Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 31–August 6

Read on to see what the stars have in store for you this week…

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July 23–August 22

Although the sun and Mars are firing you up with exuberance and initiative, your sociability may take a nosedive after Venus slips into your spirit corner. Rather than hanging out with a lot of people, you might prefer to take care of someone you love or get involved in a charitable activity. Self-sacrifice could veer into playing martyr, so only help others when you’re sure your intentions are pure. With Jupiter and Pluto at odds again, your optimism is clashing with the reality of a health or work situation. It’s tempting to bite off more than you can chew when a hopeful mindset is doing you so much good, but you don’t need to transform your life overnight. Respect the signals your body sends you, as stress can take a toll. Try not to gloss over details or obsess over the right way of doing things. Making the connection between your mind and body empowers you to transform your health, while an eagerness to learn enables you to revamp your skillset and job prospects.


August 23–September 22

Your social life will probably pick up in the next few weeks while lovely Venus traipses through your network house. This is a great time of year for you to go to parties and other big gatherings because you’ll thrive on being around plenty of people. Friendship should be a high priority this month, so make a point of spending time with your squad. Since Jupiter in your worth sector is tangling with Pluto in your fulfillment zone, you’re in danger of blowing your budget to satisfy a strong desire. You might be obsessed with a person rather than an object and experience a mixture of confidence and pleasure. But you’re likely to get overwhelmed if it seems like you can’t control this fixation — and pushing for the love and happiness you crave will get you into very deep water. Your quest to have what you need and want can serve you well but might become a problem if you feel like you can’t stop. Stay true to yourself, and let your highest values guide you.


September 23–October 22

After Venus climbs to the top of your chart, you’ll find it easier to be seen in a positive light and draw raves for your work. You won’t have trouble getting along with people in authority and should be able to make a good impression on your boss this month. But keep in mind that Jupiter in Libra is sparring with Pluto once again this week, so the feeling of being torn between your future and your past is likely to return. You’re galvanized to take a bigger bite out of life, but it may seem like your family or your personal history is making it harder to soar to new heights. The people who’ve known you the longest might resist the idea of a new you, and your own ambivalence about change can also lead you to clip your wings unconsciously. Processing the turbulence inside you may not feel very freeing in the moment, but ultimately, unpacking your emotional baggage will allow you to grow. Sometimes you need to take apart the past in order to build the future.



October 23–November 21

The appeal of difference gets stronger after Venus sails into your exploration sector, coaxing you to branch out and enjoy more of what life has to offer. Spend time with a wide range of humanity, visit a new place and seek out unfamiliar cultural experiences. If you can’t take a vacation, even hanging out with people who open up new worlds to you will be extra gratifying. Jupiter is squabbling with Pluto this week, picking up where they left off four months ago. You may be trying to expand the spiritual sphere of your life and become obsessed with particular teachings or revelations — and then perhaps speak with unintended force. Or your lively imagination could plant suspicions in your head. It’s challenging to convert your inner growth into a way of thinking and communicating in everyday life. Your subconscious hopes are repeatedly being subjected to powerful self-questioning, sometimes to the point where you don’t know what to think anymore. Becoming a more conscious being is often a painful process. It takes strength to dig as deep as you do for real understanding. You have that strength.


November 22–December 21

You’ll be craving closeness in August, thanks to Venus’s presence in your sharing sector. If you’re already in a serious relationship, it’s likely to feel extra intense, and those of you who are dating will be more into powerful chemistry than fun flirtation. It’s a good time to seek support from other individuals or deal with subtle issues in an important relationship. However, with your ruler, Jupiter, still hanging out in your network zone and squaring off with Pluto in your worth house this week, friendships may feel more complicated than you’d like. You’re making an effort to connect with plenty of people, but financial strain might curtail socializing. It’s also quite possible that your values and priorities are evolving, making it somewhat harder for you to align them with group interests. The pressure of ensuring that you have what you need in life might seem to clash with your aspiration to be a part of something beyond yourself. Taking care of yourself and making the world a better place aren’t mutually exclusive!


December 22–January 19

After Venus crosses your one-on-one angle this week, you’ll be more in tune with other individuals and find it relatively easy to get along with people. If you want to make peace with someone, this is an ideal period to extend the olive branch. Since Jupiter in your goals zone is clashing with Pluto in Capricorn for the third time in the last eight months, your ambition could nudge you into control-freak mode. Keep an eye on your behavior, and try to find the medium switch. People in authority are likely to balk at a power grab, so do your best not to fixate on a oversized objective or to operate in a domineering manner. You can’t maintain a firm grip on everything and everyone, and if you try to, you’re likely to create a volatile atmosphere around you. It’s not easy to reconcile your enthusiastic quest for worldly success with the slower, darker transformation process going on inside you. You want to project confidence in public, but your private struggles influence your interactions. This is an opportune time to remind yourself that control is an illusion.


January 20–February 18

It’s easier to put your nose to the grindstone when you’re inspired, and beautifying your workspace would be a good start, especially with lovely Venus dancing into your productivity corner this week. This transit also favors working on relationship problems and handling practical matters with your significant other. Regardless of your relationship status, the next few weeks are also great for maintaining healthy habits that include another person. So recruit a running buddy, swap nutritious recipes with a friend or motivate each other with Fitbit challenges. The feud between Jupiter and Pluto that began last November and recurred in March is heating up once again, pitting your hopes for the future against psychological turmoil that you’re working to put behind you. Address what’s going on inside you, and accept that some change takes the form of a slow, rather painful death-and-rebirth process, while some is more along the lines of exhilarating learning and expansion. Make your peace with the fact that letting go of the past will lighten your load, empowering you to fly into a bigger and brighter future.


February 19–March 20

Despite the fact that the sun and Mars are mobilizing you to work hard, with Venus sashaying into your fulfillment house this week, you’ve also got a green light to enjoy life. Make time for hobbies, dates, fun with friends, creative projects and other leisurely pursuits in the next few weeks. The sun’s awkward encounter with Neptune in Pisces hints that you’ll have trouble concentrating at some point and may need to take a daydreaming break. Another strategy: Try tweaking your modus operandi if your ideals mess with your efficiency. With Jupiter and Pluto fighting again, friendship and sex continue to be a tricky mix, and jealousy, possessiveness, mistrust, sharing or control could be core issues. Be honest, and try your best not to obsess. You may need to put others’ interests first to avoid a crisis. The truth is your relationships are changing. While you should put your faith in worthwhile individuals and invest in mutually supportive connections, you should also be willing to let some people leave your life if you’ve outgrown each other.


March 21–April 19

When Venus descends to your foundation angle, the pleasures of home and family become more apparent. In the next few weeks, you might entertain, decorate and overindulge in food, as homey comforts seem irresistible. Uranus will be retrograde for the rest of 2017, slowing the pace of change and easing feelings of anticipation and anxiety. Consider which of the many possibilities you’re weighing have lasting value. Look at the areas of dissatisfaction Uranus has pointed out to you, and test out options in your head. Hopefully you won’t feel a pressing need to take action, as this is a period for catching your breath. Jupiter is battling Pluto again, making relationships and ambition a complicated combo. It might seem like your partnership and career are going in different directions or like personal connections and goals are incompatible. If you’re hoping for more support than you’re getting, ask yourself if you’re leaning on someone because you feel pressure to figure out your life path. We don’t all grow at exactly the same pace, but you and the people closest to you can encourage each other to keep making progress.


April 20–May 20

Thanks to Venus’s move into your thinking-and-talking corner this week, your daily interactions will seem warmer, you’ll notice the beauty in your environment, you’ll be more inclined to verbalize your feelings and you’ll enjoy socializing with neighbors and siblings. As Jupiter and Pluto renew their disagreement, you could feel the stress of having a lot on your plate. Maybe you’ve taken on a full workload, believing you had the power to do everything, and now you feel pressure to have it all figured out. Or perhaps you’re looking for more freedom in your daily life or your job and are straining to picture where all this hard work is going to get you. A rather dark view of the future can make it more difficult to maintain a positive work ethic. Or your challenge could be that you’re fixated on learning, growing and changing your life but have so much to do right now and can’t focus on the details — especially when the vision of bigger and better things consumes you. Have faith that your current productivity will pay off slowly but surely.


May 21–June 20

You may start to spend more money and/or bring in more money after Venus moves into your worth house this week. The law-of-attraction planet can draw things to you and also draw you to things, so money and possessions are sort of easy-come-easy-go over the next few weeks. Take advantage of any financial opportunities that come up, and curb extravagance if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Since Jupiter in your fulfillment zone and Pluto in your sharing sector are quarreling for the third time in the last eight months, matters of the heart could become more complicated. Intimacy feels especially heavy and intense, but you might be inspired to take a risk and express your emotions. You could be having fun dating a wide range of people and then find it difficult to make differences work if you get into a relationship. Your desire to pursue love (or someone you’re attracted to) may get you into deep water, and you might wish you had more control over what another person is offering you. Don’t force matters; you’re likely to hit an impasse if you do.


June 21–July 22

Lovely Venus will be gracing your sign with her presence for the next few weeks, making you feel extra agreeable and attractive. You’ll exude warmth and charm and will have the ability to draw in what — and whom — you desire. Spend time with people you like, and give yourself permission to put pleasure above work whenever possible. As Jupiter and Pluto take up arms again, your private expectations or underlying confidence could instigate change in a relationship. You may be harboring hopes for security and comfort but are unable to control another individual and get them onto the same page with you. And you might have a desire for peace that contrasts starkly with an intense connection. So turbulence in that relationship is bound to shake the stable foundation you aspire to build. It’s also possible that your home life or family will in some way disrupt your rapport with another individual. Be careful not to project a wellspring of emotion onto someone else. Strive to understand yourself instead of obsessing over where another person is coming from.

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As an Aries, I do hope I get a moment to catch my breath. I’ve fallen sick this weekend and the sickness shows no signs of giving up the fight…

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Absolutely love it! Thanks!

6 years ago

It’s crazy how you are always spot on. This week, more in particular, I’ve been wrestling with the fact that many or all my friend relationships are changing. My best friend is moving to Colorado, this Wednesday! I read these almost every week, never believed in horoscopes before, but you have me converted. How does one deal with friendships changing?

6 years ago

Does Tracy Allen still do NYC readings? I’ve been trying to contact her for a few months but I never get a response. Would love to get a reading done by her. Help!