Love in Action

Adopt a healthy and productive way to channel your emotion into action that moves you FORWARD…

This post comes to you from our dear friend and yogi, Nina Endrst.

Change is a constant – this is a beautiful, painful and consistent truth. Existing in the world today feels, to me, like a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Some days are so sweet and I find myself soaking in the brightest of sunny days, others bring me to my knees – to a darker place with my head in my hands. As a conscious human being and teacher, I am constantly trying to figure out what I can DO to make a difference. Yes, mindful discussion is a vital part of growth but at some point we have to get off our asses and act.

My work lately has been trying to focus less on the anger I am feeling surrounding the gross injustice that still exists every day in our “modern” world and more on putting love into action. Anger is not a dirty word/emotion. I do not believe we should suppress our anger or worse, ignore it – I believe we should feel all the feelings and find a healthy and productive way to channel them into action that moves us FORWARD. I hope these practices encourage you to act from a place of love and acceptance.

Stay woke!

I know and can relate to the fact that being surrounded by beauty is way more appealing then facing an ugly truth or circumstance. It’s also common to avoid that which is deeply painful or doesn’t directly impact us and our loved ones. We have to do better. We all have a responsibility not only to stay awake and aware of our surroundings but to actively participate in making our world a better place. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Action: Take an honest look at yourself and your community. What is going on close to home? How can you be of service? This will look different for everyone – maybe this means volunteering for a specific cause close to your heart or perhaps you are a strong communicator and your efforts can be put into fundraising. We all have different strengths — put yours to good use.

What about your friends?

Who do you spend most of your time with? What are you talking about when you’re together? It’s important to have fun and enjoy life as much as possible – it’s equally important to challenge and empower each other to be our best selves. That’s what friends are for.

Action: Instead of another night at the bar or getting together to scroll through Instagram – let’s raise the vibration. Suggest an alternative activity to a friend or take the lead! Start a weekly or monthly, mindful meet-up with your friends; make phone calls to support or defend a cause, explore tarot cards, meditation, go on a hike, or head to a yoga class and ask each other thoughtful questions after. Let’s all dig a little deeper and support each other. <3

Lead image by Mitchell Hoffmaster.

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I like the idea of a mindful meet up with friends. It would be a fun experience to try new things together too. My friend and I are planning to go to a beach clean-up in a few weeks – she goes regularly but it’s my first time joining. I’m excited!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Great calls to action! We should invest into the community instead of complaining. Great content.

6 years ago

Putting love into action <3

5 years ago

Great ideas! Making time with friends and helping community would be worthy.