Wellness Wednesday: A New Way to Exfoliate

This kinder, gentler solution really works…

Exfoliating your skin usually comes with a downside — a lot of dryness and an unmistakable tight-pore feeling. Almost every product I’ve used has made my face feel so uncomfortable that I decided I’d rather deal with some dead skin and rough patches than suffer through the side effects of exfoliating. That’s why I was skeptical about trying The Beauty Chef’s Probiotic Skin Refiner. It claimed to exfoliate AND hydrate AND boost collagen production. Hmm, really, really? I pictured my skin turning red and flaky, with an intense burning sensation washing over me. But, after a summer of sweat and sunscreen, my pores were crying out for some help. I needed a good cleaning session.

I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you that the Skin Refiner is pretty amazing. It’s rich in lactic acid — a unique alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down dead skin cells and ups your skin’s natural moisturizing factors. What this means: when you put it on, it doesn’t dry out your face! Like many of The Beauty Chef’s products, it taps into the benefits of bio-fermented foods and probiotics to balance your complexion’s healthy flora levels, fight dark spots and boost your skin’s immunity and collagen growth (basically this elixir has all your needs handled).

Another bonus: Unlike other exfoliators that can only be used at night, this one can be dabbed on twice a day, so you can get the smoother, brighter results faster. Just soak a cotton pad and swipe on after cleansing. I applied a moisturizer afterward but if your skin is oily you could skip that step. It’s so gentle you can make the refiner part of your everyday routine — your pores will thank you.

Quick Recap: The Benefits

Triple threat: Exfoliates, hydrates and firms skin all in one!

Rich in probiotics to balance skin.

Contains bio-fermented extracts.

Plumps skin.

Lightens dark spots.

No tingling or burning!

Dab on morning and night.

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