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An impressive leggings collection is a testament to how trend-savvy you are, but if you never thought you’d stray from your tried-and-true, second-skin tights, we have big news: Flowy pants are in — and they’re making a major play for workout-wardrobe domination.

Because while leggings are definitely a comfier alternative to your stiff vintage denim, sometimes you’re going for a work leisure look, and can read a little too sporty when you’re heading to rooftop drinks.

That’s why FP Movement is changing the game with its totally fresh flare silhouettes — roomy and breathable, while still holding up to your sweatiest workouts (plus, the style factor will make you want to wear them on your next sushi date).

The full activewear collection is made for studio-to-street versatility. The best part? You can easily transition these wide-leg styles from an everyday look to a workout outfit. Swap a blazer and heels for a sweat-wicking tank and sneakers and boom: You’re hot-yoga ready faster than you can say savasana.

Scroll down for three on-trend pants that will have you turning heads from sidewalk to studio (and back again).

Chica Lyrical Flow Pant

No judgement if you want to skip your workout and stay curled up with Netflix in these eco-friendly tencel gems — but, chances are, you’re going to want to show them off. The vented leg design puts its spin on the girly activewear craze, and the super-soft ribbed waistband is flexible enough for every body-bending move. Pair the pants with the high-necked Lua Bra for a statement look that still provide support.

Shade Flare

Because layering is key for a successful quick change, these side-zip flares are about to become your new BFF. Slip them on over your Backless Onesie, spritz some dry shampoo in your hair, and your barista will be none the wiser that you were just sweating to Drake at Y7.

Attitude Flare 

This billowy pant plus the corset-style Lira Sports Bra will have you feeling like an IRL ballerina during barre class (to the point we bet you’ll forget how much those piles burn). The sporty fleece fabric is specifically designed for ease of movement, so post-class you can swap your grippy socks for your dancing shoes and head out on the town.

+ Want to learn more from Well+Good? Be sure to check out their website here

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Ooh, I love these flowy pants! I’ve always loved culottes and these are like, taking them to the next level!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Such a useful post!
Love those pants. Going to check some out for sure x

6 years ago

I love these styles, super comfy!


6 years ago

Love this trend!

6 years ago

Flowy Pants are really looked cool and it feels you more comfortable.