Sophie Jaffe Shares Her Life’s Philosophie

Making her next appearance at our Santa Monica wellness pop-up on 9/20, wellness guru Sophie Jaffe took a few minutes to share with us — and you — just what makes her tick…

There are go-getters, and then there are GO-GETTERS. Pretty safe to say that Sophie Jaffe falls in the latter category. Yogi, mom of 2, raw food chef, health and wellness expert, founder of superfood brand Philosophie…we’re lucky enough to be working with her in Santa Monica this fall. If you’re in the area, stop and consider if your existing plans might want to be put on a brief hold?
Your astrological sign:
 Taurus moon, Taurus sun, Virgo rising (Earth mama!!!).
Your spirit animal is:
My son, Leo the Lion.
You are a yogi, raw food chef, healer, health coach, mother. What can you NOT do? 
We can all do anything we want. Truly. We are all standing in our own way because we think we have to do something perfectly or “right”. There is no right. There is just showing up and doing.
Best piece of advice you ever got.
Learning the word “no.” Saying “no” to others is actually oftentimes saying “yes” to yourself.
Worst piece of advice you ever got.
I get all sorts of unsolicited advice from other mothers. They loveeeee to share their two cents even when it isn’t asked for. ;)
Go-to superfood.
My berry bliss blend. It’s packed with vitamin C so it works on supporting and strengthening our immune systems while helping our skin glow from the inside out. I add it to smoothies, juice, oats, yogurt and just about anything else.
Your upcoming workshop in Santa Monica is all about the new moon. What do we as women need to know?
As women, we are all affected by the moon and her shifts. The new moon is a time to start fresh, set new intentions for the month ahead, connect inward and check in with our shadowy side. This is a time to journal, take long baths, meditate, rest and cleanse. Solo time is necessary.
What should we be learning from this experience?
It’s completely normal to feel more emotional around the new moon. It’s vital to connect with other women to be truly “seen” and felt, and that we are always supported and held by our sisters, even if we don’t always see it or feel it.
Your favorite crystal and why:
Citrine is so beautiful. It also manifests abundance and brings energies of generosity so that prosperity and success is shared. Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone used metaphysically to increase, magnify and clarify personal power and energy.
What does free mean to you?
Free means expressing myself and living without restrictions — mentally or physically — so that I can feel open, vulnerable and fully connected. Free is a state of mind and I can get there as long as I’m focused on the moment, not future-tripping or living in the past.
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Sophie seems like a superwoman – and I love her interpretation of free!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great post, thanks! x

4 years ago

I am obsessed with this blog!

3 years ago

I love her Sophie Jaffe. Such a super woman.