Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 4–10

See what the stars have in store for you this week…

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August 23–September 22

Good news for Virgos this week! Your ruling planet will be wrapping up its retrograde phase, so you’ll begin to feel less and less out of it. Other people might throw you for a loop, though. Mystifying Neptune is locked in a faceoff with the sun, and codependency and deception are two possible outcomes. It’s usually not too difficult for you to see others in a realistic light, but Neptune can lure you into idealization and romanticism. Try to blend your levelheadedness with generous doses of compassion and empathy—two other Neptunian themes. The full moon in your one-on-one angle encourages you to find a balance between looking out for yourself and catering to someone else’s needs. A close relationship or biz partnership could blossom or break up now, since full moons bring things to a turning point. The sun and moon are vibing with Pluto, intensifying emotions, creativity and self-expression, and you might have a powerful, pleasurable experience that changes you. With Mars and Mercury cruising into Virgo, you’ll be on your game in the weeks to come. Mars fires you up to go after what you want, to advocate for yourself and to show the world what you can do, while Merc enlivens your mind and helps you get your point across. Plus it’s your birthday season — you’ve still got the sun on your side!


September 23–October 22

After a few weeks of glitchy technology and crossed wires in your brain and your relationships, Mercury is straightening up its act in your network house this week. Smooth ruffled feathers if you ran into misunderstandings in your squad and resume a friendship if you reconnected with a long-lost pal. Your energy level won’t exactly be off the charts, since the sun is tucked away in the low-key last house of your chart and opposing draining Neptune. But a soulful vibe could make up for a lack of physical vitality, and this would be an amazing time for a generous, heartfelt gesture performed in the spirit of service. More peace and quiet may be just what you need, but more deeply meaningful daily labors can also do you a world of good. The full moon in your efficiency corner could push your health, workload or schedule over the brink, compelling you to finally kick a bad habit to the curb or take something off your plate. Pay attention to what’s too much now, and use that info to make a positive change. A sun-Pluto confab — coupled with Mars and Mercury sneaking into your release sector — signals that no matter how much you love your relationships and your social life, you need more downtime to get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings.


October 23–November 21

You’ll have an easier time promoting yourself, articulating your goals and charting your professional course after Mercury gets back on track in your ambition angle this week. When the sun in your network house faces off with Neptune, you could romanticize a friendship, idealize a friend or become disillusioned by a group. Resist the idea of saving another person or being saved by someone. Thankfully, creative teamwork is favored, and you also might be able to collaborate successfully with a group on something that benefits people in need. The sun is vibing with Pluto, which should help you to connect with people on a deep level and possibly bring about significant change together. Superficiality is not your style, and this transit gives you a chance to be real with people and have an intense experience. Your mindset may shift as a result. With Mars and Mercury showing up in your network house as well, friendship and teamwork will be a major part of your life in the weeks to come. You’ll get more done cooperating with others than you will on your own, and you can learn a lot from the people around you. The full moon brings an urge for fun, romance or creative self-expression — and might also bring a watershed moment in a love affair. Let your passionate side rule the day, and pour your heart out if the spirit moves you.


November 22–December 21

Now that Mercury is finishing up its retrograde period, travel will become easier, and the big picture should start to fall into place. You’re geared up to achieve your goals, thanks to the sun’s energizing presence at the top of your chart, but his opposition with Neptune this week could make it more challenging for you to succeed. You might have to take care of family or someone you live with, or another domestic issue could throw you off course. Or maybe cozy escapist pleasures such as binge-watching your favorite show or catching up on your sleep will lure you to forget about shining in a professional or public setting. Luckily, the sun is vibing with Pluto in your worth house, reinforcing the fact that you need to get out there and prove yourself if you want to give your bank balance and your self-esteem a bump in the right direction. Another stroke of good luck for you already-lucky Sagittarians: Mars and Mercury are making their way to the top of your chart, giving you the drive and the mental capacity to accomplish what you set out to do. This planetary combo will help you to walk your talk around people in power. A full moon nudges you to balance ambition and downtime. If Netflix and your bed are calling your name, take time off, then rise and grind!


December 22–January 19

Even though Mercury retrograde is officially over as of Tuesday, communication can still be tricky for you, due to an opposition between the egoistic sun in your perspective corner and puzzling Neptune in your thinking-and-talking zone. A debate may seem to drone on and on, going nowhere. You may have trouble making yourself clear, but you can also misunderstand others. Being very open to different points of view and aspiring toward a meeting of the minds will help enormously. Subtle insights should get as much attention as rational intellect. The sun is in cahoots with Pluto in Capricorn, underscoring the importance of learning. Broadening your horizons through unfamiliar experiences, travel, study and exposure to a wide variety of people will have a profound effect on you under this transit. So don’t play it too safe by sticking to your routine. Take chances, push boundaries, get growing! Mars and Mercury are zooming into your expansion house, tripling down on this theme. You need to learn more about the world so you can carve out your place in it. Put tons of energy into expanding your mind in the next several weeks. A full moon could make it seem like you’re being pulled in many different directions. Find a balance between taking in information and stringing together the meaning of it all. And if you need to get something off your chest, go for it!


January 20–February 18

With Neptune hunkered down in your worth house for years on end, your take on needs versus wants may not be crystal clear, and you might be living in fear of losing what you have, lacking what you need or not being enough. This ethereal planet wants you not to overidentify with your material possessions and financial assets, but rather, to focus on spiritual values and trust that the universe will provide for you when you do. This week’s sun-Neptune duel can exacerbate such issues, especially if you feel like you’re not getting what you need from someone — or if you’re grappling with something in your psyche and your insecurity threatens to get the best of you. Fortunately, the sun is making music with potent Pluto, challenging you to delve into your darkest emotions. Aquarians prefer to detach from their emotions to gain perspective, but the lord-of-the-underworld planet calls for you to feel your feelings on a deep level and do the hard work of processing and transforming them. With Mars and Mercury entering your depth-and-sharing zone — where the sun is already camped out — poking around in your psyche and confiding in someone close to you are both favored. Plus Merc is no longer retrograde, making introspection and dialogue that much easier. You might want to watch your spending under the full moon, but it’s a great lunation for getting rid of stuff you don’t need.


February 19–March 20

Mercury retrograde ends this week, so scheduling mix-ups, crossed wires at work and overlooked details won’t be as much of a problem going forward. You might still struggle to get on the same wavelength with people when the sun faces off against Neptune in Pisces, however. It’s not your fault — and you may not even be aware of it — but while your enigmatic ruler lounges in your sign, there tends to be a smokescreen in front of you, clouding others’ perception. Uncertainty in your relationships may stem from unintentionally obscure signals you’re sending out. Avoid the victim/martyr trap, and don’t say yes just to appease someone. It’s difficult to be assertive under this influence, but being honest with yourself about who you are, what you feel and what you want is a great start. A sun-Pluto alliance tells you that partnership and friendship are powerful forces for change in your life — and teaming up with others gives you your best shot at making things happen this month. A full moon is lighting up your sign, sending your feels into the stratosphere. This is no time to take a back seat. Your needs matter! You’re going to feel vulnerable, but open up to people you trust and give them a chance to support you. This lunation also gives you the perfect excuse to let something or someone leave your life if you know in your heart it’s for your own good.


March 21–April 19

If you’ve been fighting a creative block, gotten tongue-tied trying to share your feelings or caught yourself thinking about an ex way too much lately, you’ll be happy to hear that Mercury is powering forward this week! You’re motivated to get a lot done, thanks to the sun’s revitalizing presence in your productivity corner, but he’s going head-to-head with Neptune, so there’s bound to be some drifting mixed in with all the doing. Finding meaning in your labors is the best strategy if you hope to stay on course. You have the energy and will to tackle a heavy workload, and connecting it with a higher purpose will give you added stamina and infuse your efforts with passion. The sun’s rendezvous with Pluto in your ambition angle implies that rolling up your sleeves and getting to work will make you feel more in control of the direction your life — and/or career — is taking. Plus, Mars (your ruling planet) and Mercury are making their way into your productivity corner, underscoring the take-care-of-business theme. The full moon in the opposite house reminds you to balance work and rest, busyness and quiet reflection, physical vitality and spiritual nourishment. Something could bubble up from your subconscious, so pay attention to your dreams and hunches!


April 20–May 20

With the sun marching through your self-fulfillment house, you’re in the mood to do as you please. But his faceoff with Neptune in your network zone this week hints that you might surrender to peer pressure in order to avoid tension. You want to be yourself, but you also want to fit in with others; this transit can show you the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Being completely authentic can help you find people who are right for you. And having genuine empathy for your fellow living beings can help you experience a connection between your individual soul and the collective soul of humankind. The sun is in sync with Pluto, pushing you to become who you were meant to be. Only in fulfilling your potential can you create powerful change in the world. You need to spread your wings so you can have experiences that teach and shape you. Mars and Mercury (Merc’s now moving forward — yay for that!) are heading into your self-fulfillment house as well, giving fun, romance and creativity a big thumbs-up. It’s time to take a few chances so you can get more out of life. A full moon in the opposing house reminds you to balance personal pleasure with respect for other people’s feelings and needs. You might end up being there for a friend in need or going with the flow in a group setting and having a memorably great time.


May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet kicks it back into gear this week, ironing out the kinks in your thought process and communication. Delays and detours become a thing of the past as plans get back on course. A sun-Neptune opposition spanning the base and peak of your chart could make you feel torn between chilling at home and chasing your dreams out in the world. If you’re confused about where you’re headed in your career or in life in general, it can be helpful to spend time alone contemplating how you got to this point and what you’re aiming for next. This can be a disorienting transit, so if your instinct is to press pause and get your bearings, go with it. The sun is joining forces with Pluto, giving you another reason to poke around in your psyche trying to figure yourself out. The deeper you dare to go, the more powerful your self-knowledge will grow. Family (and people who feel like family) can also help you find answers now. And since the house that Pluto’s hanging out in rules intimacy, private time with someone close to you could be intense in a good way. With Mars and Mercury descending to your domestic angle and a full moon lighting up your ambition zone, your home life will be buzzing with energy, but a professional development could grab your attention. Be ready to perform if you’re pushed onto center stage.


June 21–July 22

Financial matters have a better chance of getting straightened out after Mercury comes out of retrograde this week. Merc moves on to your thinking-and-talking zone next, as does Mars, revving up your brain and everyday life and giving your speech added strength. The sun is touring that house as well and facing off with Neptune at the moment, which could lead you into a perplexing conversation. You may find it hard to assert yourself and could be susceptible to going along with others’ views. On the flipside, you might become preachy if you believe your truth is the truth. Mutual understanding is possible when everyone sets their egos aside and tunes into commonality, not difference. Plus the sun is syncing with Pluto in your one-on-one angle, suggesting that communication can bring about powerful change in a relationship or help you forge strong connections with other individuals. The more sincerely you express yourself, the more intense your interactions will be. You can have a strong impact on another person, and vice versa. The full moon in your exploration sector can trigger an urge for adventure or inspire you to take a leap of faith. It’s worth it to take a fresh look at your personal beliefs because this is the perfect time to put a stop to one that limits your growth.



July 23–August 22

You’ll feel less muddled and misunderstood after Mercury pivots forward in Leo this week. If you’ve been tripping over your words or struggling with a decision, relief is in sight! Your ruling planet, the sun, is going toe-to-toe with Neptune, which might result in a lack of clarity regarding sharing, sex, finances, loss or trust. You may have a hard time asking for what you need if you don’t believe you’ll get it. You could even find yourself going along with what someone else wants in order to feel connected with him or her. Venus and Mercury in your sign are also forming awkward angles with Neptune, making give-and-take seem even more complex. Putting a loved one’s needs before your own can be a beautiful, heartfelt act, but you should first make sure you understand your own needs and what you’re giving up. A sun-Pluto convo encourages you to keep working hard, as that’s what will make you feel good about yourself — and will also reassure you that you can provide for your own needs. A new source of income may come from changing jobs, transforming your skillset or taking on more responsibility. This week’s full moon circles back to the theme of give-and-take. This is a good time to pay off a debt, let go of an obsession or release an attachment that’s not healthy for you.

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I’ll make sure to keep an open mind this week, as an Aries!

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