A Quick Guide Through the South of France with @The Girl Habit

Our good friend Leore shares a few of her favorite must-see’s in the South of France… make them your must-see’s, too!

Antibes Farmers Market

Antibes is an open-air market, resting (or bustling, rather) under a sea of tents in the town’s center square. Its cobblestone road is lined with vendors selling fresh spices, honeys, French-made soaps and body lotions, fresh produce and sweets. This farmers’ market is an amazing place to stock up on French-infused beauty essential while eating healthy snacks.

Plage des Ondes

This small local’s beach is ideal for relaxing and swimming, the water shallow and clear enough to see fish gliding around your feet. Because the water is so calm, you can swim out very far and float for as long as you’d like. And don’t forget — salt water cleanses skin and balances oil production.

Plage de Pampelonne in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is known for its private beach clubs and famous parties but, aside from the fun, Place de Pampelonne offers an endless stretch of sand to run along, to take in all the action from a distance. Stop in a beach club that catches your eye and grab a fresh juice along the way during your workout.


Cannes is THE place to take in endless shopping and endless — and delicious — food all along the French Riviera, with a few great yoga studios dotted in between it all. I love finding yoga all over the world. Re-centering yourself and taking time to stretch after long travel is so important, especially when your mind and body are taking in a new environment.


Gordon is a charming mountain town, with a climate perfect for growing orange trees, olive trees and perfume plants.Here you can walk through the perched village and visit one of many local perfumeries.

Less of a hotel and more of a museum, art lies everywhere in Colombe d’Or, teeming with Picasso, Matisse, Chagall and Léger, Calder and Braque. What makes it so very special? These 20th century artists donated a piece in exchange for room and board here.
St. Paul de Vence itself is swarmed with art galleries via its small cobblestone roads — a perfect place to get inspired and pick up a pen and paper and start drawing or writing.

While here, I also highly recommend visiting beach town Juan Les Pins, the village of Eze and Nice.

+Travel on your mind? Check out more guides here and be sure to follow Leore on Instagram
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Saint Tropez! I was just researching about it and writing about it at work. I’d love to visit!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

love this post, it gives me serious nostalgia from visiting Beaulieu Sur Mer this past June. If you ever get to Beaulieu sur Mer make sure to check out Paloma beach- Picasso’s private cove named after his daughter. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. Ugh love love love s of France thank you for this post! :)

4 years ago

Great guide, thanks! :)

4 years ago

I love the South of France! I had the pleasure of staying in Nimes, Aix-en-Provence and Nice and I’d love to explore more locales. It’s truly magical in that region.

4 years ago

So beautiful was just in Nice this summer and fell in LOVE, next on my list is Cannes and all the other lovely places mentioned in this post!