#MovementMonday: TRX Arms with Michelle Vahey

TRX is back — this week, Michelle is tackling arms! We think you’ll want to follow suit…

This post comes to you from TRX instructor and co-founder of VIDA Performance Michelle Vahey, who will be introducing us to new workouts all month long! 

Note: For each exercise, aim to do 10-15 reps of each, 1- 3 rounds.

TRX Y DELTOID FLY; 10-15 reps

Stand with your feet together (harder) or apart (easier), arms pulled back to a Y position, tension on the TRX, palms forward. Lower body, keep arms straight, return to start position by slowly extending arms. Try not to bend the arms and keep your body on a plank position.

TRX ROW; 10-15 reps

Start by pulling your shoulders down and back, bend elbows, palms facing each other, hands besides chest. Walk your feet towards the anchor point until there is a squeeze on the back. Lower your body down by extending your arms but don’t protract your shoulder blades. Maintain plank position. Return, pull body toward anchor point by driving elbows beside body.


TRX BICEP CURL; 10-15 reps

Start by bending your elbows higher than your shoulders with pinkies aligned to temples. Walk your feet towards anchor point until you feel a squeeze in the biceps. Lower body down until arms are fully extended, maintain plank. Pull body toward anchor point by bringing pinkies to temples. Elbows remain high, eyes on anchor point.

TRX SWIMMER PULL; 10-15 reps

Start with hands besides hips, palms back, tension on the TRX. Offset your feet. Lower body down, keep arms extended, maintain plank. Pull on handles, drive palms back, maintain plank.

TRX TRICEP PRESS; 10-15 reps

Stand facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, palms down. Choose appropriate foot stance, keeping in mind that the closer your feet are to the anchor point, the harder this may be. Keep elbows up and stationary, lower body down until thumbs are next to temples. Drive through palms to extend the arms while maintaining plank.

TRX CHEST PRESS; 10-15 reps

Start facing away from the anchor point. Extend arms in front of shoulders, and choose your foot stance. Maintain plank as you lower body down by bending elbows 90 degrees. Drive through the palms while squeezing the chest, maintain plank position at all times.

+ Check back next Monday for more from Michelle, and check out other #MovementMonday routines here! 

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Love this!

Sounds like a great workout, and as usual, love the GIFs!

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