Santa Monica Pop-Up: In Love with Love Yoga

Kyle and Sian are part of our Suns Out Saturday program in Santa Monica — sign up to join them here! And read on for a little Q&A with two of Love Yoga’s founders…

Your spirit animal/s:
Kyle: A small dog!
Sian: Dolphin!
At what moment did you realize you “LOVED” yoga?
K: Practicing at Jivamukti in NYC transformed my relationship with yoga and really made me fall in love with the practice. The philosophy and the idea of yoga as a lifestyle, an ethical framework and a path to joy.
S: About 10 years ago — after years of practicing and even the completion of my first teacher training, I was in a random class in Amagansett NY in janusirsasana (head to knee pose). There was a sudden and simultaneous expansion of my hamstring, breath and my spirit.. something clicked…I was never the same.
How has yoga as something trendy affected you, if at all?
S: I think nowadays it’s easy to get lost in the business of yoga which has nothing to do with yoga itself. We constantly remind our students to ask themselves, why am I here? Why am I doing this? What do I want? Usually when we get quiet we find that our spirits yearn for something deeper than a new yoga outfit and more instagram followers.
Top 5 benefits of yoga:
1. Vibrant health
2.  The time and space for self-reflection and introspection.
3.  Connection to the natural joy within.
4.  Community.
5.  A way to interact with your organs and glands.
Most satisfying sequence/posture for you, and why:
K: Sun Salutations. I love this simple ancient sequence. It completely opens me up and gets me into my body like nothing else.
S: I like to start my morning with some deep twists and a slow steady round of kapalabhati.
You’re hosting beach yoga sessions on behalf of FP’s Santa Monica wellness pop-up. What correlation does the beach have with the principles of yoga?
K: Yoga connects you to the rhythm of of the natural world.  Sian and I love the beach so so much… it’s our haven. You can really see and experience the pattern of the tides at the beach and connect to nature in a direct way.  For us, this is yoga. And doing yoga at the beach is joyous and fun!
S: As you inhale, see the tide pull back and the wave form; as you exhale, see the wave crash.
Favorite go-to beauty tip:
K: Lemon water to start the day followed by bulletproof coffee!
S: Sleep and forgiveness.
Music and yoga. Yes or no? If yes, who do you listen to?
K: YES!  Why not make your practice more enjoyable?  I love everything from Drake to African Jazz.
S: Yes. We enjoy the dance.
What does “free” mean to you?
K: Free means getting to do what I want and being myself!
S: Being honest, at all times.

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What a cute yoga duo! I love their beauty tip answers. Sleep and forgiveness both sound perfect!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this post so much! x