3 Masks to Make Your Face Happy

A good ol’ face mask session may be the most relaxing home-remedy of them all… read on about 3 of my faves.

I’m talking hair pulled up in a messy bun, stripped down to the basics, and a tiny bit of time set aside. This may be a monthly routine for some, but lately, I’ve been masking at least once a week, and my face is thanking me for it.

The 3 masks I’m currently rotating are all great for combination skin (what I have), but I switch them up based on that day’s diet, activity level, and skin texture. 


This is my go-to when I’m feeling a bit oily — maybe my eating habits have been a little less clean, or my workouts a bit heavier. This mask is great at gently drawing out impurities from my skin while deep-cleaning.

I LOVE: The scent is wonderful. Notes of matcha mixed with bergamot are the key to my heart. The glass jar is beautiful, and my skin truly feels clean when I’m finished.

TIPS: Make sure to set aside at least 15 minutes when using this mask. It takes some time to mix the 1 tsp of mask with 1 tsp of water, apply to a brush, etc. Leave on until dry but not fully hardened! Remove with a wet warm wash cloth so that you don’t splash green stuff everywhere. :) 


This is my Saturday morning sidekick. You’ll need at least 30 minutes to let this mask work its wonders. If I have a big night ahead of me, and want plump, glowing-girl skin, this takes the cake.

I LOVE: The feeling of a sheet on my skin. Something about it makes me feel like I’m at a spa, because it forces me to sit back and relax. The greek yogurt makes my face feel super soft and silky.

TIPS: No need to wash off afterwards!


When I’m feeling like I need a little energy boost, or have bad spots on my skin, I pull this super mask out and let it do the work. The white clay removes dead skin cells and the oils protect from dryness. In the seasons ahead, this mask will make your face healthy and happy! It’s antioxidant power helps recharge my skin’s healthy glow.

I LOVE: The ease of it. It’s pre-mixed, so applying and washing off is a breeze. The scent is calming, and I love the little beads it produces to exfoliate!

TIPS: Use the spatula provided to apply, and spread evenly on face and down your neck.

*Always make sure to test each mask on your skin before applying. Stop use immediately  if you experience any reaction.

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I’d love to try the Artifact mask. I need a good mask to clear my skin!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Will certainly be adding that sheet mask to my list! Thanks <3

3 years ago

Sounds really good! :)

3 years ago

I love this!

3 years ago

I’m getting married in October and have been thinking of putting together bundles for both of my bridesmaids. Gifting a mask or two to each of them may be the perfect idea. Thanks so much for the insight!

Andrea Florentine
3 years ago

Great info! Really enjoyed this blog post.

2 years ago

the details introduce,great news for me