Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 14–20

It’s written in the stars, as they say…what have they written about you this week?

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July 23–August 22

If you’re in the mood for hanging out by yourself and enjoying some solitude, that may seem difficult to pull off this week. Pressing responsibilities or health issues could keep you from relaxing, or there might be too much going on in your environment. When you’re stressed, it often seems like the logical solution is to be productive so you can cross things off your list. But take stock of your spiritual and physical wellness, and if you’re feeling burnt out, contemplate how you might replenish your body and soul. With Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication zone this year, you’ve been thinking big and speaking more expansively. Venus is pushing Jupiter’s buttons now, so if you’re enthusiastic about doing something to help others, your feelings could become contagious. Plus Mars is syncing with Jupiter, which should help you to walk your talk. Use your energy for increasing your contacts, acting on your beliefs, doing things you’ll learn from and taking a well-calculated risk.


August 23–September 22

You feel like socializing and hanging out with your friends, but your ruling planet’s faceoff with Pluto this week messes with your desire to get along effortlessly with people. A compulsion to express yourself can put you out of step with others, or you might be intensely attracted to someone you have a platonic relationship with. Or maybe juggling your social life and your love life seems extra tricky now. Since Venus is also challenging Jupiter in your worth sector, getting carried away with your own needs or priorities can complicate your relations with a group; but on the flipside, your friends might boost your confidence and give you a needed push to demand more for yourself. With Mars hiding out in your subliminal corner and gelling with Jupiter in a subtle way that’s easy to miss, you’ll find that working behind the scenes without expecting accolades will make you feel good about yourself — and might even improve your finances!


September 23–October 22

Tension between your parents, between you and an authority figure or between your public/professional life and your home life could get to you this week when Venus goes head-to-head with Pluto. Another strong possibility is that your turbulent emotional state will hurt your PR. So if you’re sweeping unpleasant feelings under the rug in order to keep up appearances, it’s time to try a different tactic. Face the not-so-pretty stuff going on inside you — or in your private life — and see if you can transform it into fuel. A creative passion project may be just what the doctor ordered. Venus is also skirmishing with Jupiter, increasing the chances of going overboard in your efforts to make a good impression. Use your gift for diplomacy if you seem to be stepping on toes. A Mars-Jupiter alliance means group experiences will promote your growth, so don’t go it alone! Teamwork, career networking and even group sports are all good for you under this influence.



October 23–November 21

This week, you’re liable to get fixated when Venus faces off against your ruling planet, who’s been lurking in your cognition-and-communication house for eons. You might be drawn to someone outside your comfort zone and intensify the situation by obsessing or overthinking. It won’t be easy, but see if you can find a happy medium between ascribing loads of meaning to something and just taking life as it comes (which isn’t really Scorpio’s style). Enjoy a pleasant, unfamiliar experience, and allow yourself to chew it over a bit — but not too much! A Venus-Jupiter dustup adds another layer: Your subconscious hopes can lure you to expect a lot and not take things at face value. But on the other hand, this planetary combo also favors a spiritually rewarding experience. When Mars joins forces with Jupiter, take advantage of any opportunity you see to act on your empathy and compassion or to engage with a spiritual mentor who can guide you.


November 22–December 21

A relationship could be overpowered by your needs when Venus opposes Pluto this week. Whether you’re trying to share your life with a significant other or feel close to a friend, financial pressures, shifting self-esteem or an intense concern with having what you want or require can make that more difficult. A disagreement over money, possessions, values or priorities is possible. Try to balance your own self-interest with your desire to have a strong bond with people who are important to you. Venus’s squabble with Jupiter in your network house might pit intimacy against group expectations or make sex and friendship a risky mix. But it can also mean the more the merrier when it comes to spending time with people. Fortunately, Mars is vibing with your ruling planet, giving you the go-ahead to enjoy an adventure with your friends or to go out on a limb in order to learn, help people, expand your contacts or pursue your latest dream.


December 22–January 19

With Venus in your one-on-one angle, you’re able to get along well with others, but her opposition with Pluto in Capricorn this week could tempt you to try to control certain individuals. It may seem like you’re coming on too strong, and you might feel like you’re too much for people — both are common phenomena when this powerful planet inhabits your sign. Aim for healthy compromises, and if possible, find a way to channel your passion into your relationships without dominating anyone. Venus is also squaring off with Jupiter in your achievement zone, hinting that big aspirations could pull you away from spending time with those who are important to you. But there’s also a chance that the good feelings that come from partnership can inspire you to soar even higher. You may be especially concerned with where a relationship is heading; avoid calling the shots, though. A Mars-Jupiter confab emphasizes that you’re better off working in tandem with someone than flying solo or being the boss.


January 20–February 18

Your enjoyment of everyday life could be affected by subconscious rumblings this week when Venus goes toe-to-toe with Pluto. It’s not easy to take pleasure in what you’re doing if your emotions are dragging you down. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface with you Aquarians! The more you acknowledge psychological turmoil, the less power it holds over you. The best way to prevent subversive compulsions from controlling you is to bring them out of hiding and confront them. Integrating the hidden side of your nature into your whole self is a long-term process, so cut yourself some slack. A Venus-Jupiter encounter hints that the urge to escape your job or usual routine can lure you out of the moment as well. But you can definitely use a burst of inspiration to do what needs doing with more gusto. Plus Mars is vibing with Jupiter, signaling that a partner in crime will feed your hunger for adventure, and shared activities will be your best learning experiences.


February 19–March 20

This week’s Venus-Pluto faceoff could spell peer pressure for you, since these planets are generating friction between personal pleasure and group interests. Your inclination to enjoy life on your terms is at odds with other people in some way. Maybe your friends aren’t fans of the person you’re dating; social obligations conflict with your current whims; or changes in a friendship are darkening your mood. It’s also possible that you’ll be very attracted to someone in your circle under this influence. Since Venus is clashing with Jupiter in your intimacy sector as well, romance and sex could snowball, with heightened expectations probably playing a role. You might rush into something enthusiastically, but your positivity is apt to rub off on someone and you’re able to have fun in the moment. Mars is in sync with Jupiter, and if you’re already in a serious relationship, working to improve it will be totally worth it now. Single? You might spark with someone on the job or work very productively with another person.


March 21–April 19

You’re enjoying the pleasures of home, but the pressure to accomplish something could get to you this week when Venus opposes Pluto. Part of you wants to relax in familiar surroundings, while part of you feels compelled to prove yourself out in the world. Discord between your parents or between you and higher-ups is another possibility, or you could get into a power struggle with someone you live with. Oppositions feel like an either/or, but they endorse a both/and. So aim to have it both ways. Unwind a bit — and also let your angst propel you to achieve something (in whichever order you choose). A Venus-Jupiter tussle suggests the company of other individuals will multiply the pleasure of indulging in creature comforts like a delicious meal. If you need someone to talk you out of lazing about, that’s not going to happen now! In fact, a Mars-Jupiter convo nudges you to grab your s.o. or friend and have a slightly over-the-top good time. Romance and creative collaboration are both highly favored now.



April 20–May 20

You could be overcome with FOMO this week when Venus opposes powerful Pluto in your outlook zone, planting the idea in your head that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Venus wants you to have pleasant interactions with the people you cross paths with and delight in what’s right in front of you. But Pluto is making you preoccupied with the deeper meaning behind everything and the need to change your current reality. So this planetary faceoff challenges you to balance a breezy mindset with heavier thoughts and not to let the pull of difference keep you from appreciating the here and now. A Venus-Jupiter tangle implies that a full schedule, heavy workload or long to-do list might get in the way of enjoying a nice day, but you can turn that around by applying your upbeat mindset to the tasks at hand. Mars is in cahoots with Jupiter, signaling that working from home or working on your home are two great ways to be productive.


May 21–June 20

You’re focused on what you need and want, thanks to Venus’s transit through your resources house, and her run-in with Pluto points to a possible conflict over your desires this week. You might experience pressure around sharing, jealousy, possessiveness or trust or feel a sexual attraction that unsettles you. Avoid manipulation, and be careful not to foster a destructive dynamic. Instead, work to bring about constructive change in a relationship or in your own psyche. Venus is also sparring with Jupiter, putting you in danger of spending too much money on things you hope will give you pleasure. You might put your confidence on the line and take a risk for the sake of love or happiness. If you try not to be too impulsive, you can still use this energy to enjoy life. Plus Mars is syncing with Jupiter, coaxing you to proactively pursue what you believe will fulfill you. This transit might inspire you to boldly share your true feelings with someone — and you have luck on your side!


June 21–July 22

You’re in a friendly mood with Venus cruising through Cancer, but when she runs into trouble with Pluto in your one-on-one angle this week, relationships could get complicated. In search of an intense connection, you might be drawn to someone who’s not good for you. Even in an existing relationship, tension may crop up and unhealthy compulsions can escalate an argument. If you maintain a lot of self-awareness, you can translate all this heat into passion and/or change. Venus’s disagreement with Jupiter might indicate a conflict between socializing and enjoying the comforts of home, but you can turn this into a positive by socializing at home or by relishing simple pleasures such as good food, a cozy bed or bingewatching your favorite show. Mars is gelling with Jupiter, prompting you to use your resources well in a quest for peace and security. That could mean anything from making a smart financial move to rearranging furniture using feng shui principles to improve your space.

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So timely once again for Aries – all my friends are back from England and we’ll definitely have a gathering in the coming week with indulgent food! ;)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


I check for these horoscopes first thing on Sunday. So smart and relevant every time! Thank you Tracy!

Thank You! :)


so accurate!


The only weekly horoscope that is so accurate! I did stay in and binge watch this weekend…usually I would be out.

Can you do monthly and love monthly ones as well?