Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 16–22

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September 23–October 22

After Mercury zips into your worth zone — persuading you to devote some of your headspace to thoughts about money, possessions and priorities — the mental planet meets up with Jupiter there, allowing you to take in the big picture. Whether you’re crafting a budget, plotting a new source of income, organizing your stuff or reallocating resources where they’re needed most, the focus midweek will be on planning with foresight and considering different views or new info. You might gloss over details and need to fill in the blanks later, but this could be a good chance to identify a financial pattern and learn from it. A faceoff between the Libra sun and Uranus will challenge your peacekeeping ways. You’re likely to take it personally if someone exhibits erratic behavior, unreliability or a need for independence, and you may feel threatened by instability in a relationship. Maybe you’re the one who’s feeling restless and aren’t sure what you want, so you’re projecting this ambivalence onto the other person? Maintaining healthy boundaries will help you sort out your own role in the situation. The new moon in your sign invites you to set your intentions for a new year, even if you’ve already made a wish on your birthday candles. This lunation symbolizes your annual excuse for personal reinvention, and its confabs with Saturn and the lunar north node encourage you to put a lot of thought into your goals and make networking part of your strategy for achieving them. The best part is dynamic Mars storms into Libra a few days later, mobilizing you to take action steps to make your dreams a reality. You only get a visit from Mars about every two years, so make the most of the next seven weeks by boldly pursuing your agenda. Assertiveness can veer into combativeness, so work independently as much as possible and avoid using passive aggression to get others to do your bidding. Let people do their own thing.



October 23–November 21

Mercury skips into Scorpio this week, giving you the gift of gab and encouraging you to make yourself heard. Your brain will speed up, and you’ll feel more able to contemplate personal matters with objectivity. Next, a Merc-Jupiter alliance expands your thinking, getting you to look further down the road. Jupiter only arrived in your sign last week, and this meetup prompts you to start confidently formulating plans for your year of growth. You’re painting in broad strokes and will probably need to add more detail later. Guard against self-righteousness and hyperbole, since Jupiter rules morals and has an inflationary effect. A sun-Uranus opposition might make it harder for you to juggle your workload and keep up with changing circumstances. If you’re stressed, take a breather and unwind. Sleep and spirituality will replenish you — and echoing that theme, the new moon happens to fall in the last house of your chart, which governs release. Perfect time to begin a new spiritual practice such as meditation, chanting or reiki. You might start a dream journal, do something selfless that serves others or honor your need for privacy by retreating from the world. This moon favors soul searching in preparation for your birthday season. Mars will be camped out there for the next seven weeks, giving you the impetus to wrap up old business. This placement also triggers self-sabotaging behavior and regressive patterns, so keep an eye on your impulses and subconscious motives. Letting go is so hard for you Scorps. Sometimes you identify so strongly with your emotions that you continue giving them energy instead of allowing them to pass through you. Here’s an excellent chance to bring a chapter of your life to a close so you can move on to a bigger and better future. If self-confidence is in short supply, consider what ending will make you feel better about yourself, even if it’s initially painful. You’re the sign of death-and-rebirth, so have no doubt that an ending will usher in a beginning.



November 22–December 21

A standoff between the sun in your network house and Uranus in your self-expression zone can create friction between fitting in and standing out. You’re prepared to play nice with others but may have an impulse to shoot off on your own tangent, leaving teamwork in the dust. Or friendship and romance could prove to be quite a tricky mix. The sun’s placement calls for you to integrate and cooperate, while Uranus tempts you to shake things up and do as you please. You’ll probably find a way to resolve this dichotomy, since the sun is in cahoots with Saturn in Sag — maybe by organizing a group activity or gathering or by coming through for a friend. With Mercury slipping into your spirit sector for the next few weeks, make a point of giving your intuition and imagination their due. Listen to your hunches! And grab some alone time to read, ponder or do some kind of cerebral work like research. Merc’s rendezvous with Jupiter, your ruling planet, could bring an a-ha! moment. This planetary formation is especially useful for finding meaning in the past and learning a lesson. You might also say or write something broad-minded and compassionate that benefits other people. The new moon gives you the go-ahead to join an organization that shares your interests or goals; get out and network to make new professional contacts; or spearhead a group effort for a worthy cause. You might also start to make better use of technology or make some new friends. And thanks to Mars beginning a seven-week journey through the same house for the first time in a couple of years, you’ll be extra motivated to rally the troops and join forces. Despite this week’s temporary disruption, collaboration will definitely be a winning strategy. Find people you can work with, and pursue mutual objectives together. Teamwork makes the dream work!



December 22–January 19

Goats often like this time of year when the sun is hanging out at the peak of your chart, fueling your drive. Its conference with your ruling planet will hopefully give you the energy to wrap something up this week, so make one last big push toward the finish line. Although you’re inclined to keep a high profile now, your low-key, behind-the-scenes efforts can make you look good, so stay humble! The sun is going toe-to-toe with Uranus in your foundation angle, hinting that mood swings or disruptions at home might prevent you from achieving your goals and making a good impression. Deal with what’s going on in your private life or inside you; if you ignore it, it’s liable to intrude at an inopportune moment. After Mercury skips into your humanity house, you should make a point of reaching out to others. Connect with your squad, do some professional networking and get your message out on social media. Mercury is about communication, and this house rules groups and technology, among other things — so you’re not meant to be keeping your thoughts to yourself during this transit. When Merc links up with expansive Jupiter, it’s time to cast your net wider. A post could go viral, an email blast may bear fruit or a large gathering might bring you luck, perhaps by introducing you to someone who can guide you or give you a leg up. The new moon in your ambition angle can indicate a change in your professional path or life direction, and it favors setting a new goal or recommitting to an existing one. Again, finishing up old business will clear the decks for you to pursue fresher aspirations full blast. Lucky for you, just-do-it Mars is moving into that same house until December 9, firing you up to throw yourself into a project, execute action steps on your biz plan or simply work hard to accomplish something. You can make tons of headway in the coming weeks, but take it down a notch around authority figures.



January 20–February 18

A disagreement could pop up out of nowhere this week, due to a sun-Uranus opposition in your communication and beliefs houses. Do you really feel that strongly about this issue? Choose your battles because petty arguments can take up valuable space in your head, while an intelligent debate might actually be educational and enlightening. You could feel distracted by nervous energy, and a change of scene may be just the right antidote. Since the sun is vibing with Saturn in your group zone, your friends will also be a grounding influence. Feeling like you’re part of something bigger than yourself often gives you perspective, so engaging in teamwork would be another way to go. As Mercury climbs to the top of your chart, you should shift some of your attention to your career and long-term objectives in the next few weeks. Write a business plan, connect with higher-ups to discuss your future, study something that will help you professionally and keep your gaze focused in the direction you want to go. Mercury’s meetup with Jupiter can elevate your expectations and inspire you to create loftier goals. But since Jupiter isn’t into details, you’ll need to go back and fill in loopholes later. The new moon in your expansion corner sets a somewhat different tone, coaxing you to take more risks. Don’t be content with the status quo. Push the envelope. A sense of adventure and hunger for learning will rouse you to have experiences that propel you forward and cause you to grow. Get out of your regular routine and spread your wings. A big trip could be in the cards in the coming months, and you might also apply to grad school, publish something or explore a different belief system. With Mars skipping into that corner for a seven-week stay, you’ll definitely feel empowered to color outside the lines. Fighting for truth, justice and other worthy causes would be an appropriate use of this energy, so step into the warrior role.



February 19–March 20

Your finances or confidence might take a hit when the sun and Uranus face off this week. But Uranus always throws curveballs, calling for patience and adaptability. Try to keep your expectations on an even keel in a close relationship because insecurity can make you feel anxious for support. Don’t take what you’re getting or not getting from someone too personally. Resist rash decisions that could come back to bite you. Concentrate on reaching attainable goals. Mercury is breezing into your expansion corner, drawing your attention to the big picture. This three-week transit encourages you to speak your mind, so get up on your soapbox for a righteous cause. But note that you can also learn a lot with this Mercury placement. Keep an open mind, and expose yourself to a range of opinions, beliefs and philosophies. Travel is favored too, especially since Mercury is joining up with nomadic Jupiter, filling you with visions of broader horizons. This is a fantastic chance to get a comprehensive view, perceive patterns and find overarching meaning. Optimism will be a major plus, but avoid becoming sanctimonious. Thanks to a new moon in your depth sector, a fresh outside resource, such as a loan or grant, could be in the pipeline. You also might get into a sexual relationship in the coming months or have an intense experience that transforms you. This is a good lunation for delving deeply into your psyche and recovering from a loss, wound or crisis. You might also pay off debt or pool your resources in a partnership. After Mars segues into the same house for a seven-week tour, your libido may heat up, and you’ll probably feel more motivated to get close to someone. Your motivation could also translate to intensive focus on a passion project or a drive to hash out a problem involving sharing or control. Pitfalls to avoid with this Mars position: power struggles, jealousy and vindictiveness.



March 21–April 19

When Mercury zips into your depth sector, you could become laser focused on challenging mental work like a research project or tuned into your psyche and contemplating what’s hidden there. You may have some profound convos in the next few weeks that leave a strong impression on you or you might get into financial negotiations. But when Mercury joins up with Jupiter this week, make sure you don’t get too far ahead of yourself and leave out key details. An expansive dialogue with someone close to you is bound to lift your spirits and could make you feel confident that you’re on the same page. A sun-Uranus faceoff, however, might make you restless enough to pull away from your significant other or another person who’s important to you. You’ll find it hard to compromise if you’re itching for your independence, and you may just need to take a break. There’s a chance that you’ll want to break up rather than call timeout, but Uranus tends to shoot from the hip, so press pause before you do anything radical. Better to consider your relationship dynamic without necessarily making a major move to change it just yet. The sun’s connection with Saturn hints that if you slow things down a bit, you’ll be able to gain perspective. Besides, this week’s new moon lands in your one-on-one angle, planting the seeds for a new relationship or a fresh chapter in an existing one. You might overcome your unrest and take things to the next level with someone in the coming months. Whether you’re single or attached, after your ruling planet saunters into the same angle, you won’t be as inclined toward solo endeavors. Recruit a partner, and you’re apt to get more done. In the next seven weeks, you could also air grievances and work through your differences, so don’t run away from a healthy confrontation. But do sidestep petty fights that are more about aggression than conflict resolution.



April 20–May 20

With Mercury crossing your one-on-one angle this week, keeping the lines of communication open in your closest relationships takes on added importance. You’ll find it fairly easy to articulate your position and understand theirs. This is also a good time to reach out to people for consultations and negotiations of all sorts. Dialogue will stimulate your intellect and help you to feel engaged with others. Merc’s meeting with Jupiter alludes to the potential for learning from other individuals and the benefits of keeping an open mind, so talk to people who are very different from you, letting a beneficial blend of curiosity and acceptance enhance your connection. The sun in your efficiency corner is locked in an opposition with Uranus, so your efforts to get a lot done could be waylaid by something unforeseen. Another person might undermine you, or you could inadvertently undermine yourself. Info might suddenly come to light, compelling you to strike a compromise. Avoid an overreaction such as snapping at coworkers; they may be on your side and not the cause of disruption. This opposition asks you to balance control and surrender. Even though you’re not a big fan of change, the saying “Man plans and God laughs” is appropriate here. In other words, don’t be too rigid! And if you’re stressed, take a break and refresh with a power nap or meditation session. The sun’s confab with Saturn offers another clue for de-stressing: Lean on someone reliable for support. Then look at this week’s new moon as your annual invitation to initiate a positive habit, learn a skill, launch a job search, start an exercise regimen, improve your work ethic, streamline your schedule, clean up your diet, make appointments with health practitioners, revamp your routine and begin other campaigns to improve your productivity, your wellness and your everyday life. Thanks to the arrival of Mars in the same house, you’ll be super motivated to follow through in the next seven weeks!



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet waltzes into your efficiency corner this week, improving your ability to do mental work; think critically; analyze problems and hit on solutions; plan carefully; communicate with coworkers; and investigate health issues. There’s a danger of becoming overly critical, particularly when Mercury runs into expansive Jupiter, so be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings, even if you think what you’re saying is objectively true. Jupiter rules truth, so you might be absolutely convinced that you’re right. The upside of this planetary pairing is a possible opportunity to learn on the job or a chance to bring people together and get organized. You could come up with a course of action that works well and benefits everyone. Just be sure to respect your colleagues enough to value their input. The sun in your joy sector isn’t all that interested in work! Rather, he’s fueling your desire to enjoy life and express your individuality. This week’s tension between the sun and Uranus could make romance or friendship heat up and then cool down. You could be the one sending mixed messages, or another person might be throwing you off with their push-pull behavior. You won’t have an easy time pursuing personal pleasures if a friend or group throws you for a loop. If you need space, don’t pull a disappearing act. Use your words! The sun’s link with mature Saturn in your one-on-one angle suggests that you can make a commitment to an individual, so maybe it’s the group dynamic that you can’t handle right now. A creative or romantic partnership could become more solid. In fact, the new moon is dropping hints along the same lines. It alludes to a new love or a current relationship becoming more serious and can also indicate a fresh source of fun or creative pursuit. With Mars barreling into the same part of your chart for a seven-week jaunt, you’ll be fired up to chase after your heart’s desires. Express your passion, creativity, individuality and sexuality fearlessly.



June 21–July 22

Once cheeky Mercury sneaks into your joy sector, you’ll be much more inclined to express your feelings, humor and creativity. Reading and writing for pleasure, playing mentally challenging games and flirting shamelessly will all add to your fun in the next few weeks. Mercury has a tryst with beneficent Jupiter this week that could give you the courage to freely share what’s in your heart. This is a time for taking risks with your words and speaking your truth. The sun is still nestled at the base of your chart and facing off against Uranus now, making it difficult for you to relax at home if something comes up at work or if your boss’s whims threaten to swallow up your downtime. It’s also possible that you want the freedom to pursue your goals, but your family or home life is placing demands on you. You might opt to work remotely or make another change to restore balance in your life. Don’t do anything too drastic because Uranus can trigger impulsiveness that leads to further chaos. A sun-Saturn conference underscores the value of persistence and also hints at the possibility of working from home. The new moon in your foundation angle implies a change in your living situation — such as a relocation or new roomie — could be on the horizon. You might also redecorate, declutter or jump into some other type of home-improvement project. Or you could buy or sell real estate or refinance your mortgage. A shift in your emotional state or your family may also be imminent. With Mars following on the heels of this lunation, you’ll be geared up to get tons done on the home front in the next seven weeks, but domestic strife and compulsive behavior are other possibilities. Spend time alone when you’re feeling irritable, and enjoy the satisfaction of whipping your space into better shape.



July 23–August 22

The sun goes head-to-head with flippant Uranus this week, and the words could start flying. Try to separate your ego from your thoughts and ideas. When the sun is in your cognition-and-communication corner, as it is now, Descartes’ declaration “I think, therefore I am” can easily become your motto. This opposition invites you to stay curious and be open to changing your views. A spirited discussion can segue into a heated debate in no time flat and possibly even cause a rupture. Slow down and weigh your words. Listen to people with different viewpoints. Recognize that you’re probably neither 100% right nor 100% wrong, and in any case, it’s not a contest. The sun’s link with Saturn reminds you that you’re getting to know yourself better and better and can speak with self-assurance and honesty but also restraint. With Mercury dipping down to the bottom of your chart for a few weeks, you’ll be more in tune with your feelings and probably more inclined to verbalize them — especially when Merc encounters unbridled Jupiter. You’ll feel sentimental and nostalgic, and if you find the privacy and time for introspection, you’re likely to piece together meaning in your memories. This is a great transit for reflecting on the past — without wallowing in the ensuing emotions — and accepting the lessons that it offers up. When a new moon rises and syncs with the karmic lunar north node in Leo, you’re encouraged to gather info, connect with lots of people, get active in your community, vary your routine by taking short trips and spend time with a sibling. You might also make a decision that enables you to stand on your own or find a new way of expressing yourself that makes you feel stronger. For the next seven weeks, Mars emboldens you to pitch your ideas, make an effort to meet new people, assert yourself in conversations and keep your mind active. You might need to watch your tone, though, as this Mars transit can make you feel argumentative.



August 23–September 22

Mercury jumps into your cognition-and-communication house this week, where it feels right at home. During this phase, your brain may speed up, and your everyday interactions may also experience an extra charge. You could travel more, even if it’s just day trips or weekend getaways. You may have lots of contact with neighbors and siblings and have an easier time absorbing information quickly. When Merc aligns with Jupiter, you’ll find you have a lot to say, you’re able to understand things more clearly, your attitude is more tolerant and accepting, your mindset is optimistic and you can detect patterns readily. Guard against preaching and talking over people, since this pairing can trigger condescension. Discord between the sun and Uranus could make you uncertain of getting what you want from someone. Maybe you can’t decide between holding onto what you have and taking a chance on an unsure thing. You’re identifying strongly with your money, possessions and needs, and the idea of relying on other people or outside resources seems like a crapshoot. Be prepared to ride out the inevitable ebb and flow, and don’t react in haste if you feel unsettled. Changes in a close relationship could shake your self-esteem. Remember you can’t control others. Their feelings about you and their behavior toward you don’t define you. Those emotions and actions belong to them. The sun’s confab with Saturn nudges you to take self-care seriously and do what you need to do to feel comfortable in your own skin and in your space. The new moon in your worth zone signals that a fresh source of income, better budgeting and new financial goals are in order. With Mars showing up in that zone soon after for a seven-week stint, you’ll be motivated to deal with your possessions, chase down checks, act on your priorities and work hard to improve your finances. Impulsive purchases and disputes over money or ownership are hazards to avoid.

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It’s good to know I can focus on big projects ahead. I’m excited!
Thanks for this week’s horoscope. :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Thanks :)

4 years ago