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Wouldn’t it be nice to read a current event that didn’t make you loudly wonder WHEN WILL IT END?! We think so, too, because we get it (pat pat pat)… it’s been a rough ride trying to navigate the news without getting caught in a loop of negative feedback these past dozen months or so. It’s time to take back ME TIME.

Consider this is your summer reading, relaxed — a chance to lean back, grab a soft robe, and lounge around with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories that have been selected to give you something to read that’s finally worth sharing with friends.

Stretch out, click away, grin, ponder, audibly “aww,” and enjoy the ride:

The first full solar eclipse visible from the US since 1979 will arrive in less than a month on Monday, August 21st.

Here’s a list of the best places to post up for a viewing in the country, with remote locations like Casper, Wyoming and Carbondale, Illinois topping the charts. Since the entire phenomenon is expected to happen in under 3 minutes, just try to stay away from big clouds.

Everyone’s favorite new style star is no stranger to the spotlight.

Celine Dion has made a well-deserved leap into fashion’s elite with her couture-friendly figure and I-Do-What-I-Want sartorial attitude. This slideshow of her earlier wardrobe hits, from princess-sleeved mohair pastels to regal bolos, is an inspirational collection of the icon’s ageless cool.

If you think “forest bathing” requires a tub in the trees, you’re not alone- but it’s even easier.

This Montana wellness escape is practicing the art of digital detox in the form of stargazing, open-air yoga, and mind-clearing mountain hikes. Arguably the best part? Ending (and beginning) every day in a dreamy safari tent with a view that actually taps the Rockies.

Tired of recycling the same content for every moody moment?

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offers a culture-rich solution to your digital demands in their new project “Send Me SFMOMA,”. Simply texting their hotline with a “send me ___” request (and filling in the blank with a word or emoji of choice) will get a response with a matching art piece from their archives. Hearts, rainbows, and robots are all fair game for inspirational images meant to deliver “a sublime, semi-random search of the collection.”

Notorious for her surprising (and often hilariously biting) social media responses, Rihanna recently proved that she’s as much of a buttercup as the rest of us.

She responded to a fan’s direct message on Instagram with personal, empowering relationship advice — and according to the recipient, this isn’t the first time that RiRi’s thoughtfully doled out her wisdom. Who can argue with brilliantly forgiving post-heartbreak logic like: “Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever!”

Texas hospitality took a once-in-a-lifetime approach when a man in Corpus Christi accidentally locked himself inside of the ATM he was fixing.

His escape plan? Slipping “HELP ME” notes through the receipt slot to customers who approached the machine, finally leading to his safe rescue. (

The chance to step inside of a giant origami pineapple (in millennial pink, no less) is finally a reality thanks to one artistic duo’s project called Look! Look! Look!

Built within Berrington Hall’s historic walled garden, Heather and Ivan Morison spent six months constructing a surreal jigsaw-like pavilion to attract visitors for summer yoga, music, and performance events.

Warning: happy tears are on the table for this next must-love-dogs update:

Messy, a golden-retriever and Thailand native, barked warmly to neighbor Audi, a husky who would cry out from his backyard, lonely for his owners. When Audi’s gate was left open by accident, he snuck over to Messy to give his best friend an over-the-fence, undeniably adorable hug.

Your coffee fix is, once again, doctor approved.

Thanks to recent studies, it turns out that drinkers live slightly longer than their espresso-free counterparts. Though the difference in vitality may only technically be a tiny 2%, it still may be your best excuse for a decent summer buzz.

Four-legged lovers rejoice!

The “World’s Happiest Animal,” the quokka, once nearly extinct, is thriving in developed areas of Rottnest, Australia. Thanks to the abundant food and adoring fans found in the city’s tourist attractions, including a local golf course, the ever-smiling, teddy-bear-sized marsupials are eating their fill and making their mark, with a new awareness spread by countless travelers’ selfies to thank.

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Love these links! I wish I could see the solar eclipse from here in Hong Kong, sigh!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

I rarely ever comment, but God please do more of these. Make it a regular thing, please. It’s so nice to just read something that makes you feel calm and happy. Thanks for this one (‘:

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

thanks, anonymous! we WILL!! <3