting friction between romance and sexuality or between doing what you want and investing in partnership and closeness. Focus on the joy of being yourself with someone rather than the response you’re hoping for. Your genuineness can promote honesty and growth in a relationship. Jupiter’s skirmish with Neptune might make it feel like this growth is incompatible with your personal quest to evolve and actualize your dreams, but tweaking the balance of give-and-take can ease tension. Mercury’s dustup with Uranus implies self-expression could be complicated by up-and-down confidence. Stepping back and looking more objectively at how much you have going for you will be beneficial. When a full moon shows up in your humanity house, drama in your circle of friends is one possibility, and you should try to honor the various roles you play in others’ lives, as people may lean on you now. But if you feel the need to walk away from a group or sever ties with an acquaintance, listen to your intuition.


March 21–April 19

Noticing the beauty in your surroundings and the warmth in your interactions will brighten your mood this week, when Venus sails into the house that rules your mindset, communication and neighborhood. Your everyday dealings with others and perception of your environment should be extra pleasant this month, and it’s a good time to let people know you care. But since Mercury is quarreling with Uranus in Aries, your patience with a family member or someone you live with could wear thin, or you might feel a need to break free from the past. Liberate yourself from stuck emotions or an old pattern instead of randomly rebelling or overreacting. Someone who’s known you forever may be having a hard time adjusting to the fact that you aren’t the same person you used to be. Mercury moves into your joy sector next, inspiring you to express your personality, creativity and sense of humor. Reading and writing for pleasure are favored in the next few weeks. A sun-Neptune encounter emphasizes the value of unwinding and getting in touch with your inner world. You might benefit from alone time, as quiet reflection can give you peace of mind. However, the sun is arguing with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, so your inclination to lay low could clash with someone else’s expectations; a relationship may pull you out of your comfort zone; or you might be leaning on another person to make you feel safe and secure — which goes against your natural independence. And Jupiter-Neptune discord alludes to the strain that private — perhaps even subconscious — melancholy, wistfulness or alienation might be putting on a relationship. Past regrets could dampen future hopes, and you may not know what or whom to place your faith in. A full moon could push you into the spotlight, generate a dramatic development in your career, bring a goal to fruition or propel you in a new direction in your life. Go off by yourself to decompress if you feel anxious.


April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet leaves your sign this week and will grace your worth zone with her presence until the end of July. Your materialistic side will probably come out, putting you in the mood for shopping sprees. Fortunately, your ability to draw in what you need and want should also increase, making it easier for you to cover your expenses. So where money is concerned, this transit’s theme is “easy come, easy go.” A Mercury-Uranus misunderstanding calls for you to pay close attention to what’s going on in the back of your head, as it’s likely to impact the tone of your interactions. Your subconscious impulses can disrupt your conscious thoughts and words, causing such problems as sudden disclosures. Mercury dips down to the bottom of your chart the next day, drawing your attention to your private emotions and conjuring up memories from your past. You might find it helpful to talk to a parent or someone else who knows you well and can offer support and insight. Merc’s link with Venus brings clarity to a decision involving your personal values and may help you to see the connection between your backstory and your self-esteem. You could get quite busy this week and feel overwhelmed with details or duties, but reaching out to people will be worthwhile, thanks to a pleasant vibe between the sun and Neptune. You’ll be able to see the best in others and can fit in with a group easily while still expressing your own point of view. Shared ideals or spiritual interests in particular will serve as a social lubricant. The full moon may represent a call to adventure or trigger a leap of faith, and it’s also the perfect excuse to identify a personal belief that doesn’t serve your growth — then banish it!


May 21–June 20

Lovely Venus makes her grand entrance in Gemini this week, upping your charm and your sociability. Although your birthday season has passed, this is the month when you’ll feel your most agreeable and attractive. You should find it easy to get along with people, and draw in what — or whom — you want. Spend time with people you like and simply enjoy life. An alliance between Venus and your ruler, Mercury, coaxes you to express your feelings and exude warmth, not just wit. Mercury is arguing with Uranus in your network zone, so it’s possible that your financial judgment, personal priorities and convos about money, possessions and sharing will be thrown out of whack. Your concept of what you need and want might clash with group interests or friendship in some way, and you could struggle to reach agreeable terms if you’re not willing to be flexible. Tolerance for people’s quirks will go a long way! A harmonious encounter between the sun and Neptune encourages you to figure out what’s most important to you and try to make the most of what you have going for you in order to achieve your aims. Shining a spotlight on your natural talents will make it possible to turn your creative and professional dreams into reality, so tap into your assets. Jupiter is arguing with the sun and Neptune, hinting that instant gratification could drive you to splurge or lead you off-track in your path to a goal. You might believe in yourself and what you have to offer but still be unsure of where you’re headed, and a creative quandary may trouble you. A full moon asks you to deal with issues around sharing, intimacy, trust and deep psychological change. Intense emotional drama in a close relationship is a distinct possibility, and you must strive to balance your needs with those of someone else.

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As an Aries, I’m not surprised to read that my patience with a family member will be wearing thin – it always seems to be on the edge with my parents lately!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

These are always just so good! Thanks so much.

Lately, I think I have been needing alone time. This couldn’t have been better right now.

I love reading my horoscope on here because it’s always scarily accurate!

Kayla | onyx + quartz