Buy Now, Use Later (and Now)

You may be surprised by how much stuff is out there that will suit your summer skin needs as well as the things your skin, hair and body will crave well into the end of the year…

Listen, I know I just told you it was time to toss a bunch of your self-care and beauty products with fall in the air, but that also means you have some more space in your bathroom for new goodies. And while your brain may be telling you to focus on products made solely for cooler temperatures, you may be surprised by how much stuff is out there that will suit your summer skin needs as well as the things your skin, hair and body will crave well into the end of the year.

Without further ado, here are four things to buy now and use later…and also now.

Salt Spray

Yes, it’s mostly associated with beachy waves, and beachy waves are mostly associated with the summer and spending time frolicking on the sand, but salt spray can work wonders on fall and winter hair.

Since there isn’t as much moisture in the air during cooler months, hair is much more likely to be dehydrated, so any chance you get to retain moisture in your strands is crucial. The easiest way to do so? Don’t wash your hair as often. If you’re worried about your hair looking a little limp or lame after a day or two of not washing, simply spritz with salt spray. It’ll add oomph and texture to your locks, make a ponytail or braid look more interesting and mask greasy roots like a dry shampoo.

And if you’re a hat person, rest assured that salt spray will help un-squash hat hair while also reducing friction against your head, thereby controlling static electricity and negating that whole frizzy post-hat situation.


Not just for sunburns! Aloe is one of the most moisturizing ingredients on the planet, so why relegate its use to only the summer months? Instead of stashing that economy sized bottle of aloe gel in the back of your closet until after your next beach trip, look for an all-over moisturizer packed with the stuff to help reconstitute dry, scratchy winter skin.

Since aloe has powerful healing abilities when it comes to the epithelial layer of skin—the cells that cover the entire body — depositing and then trapping moisture, aloe-packed moisturizer is an intense humectant.


Just because it’s cold and grey doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t finding their way to your delicate skin. Don’t let the weather fool you: You should be wearing SPF on any exposed parts of your body every. Single. Day. Yes, the UV rays aren’t as strong as they are during summer, and you’re likely not lying outside baking in the sun for hours, but you still need SPF protection. One of the best ways to ensure you’re covered in the places that matter is by embracing tinted SPF moisturizer. Not only will it offer a sheer, light wash of coverage as the summer winds down (because who wants to be wearing full-coverage foundation while sweating?), it transitions beautifully into fall, gives your skin a soft glow and acts as a powerful, daily shield against the sun. Plus, if you think of it as part of your makeup routine, you kill two birds with one stone and you’re much less likely to forget to apply it.

Body scrub

You shouldn’t only be scrubbing away dead skin cells when you’re baring skin in the heat. Remember: Regularly exfoliated skin is healthy, happy skin. So yes, using a stellar body scrub during the summer will prep your legs for a closer shave and help slough away any residual dead skin you might have as result of too much time in the sun, but it’ll also prime your skin to soak up whatever moisturizer you slather on afterward to combat the hydration-sucking temperatures you’re about to face.

What’s more, people tend to overlook body skin care during the cooler months because arms, legs and chests hibernate beneath chunky knits and tights. But have you ever thrown on a sweater and been overcome by the urge to scratch your skin off? While some of that may have to do with the fabric, you have dry skin to thank for the rest. When skin loses moisture and its natural oils, it dries out. And when skin dries out, it becomes itchy as hell. You can apply moisturizer and body oils all you want to that dry skin, but if you’re not removing the dead layer first, it’s just going to sit there without sinking in. So do your skin and sweaters a favor and just exfoliate once a week in the shower. You’re welcome.

Lead photo by Jana Kirn.

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SPF is so important year round! I still haven’t gotten into the habit of using it regularly – I KNOW omg – but I need a new sun lotion, pronto!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


I’ve never thought of using salt spray that way before! I bought a bottle of it at the beginning of summer and will continue to use it throughout the fall/winter months!

SPF is so vital year round! Despite everything I haven’t gotten into the propensity for utilizing it routinely – I KNOW omg – yet I require another sun cream, immediate

You’ve got great makeup on. What else did you guys do besides the contouring?

Loving all. I need new skin care cream.