Office Style: Meet Alyssa

A mantra most of us can — or should — embrace: “Wear things that make you happy…”

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How does your job influence your personal style?

When I’m coming to work I’m dressing for comfort — some days I’m running all over the office and, other days, I’m sitting at the computer for hours on end. Either way I like to be comfy and cozy.



What is your personal style?

When I’m working @ FP – it’s comfort.

When I’m DJing – it’s sequined & bright.

When I’m going out – it’s easy, boxy tee’s or oversized tanks mixed with tiny shorts or mini dresses always paired back to a punchy fun accessory or shoe or bright color to add interest.

100% of the time it’s based off mood, sometimes a girly side of me strikes at times and you’ll find me in a dress or something embroidered. Lately I’ve been obsessed with anything red & purple (esp. lilac). I’m famous for always wearing XXL t-shirts as dresses, pants are the enemy (but it’s all good – I’m only 5’2!) ……..and I’m warming up to the idea of pants for this fall only *IF* they are widelegs!

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?

Wear things that make you happy – and don’t be afraid to change up your vibe when the mood strikes – it keeps your overall wardrobe eclectic ! 



Favorite part about your job?

Taking all the pieces and putting them together in a creative & cohesive way, finding inspiration & story telling through our product. I also love that every day feels fast-paced and different from the day before it. I’m naturally a high energy person so this works for me!

Most challenging part of your job?

I’m multi-tasking about 90% of the time, sometimes it’s hard to keep your brain straight and stay organized, most of the time, there are *too* many things happening at once, it definitely gets overwhelming.

What’s in your shopping cart?

Natasha Pullover

Baring It Cami

Grace Embellished Jumpsuit

Pretty In Stripes Pullover

High Rise Bandit Denim Shorts

The Rex Pant

Hole In My Heart Sweatshirt

Gigi Slip On Loafer

8 Greens

One thing in your closet that you could not live without?

I have this XXL black tee shirt that has a giant eagle on it & says Las Vegas (kind of a random pairing ), I can’t remember where I got it but I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, it’s my favorite because it’s the PERFECT ‘kind of big’ and I’m from Vegas so it feels like home  – recently when I was packing for a trip and realized that *every* time I pack for a trip – this tee comes with me, sometimes to wear out as a dress, sometimes to sleep, sometimes to wear on the plane. It just always comes along with me. So I guess I can’t live without it.



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Comfy and cosy is the way to go for me when I go to work too. I don’t often see clients anyway!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Diana Free
5 years ago

I agree that you should wear what makes you happy. She is adorable and that’s cool that she’s from Vegas.

5 years ago

Such a great style!

5 years ago

Your style is amazing, and your job sounds really awesome! I love that you wear what makes you happy instead of what pleases others. Keep doing you!

5 years ago

Yay alyssa!!! you have mad style babygirl!! please make a dj playlist for the blog!! <3

5 years ago

Very Nice article this is, This article helps me a lot.