Tune In: Music For Travelers Playlist

When your pick up and go is about to pick up and go…

For all of the wanderers out there…if you’re about ready to gas up the car, slug through customs, fill up the bike tires, get your pedal to the metal and get OUT…

Here’s a playlist to help carry you along. Weekend getaway, weeklong renewal, lifelong change, no matter. Enjoy. XO



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Perfect for the upcoming weekend. Truly TGIF :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

So many great classic songs! Can’t wait to go on a road trip up to NorCal soon and listen to some of these songs!



Love this!! Thanks <3

Thanks for the list!

Oh, I just loved the tracks. I am indeed a big traveler and always take my playlist with me on my ride. When I listen to the songs, I just feel that I am in an another world, where I feel just free and happy. So, your list of songs indeed are my favorite ones, and a few of them I already have on my playlist. Thanks buddy for sharing the list. It helps a lot, as it saves your time in finding the songs.

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I love this list, it has indeed the great music apps i have ever seen, I would recommend pandora and spotify that has too many features and used as free of costs. thanks

Thanks for the list!