Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 7–13

It’s written in the stars, as they say…what have they written about you this week?

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July 23–August 22

The sun and Mars in Leo face off against this week’s full moon (which happens to be a lunar eclipse), tempting you to react when emotions heat up. Be sensitive to what your significant other or bff feels now, even if they’re grabbing the spotlight that should be on you during your birthday month. A major shift is in the works in a close relationship, whether that means breaking up, taking things to the next level and committing or somehow changing the terms of your connection. Whatever happens is for the best — don’t fight it! Jupiter and Saturn are in cahoots with this eclipse, so there’s a good chance that the following will help you get through it: an open mind, honest communication, a readiness to learn, respecting yourself, taking what you have to offer seriously and being real with yourself about what makes you happy. This week’s Venus-Neptune trine hints that selflessness and empathy can lead to a soul-to-soul connection, while releasing a desire can facilitate spiritual healing. The sun-Saturn trine will help you to pour a great deal of yourself into a solid creative effort or romantic bond. With Mercury turning retrograde in your worth zone, here are some questions to ask yourself in the next few weeks: What is most important to me? Should I shuffle my priorities? What do I base my self-esteem on? Am I satisfied with how I earn a living? Could I make better use of my talents? Am I living by my core personal values? How can I strengthen my security? When you’re tempted to splurge on something, pause to consider whether you actually need it or simply want it — and if you want it, what deeper desire do you expect it to fulfill?


August 23–September 22

When a lunar eclipse lands in your efficiency corner this week, it may try to get your attention by triggering a health or work crisis or disrupting your everyday life in some other way. If your schedule is too jam-packed or your to-do list is too long, it may be time to drop something. Lightening your load can improve your productivity and your sense of wellbeing. This lunation gives you an ideal opportunity to kick a bad habit to the curb once and for all, so think about the ways you might be wasting valuable time and energy. Is there something you routinely do that doesn’t contribute to your quality of life and may even detract from it? Are you ready to quit? The eclipse could also mean that a job change is on the horizon or a work project is coming to fruition. Whatever it brings, with the sun and Mars hiding out in your subliminal house, you could unconsciously act in a way that undermines the shift that’s meant to occur in your everyday circumstances. Recognize that perfectionism often produces more worry than perfection, and sometimes you need to stop doing, doing, doing and just be. Take inventory of your skills and talents; making the most of them will bring you closer to the success you covet. Real self-knowledge — which requires you to reflect meaningfully on the past — will give you a secure base from which to operate. However, a Venus-Neptune vibe encourages you to also get out and see people and perhaps do something kind for a friend. As your ruler goes retrograde in your sign, you’ll begin to rethink personal matters and may feel somewhat tongue-tied. Don’t fret over feeling misunderstood by others. Focus on understanding yourself better.


September 23–October 22

You’ll be in the mood to have a good time when a lunar eclipse hits your joy sector this week and connects with larger-than-life Jupiter, who’s still making its way through Libra. You won’t be able to hold back when it comes to expressing your creativity, individualism and feelings—nor should you try. Go out and have fun, wear your heart on your sleeve, show your passion and humor. This lunation wants you to take a big bite out of life! Since full moons are often associated with endings, you might complete a pleasurable project (not a work one) or break up with someone you’ve been dating. Or it could be the end of a particular chapter in a relationship, meaning you’re ready to get more serious. Regardless, the moon’s link with Jupiter tells you that whatever crescendo you reach now will promote your personal growth and possibly give you more freedom. And its link with Saturn reminds you to speak thoughtfully and maturely and ground your exuberance with realism. Saturn can also help you to get your message across with a group, plan as a team or collaborate effectively. This is a great transit for firming up your network of support. And thanks to Venus’s harmony with Neptune, you could gain favor for creative work or service to others, so keep a high profile. Plus an office romance might be in the stars when these two planets hook up! Mercury is beginning its backtracking phase in the last house of your chart, and you’re bound to become more circumspect as a result. Pay close attention to your dreams and hunches in the coming weeks. Rediscover a spiritual practice, reread old journals, reflect on the past and peer into your fantasies for clues about yourself.



October 23–November 21

Your private feelings will probably bubble to the surface when a lunar eclipse rocks your foundation angle this week. You may be busy trying to accomplish your goals in the outer world, but your inner life will get your attention in one way or another. There might be some drama in your home or among your family members, in which case you should try to understand, rather than take command. A change in your living situation could be coming, you might finish a project around the house or there might be something big going on with your parents. Whatever comes up for you now, you’ll benefit from spending time by yourself trying to understand your past and present and the emotions they’re evoking. There’s a lot churning inside you, and processing it will put you in a better place — spiritually, emotionally and maybe even literally. Some kind of fundamental shift in your feelings or your space can ultimately improve your comfort and security. Venus and Neptune are teaming up, inspiring you to enjoy an adventure that promises transcendent pleasure. Breaking boundaries and getting out of your routine will do you a world of good now, and an attraction to someone different will be especially fulfilling, so set aside your usual list of criteria if you’re looking for love and open your heart to the idea of someone new. A sun-Saturn collaboration suggests that making savvy use of your talents will help you to shine — and in turn, strengthen your security. With Mercury beginning to backpedal in your network house, you might reconnect with old friends and contacts in the weeks to come or rethink a new goal. Avoid group gossip, as misunderstandings are par for the course with Merc retro.


November 22–December 21

You might experience information overload this week, thanks to a lunar eclipse in your thinking-and-talking corner. A development with a sibling or in your community is another possibility, or a flurry of busyness in your everyday life could overwhelm you. Communication will probably be emotionally loaded, and because Mars is aligned with the sun and opposing the moon, disagreements are likely to get heated. But changing your mind about something or shifting your mindset entirely will work in your favor, as the eclipse is clicking with both Saturn in Sagittarius and your ruling planet, Jupiter. You’re meant to learn now, and being wedded to one point of view won’t allow you to do that. If you’re flooded with thoughts and feelings, Saturn can help you organize them and make sense of them. Since Venus is vibing with Neptune in your foundation angle, one-on-one time with a loved one in the privacy of your home will be romantic or cathartic, while alone time can center you and facilitate self-acceptance. Mercury is turning retrograde at the top of your chart, making career planning, communication with authority figures and articulating your objectives more challenging in the next few weeks. But it’s a great time to rethink a goal, revise a business plan, contemplate your professional or public image and research a career path. And given the sun’s collaboration with Saturn in your sign, you’ll be able to blend your characteristic optimism about the future with a perhaps-relatively-newfound predilection for planning. Learning, travel and other horizon-broadening experiences will give you a sense that your life is on track. This is a good time to test yourself by doing something courageous and proving what you’re capable of.


December 22–January 19

Overspending could be a problem this week when a dramatic lunar eclipse lands in your worth house, linking strong emotions to material needs. Splurges are common with this lunation, as it’s difficult to apply cool-headed logic to your financial decisions. You’ll be so focused on what you want and require that it could lead to conflict in a close relationship. A full moon always spans opposite houses—in this case, calling for you to balance your needs, values and priorities with those of someone else. Compromise and cooperation are essential skills if you want to share your life with another person. Since Jupiter in your ambition angle is in the mix, achieving lofty goals can definitely boost your income and self-esteem, but just be careful not to become too boastful. Saturn in your spirit corner is allied with both the sun and moon, so wrapping up old business and putting the past to rest will give you an advantage. You’re in an extended phase of clearing away anything that’s lingering in your life and preventing you from feeling ready for the next chapter. You might want to focus intently on understanding the emotional component of this process; putting the finishing touches on a passion project; or confiding in someone close to you about your private fears. A Venus-Neptune confab nudges you to relate to other individuals with compassion and empathy, although it can also lure you to see them through rose-colored glasses. With Mercury going into reverse in your exploration corner, you might review a subject you already studied, edit something for publication, reconsider your opinions and beliefs and try to regain perspective. Be patient with delays and detours in the next few weeks; revisiting a place may be the most glitch-free form of travel.


January 20–February 18

This week’s lunar eclipse is in Aquarius, so it will inevitably bring out strong emotions, especially if your half-birthday just passed or is coming up very soon. You have permission to put yourself first, as long as you try not to infringe on anyone else’s needs. If it feels like life is just too much right now, do your best to pick up on what’s pushing you over the edge. This lunation gives you an ideal excuse to let go of something or someone and move on. Endings are a natural part of full moons, even if we don’t feel ready for them. And since this moon is collaborating with Jupiter in your expansion house, there’s an implication that a bigger, brighter vision of the future can fuel you to turn a corner. So recognize this personal watershed moment, and let go of whatever is no longer serving your growth. You might need to blow off steam and will find that friends are willing to support you through this temperamental time. The sun in your one-on-one angle is gelling with Saturn in your network zone, reinforcing the fact that building solid relationships and aligning your interests and goals with those of others will keep you going. Although you’re primarily concerned with your own emotions this week, strong personal connections are still vital to you. In fact, you might put aside your own needs at some point and let your spiritual values guide you to be of service to others. As Mercury begins its retrograde phase, turn some of your attention to a research project, a sticky financial issue or a psychological hurdle such as a loss or obsession. Your mind could drift to a past lover, but heads-up: Reconnecting might get complicated!


February 19–March 20

A lunar eclipse in the last house of your chart can push subconscious matters to the surface this week and possibly bring secrets to light. You’re doing your best to stay on top of everyday duties, but this moon reminds you that work isn’t everything; your spirituality, imagination and private emotions need to be honored as well. If you’ve been sweeping something under the rug, you may be compelled to deal with it now. Face your demons and find out how strong you are. Pay close attention to your dreams and try to decipher their deeper meaning. You may need extra sleep, peace and quiet and alone time. Take the needs of your body and the needs of your spirit seriously. Your intuition and empathy are heightened, but keep good boundaries and resist falling into the martyr/victim trap. Venus is gelling with Neptune, favoring romance, creativity, play and other forms of self-expression, so give yourself permission to enjoy life and let people see the real you. During this transit, your feelings and personality can shine through the smokescreen that Neptune often puts up. If you’re attracted to someone, you may see what you want to see in each other, so wait awhile before trying to figure out the real nature of this connection. Love and creativity are more dreamy and imaginative than literal and concrete at the moment, but they can transport you and fill you with bliss. On a very different note, the sun-Saturn meeting implies your hard work is paying off and earning you the recognition you deserve. Don’t make assumptions in the next few weeks while Mercury travels retrograde. Misunderstandings are common, and you might revisit an old conflict. Use this time to examine your relationships and perhaps renegotiate the terms of one.


March 21–April 19

With a lunar eclipse hitting your humanity house this week, emotions may run high in your circle of friends. Group interests are highlighted, and you should do your best to honor the role you play in the lives of others. But if you no longer feel a natural affiliation with a particular group, this is a good time to cut ties. A friendship may have also run its course, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’ve grown apart from someone who used to play a bigger part in your life. On the other hand, a collaboration might blossom now, or an acquaintance might become a closer friend. Since the moon is vibing with Jupiter, it’s evident that you can learn a lot from the people in your life and may benefit in other ways from them too. For instance, a professional contact can have a very positive influence on your life at this time. The sun and Mars are motivating you to do your own thing, but this lunation pushes you to balance personal fulfillment with being there for others. But a sun-Saturn link can tilt that balance, as it gives you incentive to be yourself and work on discovering your true place in the world. You don’t simply want to have a good time; you also want to live life with a sense of purpose. A Venus-Neptune alliance encourages you to indulge in escapist comforts at home. You’re an action-oriented sign, but you need days like this to unwind from time to time. As Mercury starts to backtrack, scheduling snafus and mix-ups at work are to be expected, and details may be overlooked. Reorganize your workspace, revise your to-do list, research jobs, rethink your habits, take stock of your health and consider alternative approaches.


April 20–May 20

You may not be able to avoid the spotlight this week when a lunar eclipse activates the peak of your chart, so be ready to put your best foot forward. Drama with a boss or other authority figure is possible, or a goal could come to fruition. This lunation may also indicate a shift in your career path or life direction in the next few months. Since Jupiter is involved, if you’ve been working hard and taking on more responsibilities, you could start to see positive results. The sun and Mars are opposing the moon, so your family or home life may be competing with your ambition in some way. Do your best to balance your private life with your professional or public life, and don’t let an old pattern of behavior hold you back. A solid partnership or hard-earned understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will serve you well now. Since the sun and Saturn are working together, you could be focused on resolving an emotional issue, making headway on a passion project or getting to the bottom of a relationship matter. Psychotherapy or talking to a family member about the past will likely be of help to you now. Harmony between Venus and Neptune coaxes you to share your feelings with friends and see the best in people, and you’re likely to enjoy socializing with a group, so don’t spend too much time alone. A positive mindset and warm communication will make you feel more in sync with those around you. Now that Mercury is going retrograde, though, it might start to seem like expressing your feelings, personality and humor is a gamble. The next few weeks are good for rediscovering a hobby, rereading for pleasure, reconnecting with your inner child and reminiscing about a past love.


May 21–June 20

Thanks to this week’s lunar eclipse in your exploration corner, you may feel an urge to break out of a rut and have an adventure. A big shift in your outlook is in the cards — and that could involve travel or other experiences that expose you to more of what the world has to offer. A change of scene offers a fresh perspective, and this is an excellent time to let go of an old belief that’s been limiting who you’ll become in your life and how far you’ll go, literally and figuratively. With a close connection between this lunation and Jupiter in your fulfillment zone, there’s a definite theme of exploring your full potential, broadening your view of the world and pushing past old boundaries as you ride a wave of freedom and faith. An exhilarating new experience could also solidify a relationship, since the full moon is clicking with Saturn in your one-on-one angle. The sun is joining forces with Saturn, facilitating honest communication and substantive dialogue. If you make an effort to reach out to people, you could secure a mentor under this influence. Venus in your worth sector is vibing with Neptune in your ambition house, so you can likely draw in more income through creative or service-oriented work. The better use you make of your talents now, the more likely you are to achieve a dream. When Mercury turns retrograde at the base of your chart, your mind may drift to the past, and you could start to rethink your décor or living situation. Misunderstandings with a family member or housemate may crop up, but it’s a good time to reflect on the past in search of new insights or reconnect with a relative you’ve lost touch with.


June 21–July 22

The effects of this week’s lunar eclipse could be somewhat subtle for you, since it takes place in the part of your chart that governs hidden matters. But there’s a lot of potential for deep transformation with this lunation, so it’s worth it to tune into your psyche and be willing to let go and heal. Issues around intimacy, trust, sharing, control, jealousy, mortality or financial support may come up, and a sexual relationship could get more intense or come to an end. As a sensitive water sign, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up on the emotional ripples of the eclipse, and you stand to learn more about yourself when you dig into the feelings that are triggered within you. Since the sun and Mars are opposing the moon, there might be tension between going after what you need and accommodating someone else’s needs or the needs of a partnership. Saturn’s link with the eclipse tells you that meaningful change is going to take work, but again, it will be worth it. The sun-Saturn alliance implies that your diligence can also pay off financially or help you feel good about yourself. You’ve probably been toiling away these past couple of years; be proud of your productivity! Thankfully, Venus in Cancer is making music with Neptune in your expansion corner, green-lighting escapist pleasures. Romance, creativity, travel, spirituality and simply enjoying life will inspire you and allow you to transcend daily life. Unselfish, soulful love is favored, and you might feel an ethereal connection with someone different from you or experience divine, compassionate love for all living beings. After Mercury goes retrograde, be patient with miscommunication and travel difficulties. You might opt to rewrite something, reconnect with a sibling or neighbor, review information or revisit a nearby place.

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I like the positive vibes about Aries’ horoscope in regards to social life this month. So timely too, as I’m about to head out for a group dinner with friends I haven’t seen in months!

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Nice Article

3 years ago

Great! Thanks :)