September FP x PAWS 2017 Calendar Download

Welcoming the change of season with our favorite furry friends…

Throughout 2017, we’ll be featuring the beautiful dogs from this year’s FP x PAWS calendar, created in partnership with award-winning photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand!

All proceeds from the sale of our print calendars benefitted PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter, which serves pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable basic veterinary care.

Right-click to download!


+ Check out our full collection for your pets here

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SO cute!! <3

thank you

I can’t believe it’s September already. I’ve missed seeing these cute calendar features!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


Thanks so much!!!!! I look forward to the calendar every month:):)


no oct calendar? :(


Hi anon–

I am patiently waiting for it as well. I look forward to seeing a new pup every month. I hope that they continue to post them!

Keep it up guys! Love your work


So cute and I’ve been loving them each month! When will October’s be available?


April you have no idea on how popular your calendars are! :D
Our complete office is (un)patiently waiting for our October fluffy friend!
Haha everytime you upload a new month, my coworkers – and I – get a great smile on our faces.
Keep up the good work!


sorry to keep all you dog-lovers waiting — october is finally here! thank you for your patience! xo


Thanks so much!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s September already..
Thanks so much!!!!!!!