When Acceptance Becomes Truth

While we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves, when does the pressure to be perfect become too much? 

This post comes from Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato.
In our quest to follow a new diet, try a new skincare brand, adopt a new way of thinking, I wonder if we are ultimately distracted from what make us truly amazing… not acknowledging our beauty and strengths as we are constantly focused on what could make us better. When does enough become enough? When does the word acceptance become our truth?
Perhaps it’s due time that we check in with ourselves — to acknowledge where we can slow down, be KINDER to ourselves and just simply be. Here I’ve collected a few simple tips that have allowed me to slow down and appreciate myself, my body, my flaws and my weaknesses, and to be okay with them and nurture them. 
Consider what eating well means for YOU, not what a diet tells you is right.  
Exercise to balance your outer AND inner health. Change your focus from exercising solely to stay fit, to exercising to make you feel good. This alone could alter the effects of your next workout!
A nighttime ritual can offer relaxation and the opportunity to feel calm, and to feel my best. For me, this means lighting a beeswax candle, playing soft music, drinking a warm tonic (last night it was tea), washing my face, applying face cream and rubbing  body oil on my chest. (Taking care of your breasts daily is a must!) Some nights I might call a friend, watch a silly TV show or movie, or just fall right to sleep. 
Let’s face it — self-care can be a challenge. But I’ve realized that we are actually the best versions of ourselves when we learn to let go and find acceptance. We become more relaxed, more authentic, probably funnier because we are no longer worried about what other people think. We all possess the ability to be amazing. While it may be easier said than done, I encourage you to look at yourself, identify one thing about yourself that you may have been a little hard on, and let go and accept it!
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5 years ago

Amazing pic!

So helpful and very much agreed! What’s healthy and right is different for everyone!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog