Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 11–17

The stars are aligning — read on to see what’s in store…

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August 23–September 22

It’s worth it to let your guard down with someone this week when Venus in your release corner harmonizes with Saturn in your foundation angle. You could end up taking care of a loved one — possibly a family member or roomie — blending your trademark reliability (a highly underrated quality!) with a sweet dose of compassion. Emotional nakedness might leave you feeling safe and secure, not scared and vulnerable, so overcome the fear of letting go. Speaking of letting go, shutting the door on a previous relationship will give you much-needed closure, drawing a line between your past and your present. Plus, thanks to a Venus-Jupiter link, you’ll feel better about yourself when you loosen your grip and love those who deserve it with abandon — in the here and now. A sun-Saturn skirmish implies private insecurities could keep you from letting your full personality shine through. Don’t let your backstory, self-doubt, your family or a sobering mood dull your light. You can aspire to improve yourself, but you should also keep working on understanding and accepting yourself as you are. With Mercury and Mars coalescing in Virgo, you can easily do as you say and say as you do. Back up your ideas with action, throw yourself into an intellectual task on your agenda or present your position with passion. You might come across as spoiling for a fight, though, so keep touchiness and recklessness in check.


September 23–October 22

Your ruler has an important encounter with Saturn this week, which should make it easy for you to network, socialize and come to an understanding with a group. Being around people isn’t just about having fun when serious Saturn is involved. You’re meant to learn from others, make valuable contacts, form lasting connections, express yourself honestly and discuss weighty matters. If you’ve been dragging your heels because you’re afraid that the big talk you need to have with a friend will be too uncomfortable, bite the bullet. Venus also happens to be playing nice with Jupiter in Libra, adding a stroke of luck to the mix. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and friendship flows freely both ways. Your best opportunities come through other people now, and you’re also inclined to be generous with others. With the sun, Mercury and Mars hiding out at the end of your chart, you’ll also need some alone time. You can accomplish tons on your own behind the scenes, especially if you have things to finish up. But given the subliminal nature of the last house, you could send mixed messages, blurt out something unintentionally or act against your own best interests. So keep an eye on those subconscious motives and urges!


October 23–November 21

Success isn’t all about putting your nose to the grindstone. There are times when you need to promote yourself, look the part, attract the right people and circumstances, and show creative flair. With Venus in your ambition angle presenting a united front with Saturn in your value sector this week, this is clearly one of those times. Good PR will strengthen your conviction that you can grow to be self-sufficient. Make sure to use your resources wisely — including everything from an advantageous contact to a latent talent. Venus is also in sync with Jupiter, hinting that inner faith is your best ally. You need to believe deep down that you have something to offer the world. The sun in your network zone is sparring with Saturn, so you might get stuck when trying to move on to the next big item on your list of hopes and dreams. Take everything one step at a time rather than jumping ahead in your mind. You’ll find it hard to be a team player if you’re concerned with holding onto what you have or getting what you need. A Mercury-Mars conjunction means group activities will be buzzing with energy. The potential for heated disagreements exists, but you can also make tons of progress as a team if you all choose your battles. Communication will be highly charged, so keep it civil.


November 22–December 21

Saturn in Sag is in cahoots with Venus in your exploration corner this week, nudging you to broaden your horizons very deliberately. Make a point of dating someone you’d normally swipe left on, visiting a place you’ve never been or sampling an unfamiliar pleasure (chilled red wine on a September night — yes please!) Thanks to Saturn’s stabilizing influence, following a whim won’t be at all risky, so coloring outside the lines gets a big thumbs-up. Plus a Venus-Jupiter alliance points to the idea of friends making everything more fun, so whatever you have in mind, rally the troops! The sun in your ambition angle is out of sync with Saturn, though, suggesting you might stop yourself from shining. If you don’t feel ready for success, what can you do to get ready? It makes sense to put all the pieces in place before stepping into the spotlight; make contingency plans in case something doesn’t go your way; and gain whatever qualifications you need for the position you’re after. Mercury and Mars are joining forces at the top of your chart, providing incentive to chase after the knowledge and experience you need to reach your goals. Watch what you say and do around authority figures because this planetary pairing can cause you to come on like gangbusters.


December 22–January 19

With affectionate Venus dallying in your depth zone, you’re craving closeness these days. Her flirtation with Saturn this week coaxes you to overcome private hangups or close the book on an old relationship in order to enjoy an intimate connection with a partner or friend. Self-love can also be a theme with this planetary configuration. In case you need a reminder now: Guilt doesn’t serve anyone. Stop beating yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made. The universe wants you to let go of whatever is burdening your soul and welcome more love into your life! Venus is also on the same page with Jupiter, reinforcing the fact that self-acceptance and healthy bonds will give you the boost you need to achieve your aspirations. If you’re in a serious relationship, you’ll feel like it’s headed in a positive direction now. The sun is squabbling with your ruling planet, pitting your enthusiasm for branching out and trying different things against lingering doubts. You may need to wrap up old business before breaking new ground, but don’t let your infamous skepticism cause you to give up. You might take a calculated risk rather than going for broke. A Mercury-Mars alliance can help you to fight for truth or justice or take on a major intellectual challenge, but it can also provoke you to debate anything and everything — so stop and ask yourself if it’s really that important.



January 20–February 18

Now that Venus in your one-on-one angle is getting along with Saturn in your groups-and-technology zone, those of you who are single should have no problem meeting prospective mates through people you already know or on a website or dating app. So start networking and swiping if you’re looking for love. Common interests and goals will act as a conduit, giving fresh appeal to that club meeting or industry event you were going to skip. If you’re already seeing someone, the planets are dropping hints that you should get to know each other’s friends better, join a group as a couple, sign up for a class together, share an adventure or take a big trip. All of the above are likely to make you feel closer. And if you’re not in a relationship, you also might fall for someone while traveling or studying. Think outside the box because a Venus-Jupiter link indicates an attraction to someone different or foreign. With the sun battling Saturn, you might run into difficulty with a friend or group over sharing, sex, money, jealousy or control. It’s also possible that you’ll be torn between powerful intimacy with one person and the steadier feeling you get from keeping your options open. A Mercury-Mars rendezvous might spell an intense encounter in a close relationship, a cerebral passion project or perhaps a burst of psychological warfare. If you do fight, keep it above the belt!



February 19–March 20

You could earn accolades for creative work or service to others this week when Venus syncs with Saturn this week. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting along with your coworkers, and if you have a crush on one, it could turn into something more serious now. Those of you who are already attached can make significant headway working on a relationship problem under this influence. Venus is also gelling with Jupiter in your sharing sector, reinforcing the theme of getting interpersonal issues out in the open and growing together as a couple. A creative collaboration would be super beneficial as well, so seek out a partner if you have a project in mind. With Mercury and Mars winding each other up in your one-on-one angle, you might have words with someone. If both of you can avoid defensiveness, clearing the air will likely move things forward. The sun’s discord with Saturn also hints at a test in a business partnership, friendship or romantic relationship. This transit can make you question where a relationship is headed and whether you’re on the same page. Does one of you boss around the other too much? It’s also a good chance to examine how you relate to authority. Are you too timid or malleable? Know your value, and don’t settle for a disrespectful dynamic.



March 21–April 19

The planets are giving you permission to enjoy yourself this week! Having a good time can firm up your faith in the future, courtesy of a Venus-Saturn meeting, so indulge in life’s pleasures. Whatever makes you happy — a romantic date, trivia night at the pub with friends, playing with kids or pets, diving into a creative project — just do it. Having fun can teach you something, and Saturn will make sure that any risks you take will be calculated ones. Venus is also in sync with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, emphasizing the value of a partner in crime. And since this is an aspect that favors a love connection with a person who’s foreign to you in some way, single Rams should definitely date outside their comfort zone this week. If you’re in a relationship, this would be a great time to take a class or trip together. The sun in your efficiency corner is sparring with Saturn, though, suggesting that you might feel bogged down by work. Try to do what needs doing within the boundaries of what you know to be true. Combining discipline and vision will ensure your success. Don’t push your luck by being shortsighted. A Mercury-Mars coalition spells cerebral stamina, so find a challenging mental task to sink your teeth into!



April 20–May 20

With your ruling planet cozying up to Saturn this week, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the peaceful feeling of being at home in your own skin or being close to another person. Given Saturn’s reputation as a taskmaster, the best aspect of this experience may be that you’ve truly earned this feeling! You’ve been working on yourself or on this relationship, and now you get to relax into self-acceptance or intimacy. If you’re in a serious relationship, this planetary configuration also hints at cohabitation, although you might simply savor private time at home together. Regardless of your relationship status, relish the pleasant sense of security. The sun is sparring with Saturn, which could yank you out of your bliss and lead you to fret over your imperfections or a romance’s staying power. Don’t let fear stand in your way. Recognize that you’re a work in progress (as we all are!) and relationships require mutual dedication. Mercury and Mars are aligned in your self-expression house, setting you up for a creative burst, a bold declaration of your feelings or a fun activity that stimulates both mind and body. To take advantage of a Venus-Jupiter link, you might tackle a decorating project, cook healthy meals and incorporate natural beauty products into your everyday routine.



May 21–June 20

If you put off having an important convo with someone while Mercury was retrograde, this week’s Venus-Saturn matchup gives you a great excuse to take the plunge. This planetary blend is especially conducive to talking about relationships, feelings and commitment. With a positive attitude and patience, you have a good chance at reaching an agreement. If you’re attracted to someone new under this influence, it’s not unlikely that you’ll form a lasting connection. Venus is also clicking with Jupiter, who’s hanging out in a house that rules romance and happiness. With this pairing, you might be drawn to someone outside your milieu, have the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve or feel inspired to express your humor, creativity and personality. Since Mercury and Mars are tangled up at the bottom of your chart and the sun is down there too, squabbling with Saturn, your underlying mood is bound to impact your relations. You might test another person to protect yourself (or vice versa) or use sharp words with family or housemates. Juggle spending time by yourself and meeting your obligations to others, and try not to project what’s going on inside you onto the people around you. You might feel irritable, but don’t waste energy assigning blame. It’s a mood, and moods are temporary.



June 21–July 22

Your mind is moving quickly, thanks to a planetary party in your cognition corner, but your thinking might be met with criticism this week when the sun and Saturn get into a confrontation. This combo pushes you to do your homework, so when you (or naysayers) uncover potential problems, you have an answer. Gather intel, cook up genius ideas, then factcheck yourself so you can make a strong case. Don’t worry over being stuck or getting shot down; work hard to develop something solid. Mercury and Mars are skirmishing in that house, firing you up to sell people on what you have to say. This pairing might also allude to a short trip or tons of activity going on around you. And if you need to learn quickly, it’s the perfect transit for a cram session. Venus in your worth zone is vibing with Saturn, hinting that diligence will pay off, maybe financially or maybe by making you feel really good about yourself. Plus using all the assets and resources at your disposal will enable you to get the job done, so tap into your talents. Spending your hard-earned money on things that will make your space more inviting and comfortable would be a good move, due to Venus’s harmony with Jupiter in your domestic angle. And if you need a confidence boost or financial support, your family is likely to come through!



July 23–August 22

Confidence is crucial to proud Lions, and yours could take a hit when your ruler, the sun, runs into a roadblock called Saturn. You might feel like you don’t have what it takes — in terms of finances, talents, self-worth or other assets — to lead a rewarding, happy, creative life filled with love, but this feeling will pass. To get through it, don’t tear yourself down; build yourself up! Enjoy the satisfaction of working to become more complete and self-sufficient. Notice how far you’ve already come. Venus in Leo is simpatico with Jupiter and Saturn, making it super easy to connect with others. If you meet someone new, the relationship is likely to be a positive, stable one. Being curious about people who are different from you will open up new worlds and make your life more exciting, while being willing to work on yourself and work on your relationships will foster love in your life. A Mercury-Mars meetup, if you’re not careful, can easily spark a conflict over money, possessions or values. Use this hotbed of energy to tackle a mental task involving these contentious issues and to actively prioritize. Avoid petty squabbles; only fight for what’s vitally important to you.

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So glad that having fun’s in store for the Aries – goodness knows I need more fun in my boring life haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Sounds like an interesting month for Aquarius! :)

5 years ago

I don’t know why I’m constantly surprised at how accurate Tracy’s horoscopes are but I always am! She is so dead-on.

xx, an Aquarius