Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 21-28

What does Monday’s solar eclipse mean for your week? Keep yourself in the know…

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August 23–September 22

This week’s total solar eclipse can point out what you need to let go of, as it happens to fall in the last house of your chart that governs release. Your year is winding down, and the planets are cueing you to loosen your grip and surrender to the divine perfection of the universe rather than trying to impose perfection on your world. It’s the perfect time to begin a new spiritual practice because this turbo-charged new moon has everything to do with your inner life. Measurable productivity means a lot to you, but putting your finger on subtler things about yourself and your past may be the ticket to progress now. So put psychotherapy, dream journaling, yoga, meditation, prayer, Reiki or your healing modality of choice on your famous to-do list. With Saturn moving forward in your foundation angle after his months-long retrograde phase, your private emotions are crystallizing, and self-care should be a priority. Most of this week’s planetary action is taking place in the parts of your chart that concern the soul and psyche, feelings, secrets, imagination, privacy, trust, memories, family, intimacy, compassion — very interior stuff. In other words, you don’t need to jump into action; observe, ponder, feel your feelings. You have a chance to leave something in the past, and once you truly let go, you’ll be more emotionally secure and psychologically liberated. Living by your highest values and aspiring to grow your finances will strengthen your emotional security, thanks to a Jupiter-Saturn hookup. With the sun sailing into your sign on Tuesday, your energy and drive will surge in the weeks to come—and his rendezvous with your ruling planet on Saturday gives you a great excuse to rethink a personal choice. Happy solar return!


September 23–October 22

Relationships are ultra important to you, and this week’s total solar eclipse puts them in the spotlight. Since it lands in your network zone, you might soon be joining an organization that shares your interests or ideals. If you’re formulating a new goal, that could lead you to people who will support you in achieving it. New individuals and groups are bound to enter your life in the weeks and months to come, particularly since this lunation is clicking with Uranus, who’s a big fan of novelty. Social media, technology, philanthropy and professional networking are other potential areas that are ripe for change. Plus friendships could get a push forward—and with Saturn in your communication sector getting involved, it’s possible that a serious talk will get one back on track. A concerted effort to widen your circle will be so worth it, and Saturn provides these new connections with staying power. Proactive Mars is also in cahoots with Saturn, giving you an extra nudge to circulate and team up with others — especially when it comes to manifesting your ideas or improving your community. Saturn’s direct turn this week will gradually restore clarity to your thinking, and if you’ve been mulling over anything that doesn’t hold water, you’ll be able to sort out what’s doable from what’s not as the no-nonsense planet picks up speed. A Jupiter-Saturn rendezvous marries optimism and pragmatism, and your winning combination of courage and prudence will help you make smart choices that further your growth. Although the sun is sneaking into your solitude corner, tamping down your energy before the upswing of your birthday season, Venus is sashaying into your humanity house, suggesting you’ll be taking turns socializing and chilling over the next few weeks.


October 23–November 21

Although you already experienced a new moon in your ambition angle on July 23, this week brings a rare repeat, and the second new moon is a total solar eclipse! The fresh-start energy of this sun-moon conjunction could usher in a leadership opportunity or promotion, so be prepared to step up. You might receive recognition and acclaim, but it’s best if you take the initiative and launch the next chapter in your career or your overall life path. Uranus in your productivity corner is cheering you on, which means the changes you’ve made in your day-to-day life, job description, skillset or work ethic will enable you to get to the next level in the months to come. Saturn in your worth zone is also in the mix, suggesting that the next big professional step will slowly but surely build up your income. Money’s been tight, but your finances should become more stable after Saturn wraps up his lengthy retrograde phase this week. If your self-esteem has also been low, take inventory of everything you have going for you and build yourself back up. You’re stronger than you realize! Even though mental Mercury is still in backspin mode, you could make a very savvy move to achieve a goal when Mars makes music with calculating Saturn. Focusing on the exact gains you’re aiming for will help you take spot-on action. You’re willing to work hard, and now it’s time to prove yourself on the big stage. Jupiter’s dialogue with Saturn offers you a subtle opportunity to incorporate your spiritual values into your priorities, apply honest intuition to financial strategy and overcome your fear of not having enough—or being enough. Believe in yourself, and have faith that the universe will provide for you.


November 22–December 21

This week’s total solar eclipse lands in the house of your chart that’s naturally associated with Sagittarian stuff like travel, adventure and exploration. It’s a mandate to broaden your horizons, and even though your intrepid sign doesn’t need to be told twice, the eclipse is actually the second new moon in this house. The first one occurred on July 23, and if that didn’t push you out of your comfort zone, the universe will be sure to do so now. You’re not meant to play it safe in the weeks and months to come, particularly because the sun and moon are joining forces with Saturn in Sag. An overseas trip, a publishing venture, a fresh chapter in your education, an entrepreneurial enterprise, an influx of interesting people who are very different from you—however it happens, this eclipse wants you to branch out big-time! And Saturn’s involvement ensures that the work you’ve done in the last few years will offset the risks you’re called to take now. Uranus is also getting in on the action, bringing a pleasant surprise into the picture. Maybe you’ll fall in love while you’re abroad or attending a different school, or you’ll discover a new interest when you delve into an unfamiliar topic, belief system or culture. Mars is collaborating quite nicely with Saturn, giving you tons of motivation to study hard, fight for what’s right in a systematic manner or plan your next bold move. And a Jupiter-Saturn partnership encourages you to organize a charitable or justice-seeking mission or simply come together with a wide range of people who share a common vision. With Saturn coming out of reverse, your priorities will begin to fall back into place, and you’ll gradually feel like a path is opening up in front of you.


December 22–January 19

Because the solar eclipse that everyone’s talking about will take place in a very subtle, secret part of your chart this week, the effects of it could be rather nuanced and private for you Goats. On an external level, a new source of money (excluding earned income) could be forthcoming — for instance, a loan, grant, tax refund, investment dividends or inheritance. Since this lunation is linked with Uranus in your domestic angle, your family might provide financial support, or you might borrow for a renovation or get a mortgage on a new home. You might also grow much closer to someone, move in together or enter into a new sexual relationship. Saturn is cooperating with the eclipse, so any work you’ve been doing to wrap up old business, release regrets and put the past behind you will be hugely beneficial. A powerful psychological transformation is definitely favored now. You can heal a wound, bounce back from a crisis, recover from a loss and turn pain into strength. Dig down into hidden matters, taboo topics and dark feelings instead of burying them deeper. The eclipse wants you to face this stuff one way or another. Intense intimacy is another theme, and it’s likely to be very memorable. But you might need personal space when Venus and Uranus quarrel, so ask for it. With your ruling planet moving forward after several months of backpedaling, you could get your spiritual practice back on track or start to feel more at peace after unpacking emotional baggage. If you’ve been playing a victim or martyr role, work on maintaining firmer boundaries. Last, take advantage of a Jupiter-Saturn negotiation by putting the finishing touches on past endeavors or cutting your losses. You’re clearing the decks to achieve bigger and better things!


January 20–February 18

Aquarius hosted the lunar eclipse a couple of weeks ago, and this week’s total solar eclipse lands in your opposite sign — which puts it in the one-on-one angle of your chart. Lunar eclipses are tied to endings, while solar eclipses represent a new beginning. So in the weeks and months to come, you’re likely to meet more people you click with, secure a business partner, find someone with serious S.O. potential or kick things up a notch with your current love interest by exchanging house keys, getting engaged or committing to a monogamous relationship. Your co-ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn, are both vibing with the eclipse, offering tons of support for this next chapter in your relationships. Uranus encourages you to connect with an eclectic range of people and make good use of technology while you’re at it. Saturn wants you to continue to build a strong network of people in your life, and you might find a mentor, join a professional group or make a lifelong friend. Your open-mindedness and loyalty to your squad will both work in your favor. Plus you’ll get more done if you recruit others to join you, since active Mars in your partnership zone is gelling with Saturn in your teamwork house. Saturn has been retrograde since early April and is finally moving back into first gear. Rallying the troops won’t be such a struggle anymore, and group projects will come out of limbo. And with Jupiter and Saturn putting their heads together this week, your best shot at learning, traveling, actualizing your vision, living up to your principles, raising your consciousness and having new adventures is to band together with other people. Seek out those who share your beliefs or aspirations, and support each other.


February 19–March 20

When a solar eclipse lands in your efficiency corner this week, your self-improvement efforts will get a push in the right direction. Whether you need to clean up your diet or your desk, streamline your schedule, revive your work ethic, turn a positive habit into a daily practice, begin a fitness regimen, find a new job, learn a skill, attend to a health matter, get better at time management, take control of your to-do list or assume new duties, improving your productivity and your wellness will pay off. This eclipse is making music with Saturn in your ambition angle and Uranus in your worth house, highlighting your ability to ride out financial ups and downs and your readiness to assume more responsibility and do your best in a public or professional setting. Your hard work is slowly paying off, and the more flexibly you use your resources (such as natural talents), the more success you’ll have. You won’t feel equally confident every single day, but fake it ‘til you make it. If you take yourself seriously, other people are apt to follow suit. You’re not just a dreamer; with mobilizing Mars in the same part of your chart as this week’s eclipse, you’re also very much a doer. Don’t be afraid to prove yourself! With Saturn coming out of retrograde, recognition will soon be more forthcoming. And a Jupiter-Saturn tête-à-tête reminds you that forming a mutually beneficial partnership, reading your boss well, doing your research and understanding your own strengths are all smart moves. But watch out for the Venus-Uranus skirmish that links pleasure with impulse spending and erratic self-esteem. Again, making the most of what you do have is better than putting it on the line needlessly.


March 21–April 19

This week’s total solar eclipse is a relatively friendly one, mostly because it’s getting along swimmingly with two heavyweight planets, Saturn and Uranus. And since Uranus is in your sign, you won’t have much trouble getting onboard with the fresh start that a new moon always calls for. You might find a different way to express your creativity in the weeks — or possibly months — to come. A new love affair is another possibility for single Rams. A fresh source of pleasure could involve learning or travel, or it might require a calculated leap of faith. A new baby may also be on the way, since the house that’s hosting the eclipse governs procreation, among other things. With Uranus in the mix, exploring new ways to enjoy life and express your feelings and individuality will be liberating. You’re changing, and the routes you take to love and happiness are due for a change as well. Combining your pioneering spirit and what you’ve learned about life will enable you to make the most of this next chapter. Your ruling planet is in sync with steady Saturn, so if you take risks now, they’re likely to be smart ones. Your pursuit of personal fulfillment isn’t frivolous; it’s teaching you that striving to make your mark in the world is a life’s work. After Saturn resumes forward motion, you’ll find it easier to plan for the future and turn your vision into reality. Problems related to travel or education may subside, but Mercury is still retrograde, so trips, tech, communication and details could continue to cause some headaches. With Venus and Uranus at odds this week, family relations may require patience, and you might be too antsy to enjoy the comforts of home.


April 20–May 20

A change in the status quo at home or in your family is in the works, with a total solar eclipse rocking your foundation angle this week. You might relocate, launch a major renovation, change roommates, redecorate, get help from your parents, or take a big step forward emotionally. This last one especially could be connected with the eclipse’s harmony with Saturn in your depth house and Uranus in your subliminal corner. If you’ve gained insight into your psyche or your backstory and are working to overcome a personal challenge such as a fear of intense intimacy, you could finally have a breakthrough that allows you to lay the past to rest and take a big step such as getting your own place or committing to a serious relationship. Although the eclipse can spark external events, you should pay attention to your feelings, memories, imagination, dreams, private thoughts, psychological hurdles and personal pain to pick up on clues about exactly how it wants you to grow. Hint: What will it take for you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, more settled in your space and more secure overall? Thanks to a Mars-Saturn encounter, confronting what’s inside you is bound to be worth the effort, although this planetary pairing might also help you concentrate intently on a domestic project or a relationship issue. Jupiter is gelling with Saturn, repeating the theme of working through a problem with another person. That’s also a nice transit for getting tons done by working with a partner, so if you’ve got a lot on your plate, ask for help. With Saturn wrapping up his retrograde period, you’ll feel more capable of resolving a matter related to sharing, trust, intimacy, finances or transformation


May 21–June 20

The house in your chart where this week’s solar eclipse occurs happens to be the one that governs Gemini-related matters such as siblings, information, learning, thoughts, ideas, neighborhood and communication. Because of this coincidence, figuring out how to work with its nascent energy shouldn’t be an uphill battle for you Twins. What might be coming down the pike in the weeks and months to come? Exciting news that affects your relationships. A surprising development with a brother or sister. An opportunity to get involved in your community. An upsurge of daily interactions or short-distance travel. A new contract. An exciting writing project. The eclipse is joining forces with Saturn in your one-on-one angle and Uranus in your humanity zone, implying that this fresh start will be fortified by the people in your life. Commitment in a partnership and positive change in your friendships and affiliations with groups are likely to tie in with the progress the eclipse is meant to trigger. For instance, you might come up with a brilliant concept for an app, find a partner to work with and get help from your network of contacts. Although Mercury is in backspin mode all month, since planets in your communication house are vibing with Saturn and Uranus, measured self-assertion is totally appropriate. You’re likely to be taken seriously, and people can help you brainstorm, so bounce ideas off them. If you’ve learned an important lesson about your close relationships since Saturn went retrograde in early April, after he resumes forward motion this week, you’d be wise to start implementing this knowledge. Jupiter’s current confab with Saturn hints at a solid romantic bond or creative collaboration. And if you’re not making each other happy, the universe is nudging you to do what’s best for both of you.


June 21–July 22

Your worth sector is hosting a total solar eclipse this week, and that house rules not only your financial worth and your sense of self-worth, but also your possessions, innate talents, income potential, resources, self-sufficiency, personal values and priorities and your experience of the world through the five senses. A solar eclipse is like an extra-high-voltage new moon that compels you to move forward in an area of your life. Although eclipses are often jarring, this one is teaming up with Saturn in your productivity corner and Uranus in your ambition angle. So a new source of income could be tied to career progress and hard work that pays off in the weeks or months to come. Look for opportunities, because the triangle that the planets are forming represents a flow of energy that you need to take advantage of. If you have to spend money now, chances are you’ll be able to work to pay off bills, thanks to Saturn’s grounding influence. This is a time to recognize all of the assets you have at your disposal and be intelligent and innovative about using them to succeed. And with Saturn coming out of reverse now, you’ll have incentive to get back on track with your wellness goals, resume a project you put on hold or implement a more streamlined schedule. Saturn is teaching you how to run your day-to-day life like a well-oiled machine. Given Jupiter’s harmony with Saturn, it’s clear that efficiency and organization can give you an underlying feeling of peace and security. Venus in Cancer is going up against Uranus this week, reminding you that you need stimulation (think creative expression and new challenges) or you might inadvertently provoke higher-ups!



July 23–August 22

Although you already had a new moon in your sign on July 23 to kick off your new year, there’s a second new moon in Leo this week — and this one happens to be a total solar eclipse! If the last one didn’t light a fire under you, this one certainly will. Think of it as your second chance to reboot. The closer your birthday is to August 21, the more life-changing this eclipse is likely to be. Eclipses insist that we move forward in our lives, often in ways that we may not feel ready for. Since this one is befriending stabilizing Saturn and revolutionizing Uranus, all signs point to sustainable progress. You’re becoming a more well-rounded individual with a strong sense of purpose, and you’re also evolving into a more aware, enlightened being. Your worldview may have changed radically in the past few years, and you’re open to new experiences that will continue to shape you. Look for opportunities to reinvent yourself now, particularly ones that involve creativity, romance, children, travel, education and faith. If you take action, remember that Mercury is retrograde and any bold moves should be given a solid reality-check — especially if they require you to spend money. (Merc is retro in your finance zone this month.) It’s usually best to wait for the dust to settle during eclipse season, but with go-getter Mars in Leo, you’re chomping at the bit. A beauty or image makeover is one way to reinvent yourself, but again, postpone major decisions like a pixie cut. With aesthetic Venus dancing into Leo, you’ll naturally look your best and be your most charming, flirty, sociable self. Plus a creative block, stalled love affair or fertility issue can gradually get sorted after Saturn wraps up his retrograde phase this week.

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Pisces for the week of 21-28 august is still the same as the previous week ones…

please update it

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Reply to  sar

Hey Sar!

Sorry about that, Pisces has been updated <3

I’m liking my horoscope for the week coming. Seems like as an Aries, now’s the time to take risks!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Seems goods effects on all Stars. After this Solar Eclipse we can say their will be big challenges, hurdles, adventures and treasures will face by all zodiac signs. Stay bless all.

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