Santa Monica Pop-In: Q&A with Maha Rose

Consider signing up for Maha Rose’s course on crystals this August 30th…and learn why they’re so healing (in addition to being beautiful and nice to have around), how to use them and how to cleanse them…

This post comes to you from Sarah Bisceglie.

Maha Rose. What does it mean?

Maha means high, holy and great in Sanskrit. The rose is the bountiful crown of the plant kingdom, radiating beauty and the energy of unconditional love to the world.

Your spirit animal:

It changes, actually! Different animals come through at different times. I’m very connected to Wolf, Hawk, and Deer. I call on them at different times in my life — wolf for inner guidance and wisdom, Hawk for inspiration, taking action, and clear vision, and deer for softness, gentleness, and understanding.

5 words that sum up your philosophy:


Is there a surefire way to reconnect with your self? 

Yes — listening to and respecting our intuition! Our “gut” tells us everything we need to know…it will guide us towards what we are really meant to be, do, and believe in life.

Tell us what one might learn at one of your workshops in Santa Monica…

All about crystals! Our crystal guru Luke Simon will be there to tell you everything you need to know…why crystals are so healing (in addition to being beautiful and nice to have around), how to use them, how to cleanse them, and specific attributes of different crystals.

Fave breakfast:

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about macrobiotics, and eating a macro bowl for breakfast. Rice/grain, veggies, tofu friend in sesame oil, some kimchi and whole bean miso. All organic and as much as I can get from the local farmer’s market. It’s so gratifying and energizing, and sustains me the whole day!

Fave self-care ritual:

Taking a walk in nature! I always feel relaxed and embraced by all the sounds, smells, breezes, and calming views. I live in the Catskill Mountains so nature is my constant self-care companion.

Song that best sums up your mood:

I lovee Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon because I’m currently surrounded by amazing women collaborators and friends –Maha Rose is a female-owned and run business, so I’m just in awe of all of these ladies who are both mystical and creative, and also grounded and organized.

What does free mean to you?

Whew good question! “Free” means a couple of things to me: It is one thing to be physically free, where one is able to move and act with flexibility in one’s environment, to travel and make choices without inhibition. I think being physically free is definitely a privilege, and not everyone has it. A lot of us are pretty lucky in the U.S. in that regard. There’s also mental/energetic freedom, where we can have an open mind and literally “free” ourselves from restrictive and inhibiting patterns and blocks. That’s the kind of work we do at Maha Rose. Help people to unfetter their minds, and work towards getting to a place of calm spaciousness. This is the place where we can really tap into the guidance that comes from the heart, by stepping out of our negative mental patterning.

+ Don’t miss out — check out Maha Rose and more at our Santa Monica Pop-up. Sign up here today!! 

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I love the idea that you aren’t tied down to one spirit animal, rather, you can take a different one at different times. It really reflects how we have different sides to our personalities!

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