Chakra Sunday: Understanding Your Root Chakra

The first of a 7-part series from Nina Endrst about to make — and strengthen — the impressions of your chakras…

The deeper I delve into my work — learning and offering healing — the more I realize that, as a whole, we need to take better care of ourselves and each other. Clients and friends often come to me, anxious, unwell, and/or feeling generally stuck. This is understandable, especially considering our current climate; on most days, we are bombarded with an unbelievable amount of information, while simultaneously trying to stay grounded and engage on a physical and emotional level. Whether or not we are aware of it, many of these experiences stay with us and make their mark in the form of energetic impressions.

These impressions create shifts, openings, changes and, sometimes, blocks within us. We tend to suppress those painful or uncomfortable in nature – sometimes for days, sometimes years — potentially causing physical and emotional damage.

Although we live more and more by, through, and sometimes behind our devices, we are not built to be robots. We are living, loving, feeling, energetic beings — sensitive and susceptible to both light and dark. In order to stay balanced and well, we must clean the 7 energy centers of the body, also known as chakras.

Each energy center is linked to physical health, major organ function, elements, and emotional state. It is important to keep these open and in balance so energy can flow freely and we, in turn, can live our best lives.

There are many ways to practice staying centered. My approach as a student/teacher is primarily rooted in healing from the ground up and the inside out, which is one of the reasons I love chakra work.

I hope this series encourages you to look inward with love and compassion.

Root Chakra

Location: Sits at the base of spine, including legs, feet, bones, large intestine, bladder and colon.

Color: Red.

Mantra: I ground down to rise up.

Element: Earth.

When in balance: We see our basic needs — food and shelter — being met. There is an overall feeling of being grounded and connected, which creates a sense of stability in the physical world. As a result, we are able to stand firmly on our own two feet without the presence of fear. From this space we make choices that promote our overall wellbeing.

When out of balance: We may experience high levels of fear around general safety, money, or home life. Often, imbalances here cause extreme anxiety and/or insecurity. We may also be experiencing dizziness and feeling disconnected from our physical bodies and the earth beneath us.

It’s important to ensure we are building on solid ground before we move upward. Here are some practices to help you stay grounded:

Go outside, right now. Close your eyes and breathe in some fresh air for a few moments. Bring your attention down to your legs, your physical roots and just feel. Feel the strength, feel the tightness, feel the aches and pains – whatever is happening is OK. Just let yourself connect.

Take some time to speak with an elder, either in your family or someone outside for whom you have great respect. Ask them questions, let them tell you stories. Listen and take in their wisdom.

First thing in the morning, get out of bed and lie down on the earth – on your back or belly (whatever is more comfortable), close your eyes and visualize your breath filling your roots with new life, fresh air – oxygen. Visualize healing taking place. Stay here for 5-15 minutes and just be.

Photo by Dru Nadler.

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I love your point on speaking with an elder. It’s really about time I tried to talk to my grandparents more like I used to do. Busy is not an excuse anymore!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

This is so interesting ! thank you

3 years ago

My root chakra is so out of balance… I’m gonna try this. Thank you ! <3