Wellness Wednesday: Does Drinking Collagen Really Improve Your Skin?

Consider this your magic serum for inside-outside beauty…

Now that supplements are sold alongside lipsticks, tending to your inner beauty has become just as important — if not, more — than the products you slick on topically. Australian beauty Carla Oates has always been far ahead of the ingestible craze, having launched her first The Beauty Chef probiotic powder in 2012. Now that everyone else has realized the benefits of getting an extra shot of nutrients and vitamins to round out your beauty routine, Oates’s line still remains one of the most innovative, as she continues to turn out formulations that really work.

For example: The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, a deliciously fruit-infused supplement that I recently tried after I noticing my skin was just looking a bit worn out — less plump, radiant and bounce-y than I’d like (I blame my increasing age and lack of sleep!). Anyway, two-plus-weeks into taking this supplement daily and I know it’s doing something since I’m no longer startled by my appearance in the mirror in the a.m. Now I’m like, ‘Oh hey, brighter and dewier skin!’ But I like to think it’s not just my imagination. The elixir is made with a bio-fermented probiotic concentrate (certified organic fruits, multiple strains of good-for-you bacteria, zinc, grape seed extract) to stimulate collagen growth, counteract cellular damage from free radicals and balance your digestive tract. All of which translates into healthier skin — along with stronger hair and nails as a bonus.

I also find that mixing up the concoction — one tablespoon in six ounces of water — has become a ritual that I look forward to every day. It’s a moment to breathe and literally drink in some healthy time for myself. Now all I need to do is get to bed earlier and all my #beautygoals will be mastered.

If you’re curious to try The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, here’s a quick recap of how it works…  

Naturally plumps skin

Increases collagen production

Counteracts free radical damage

Rich in probiotics, vitamin C & zinc

Supports digestive health

Promotes radiant skin

Boosts hair and nail growth

Just mix 1 tbsp with water and drink up!


+ Discover more of The Beauty Chef’s products here

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This reminds me of the collagen drinks that are so common in Japan. I mean, if Japan is doing it, it must somehow work, right? It’s been around for so long too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Wow, thanks for this information! I’m definitely going to start implementing healthy supplements into my lifestyle!

3 years ago

Even though everybody recommended, I’ve never tried taking collagen before. But after reading your post, I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Thank you for sharing the benefits!

3 years ago


3 years ago

We were the first to put Collagen on the market in 1985. We took it Costco and worldwide. We had the first patents on Collagen Type II and now have other beneficial collagens. Our company was absconded by fraud on the court and we started over.
Having said that, its best not to take Collagen with other proteins as that will complete the amino acids making it a complete protein not recognized by the body as collagen but as fuel.
Take pure supplements! Marine Collagen the best for skin.