Little Actions, Big Impact

Make a difference without the pressure…

This post comes to you from Therapeutic Skin Coach, Hayley Wood.

Sustainable living can be a daunting task for most of us. In a fast-paced world it’s easy to accumulate a carbon footprint without even knowing it. Unfortunately, not all communities are created equally, re: sustainable resources. If you’re living the city life, it’s also easy to ignore the potential effects of our actions on non-populated areas of the country, the world. So without getting too overwhelmed or existential, it’s important to remember that little actions can make a big impact as well. For most of us it can be really difficult to accept the responsibility of a label if we’re not sure that we can commit to it long-term. When it comes to being an environmentalist, the pressure to be 100% waste-free and self-sustaining makes it seemingly impossible to hold that title. But what if you really care about the environment and want to make a difference, without the pressure?

Here are 10 FP-approved little actions that can lead to a big impact over time:

There are plenty of times when we get to the grocery store and forgot our reusable bags. Head towards the produce section so you can stay as package free as possible. Less waste and more nutrient packed foods — a double win.

It’s always best to reuse your shopping bags. Try reusing your FP linen bags as often as possible. Since they are so thin, you can reuse without taking up too much space in your purse.

For that midday coffee pick-me-up or dinner out, straws are practically given to us in bulk. Those little plastic tubes just happen to be one of the most wasteful products on the market, since they are not recyclable and often end up in the bellies of our ocean creatures. Saying no to a straw can feel like a little victory for the environment every time. Plus there are steel and paper straws that are way more eco-friendly.

Packaging overload. In the on-demand world we live in now it’s become much more common for us to have an excess of wrapping goods and boxes stacking up in our homes. Many companies are shifting towards recycling services that help reuse the items your favorite store sent your goods in. You can even reuse the items yourself by going green by using the extra tissue paper items to wrap your next gift. Who doesn’t love that eco-chic wrap?

Reusable water bottles. FP offers a great selection of stylish reusable bottles to lower your on the go water intake. Having crystal-charged water is goals!

Carpool/use public transportation. This seems obvious but the benefits of saving on gas and car maintenance are secondary to the amount of catch up time you can give yourself to set you up for workday success.

Go green beauty. No animal testing, sustainable packaging and fair trade ingredients are only part of the reason to start switching to green beauty. These products pack the punch with beneficial ingredients that will benefit your makeup and skincare routine immediately.

Invest in high quality denim. FP is a proud carrier of American made denim brand, Levis’ as our go to day wear. The longevity of this denim brand is less likely going to end up in landfills.

Switch out your plastic razor. Oui Shave created their line of razors based on the SATC characters and are just as fabulous. The gold razor comes with low waste razors and a natural oil blend full of healing essential fatty acids that smells of neroli and lavender.

Sustainable oral hygiene. Floss and toothbrushes are part of our everyday care whether we like it or not but it’s difficult to think about the amount of waste that has inevidably caused. If we’re suppose to replace our brushes onces every 3 months you might as well has a sustainable alternative such as Goodwell Co’s. The daily disposal of dental floss makes it that much easier to want to use if it’s not harmful to our environment.

Regardless of your location there are always going to be ways in which your daily decisions can attribute to a greater impact on our planet. Obtaining an education on the brands you are supporting can be a small step in the right direction. If you didn’t already know, Free People has partnered with the National Parks foundation to continue to protect our public lands for future generations. Let’s ensure that we’re doing all we can to preserve the sanctity of our one and only Mother Earth. That way, no matter what the occasion, we can know that we can bask in all of her glory.

Hurricane and wildfire recovery are just some of the variety of challenges that face our parks each year. They need our support now more than ever. Donate here to support the National Park Foundation’s mission to protect and preserve parks.

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